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Grant Air Source Heat Pumps Prices, Costs and Reviews

Grant has been manufacturing low maintenance and easy to install heating products for over 40 years and has a great reputation for value, quality and reliability. The brand is also passionate about offering sustainable, high-performance products and continually develops renewable heat technologies that make our homes greener and help protect the environment. 

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If you want to switch from a boiler to a renewable heating system, the Aerona³ R32 air source heat pump range from Grant should not be overlooked.

Grant Aerona³ R32 Air Source Heat Pump Range

The Aerona³ R32 air source heat pumps from Grant use an air to water system, rather than an air to air system, to heat radiators and underfloor heating. Providing both heating and hot water, the range includes units with reduced noise levels and greater operating efficiencies at lower outdoor temperatures. And that’s not all. Each compact model in the range boasts an excellent ErP rating of A+++ and is easy to install and maintain.    

No matter the size of your home, Grant has designed a unit with an output to match your property and needs. You’ll also be pleased to learn that installing a Grant Aerona³ R32 air source heat pump can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and help to lower your heating costs. 

Browse the range below to find out more about Grant’s air-to-water heat pumps. 

Grant Aerona³ R32 Air-to-Water Heat Pump

With an output of 6kW, 10kW, 13kW or 17kW, the Aerona³ R32 air-to-water heat pump absorbs heat from the air outside and transfers it to a water-based heating system, even when temperatures are as low as -20°C. It features in-built weather compensation and uses R32 refrigerant, which is the intelligent choice because it has a much lower global warming potential than typical heat pump refrigerants. 

Another advantage of installing Grant’s Aerona³ R32 air-to-water heat pump is the low noise levels, and both the 13kW and 17kW models have even been awarded the Quiet Mark. What’s more, the compact size and whisper-quiet operation ensure the unit blends into its outdoor surroundings.  

How much do Grant Air Source Heat Pumps Cost?

Like with any heating system, the price you pay always depends on the size of the heat pump and who you hire to install it. What we do know is that you can expect to pay between £2,700 and £5,400 including VAT for a Grant air source heat pump, but you need to factor in the cost of installation as well.  

The following table lets you compare the price of each model in the Grant Aerona³ R32 air-to-water heat pump range.

Grant Aerona³ R32 Air-to-Water Heat Pump6kW£2,700
Grant Aerona³ R32 Air-to-Water Heat Pump10kW£4,020
Grant Aerona³ R32 Air-to-Water Heat Pump12W£4,620
Grant Aerona³ R32 Air-to-Water Heat Pump17kW£5,400

Why Choose a Grant Air Source Heat Pump?

Reduce Your Home’s Carbon Footprint

Heat pumps are a lot more environmentally friendly than traditional heating systems and they use a small amount of electricity to operate. All heat sourced by a Grant air source heat pump is renewable, which helps to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and lower your carbon footprint. 

Annual Savings on Fuel Bills

A Grant air source heat pump can deliver over four times the amount of energy for every 1kW of electricity it uses, depending on climate conditions and flow temperature. Since the running costs are much lower, a heat pump will save you money on your fuel bills. When you install an air source heat pump, you’ll also reduce your reliance on fossil fuels and therefore be less affected by soaring fuel costs.  

Receive Financial Rewards through RHI Payments

Grant’s Aerona³ R32 air source heat pumps are MCS certified, and owners of any model from the range are eligible for RHI payments. It’s worth mentioning that you must get the heat pump installed by an MCS accredited installer if you want to apply for RHI support to offset the cost of installing and running your system. Under the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, you could receive a cash payment for every unit of heat generated. If you wait until April 2022 when the Clean Heat Grant replaces the RHI scheme, you could get a grant of up to £4,000 towards your heat pump installation.   

Get a 7-Year Guarantee when Installed by a G1 Member

If you choose a G1 Member who is trained and accredited to install a Grant air source heat pump, you will receive a 7-year guarantee, which is two years longer than the 5-year guarantee it usually comes with. The G1 Scheme started in March 2020 and the 7-year guarantees apply to all models in the Aerona³ R32 range. 

Grant Air Source Heat Pump Reviews

All of the reviews on Grant UK’s website are from the Trustpilot consumer review website, where the brand currently has an ‘Excellent’ rating with 4.5 out of 5 stars. You can find over 1,900 reviews on Trustpilot, the majority of which have been left by customers who purchased a Grant boiler. That said, we found many positive reviews about the brand and its air source heat pumps, with several customers saying their heat pump is quiet and compact, and the comfort levels in their home have never been better. 

Please note that the above Trustpilot score is correct at the time of writing in November 2021. 

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