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Electric Boilers Prices

If you live in an off-gas grid home or are looking for an alternative to a gas or oil-fired system, you may want to think about investing in an electric boiler.

An electric boiler uses electricity rather than gas or oil to provide your home with heating and hot water. Electric boilers are available in many sizes and come in different types, including combi, system and conventional models. They are commonly found in properties that are off the gas grid and in homes that want an efficient alternative to a gas or oil-fired boiler.

Electric Boiler Prices

As a general rule, the more powerful the electric boiler, the higher its price will be. New electric boiler prices vary, normally from £650 to £2,600 depending on the brand, type and heat output. There are lots of different electric boiler models available from different manufacturers, so it’s important to shop around in order to find the right solution for your home.

The table below enables you to compare a selection of electric boiler models and their prices, which include VAT and exclude the cost of installation.

ManufacturerModelDimensionsOutputEfficiencyTypical Price
PottertonGold 12kW Heat Only Electric BoilerH – 1050 mm W – 90 mm  D – 90 mm12kWA£648.96
Heatrae SadiaAmptec 12kW Electric Flow BoilerH – 1050 mm W – 90 mm  D – 90 mm12kWD£835.71
TriancoAztec System 6kW Electric BoilerH – 700 mm W – 456 mm  D – 289 mm6kWD£925.58
Electric Heating CompanyFusion Comet Electric System BoilerH – 710 mm W – 418 mm D – 252 mm25kWD£1,479.87
Heatrae SadiaElectromax Electric Flow BoilerH – 1476 mm W – 550 mm D – 600 mm6kWC/D£1,883.93
Electric Heating CompanyComet Electric Combi BoilerH – 1745 mm W – 580 mm D – 630 mm14.4kWC/D£2,571.84

Please be aware that some of the models listed above are available in other sizes (heat outputs) as well. Also, you must consult a qualified heating engineer in order to find the right size of electric boiler for your home.

Electric Boiler installation and Running Costs

It’s tricky to know the exact cost of your electric boiler installation because prices differ hugely, and the amount you’ll need to pay will depend on your chosen heating engineer and how much work is required to fit the boiler. The good news is that most electric boilers are quick and easy to install, meaning the installation can be a lot cheaper. We can, however, tell you that it costs on average £1,650 to install a new electric boiler.

Although electric boilers are usually cheaper to fit, they also tend to be more expensive to run. According to Which?, you’ll be looking at paying around £1,800 a year to use an electric combi boiler to supply your home with plenty of heating and hot water. The national average for UK homeowners with an electric boiler is roughly £1,745 per year.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Boilers

Okay, so electric boilers cost more to run than gas boilers, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in one. There are a number of benefits to choosing an electric boiler but, as with all types of boilers, they have their drawbacks as well. Here we discuss the pros and cons of electric boilers to help you decide whether or not you should opt for this type of heating and hot water system.

The Advantages

Better for the environment: An electric boiler has a smaller carbon footprint because it doesn’t need to burn fossil fuels or release any pollution, making it the most environmentally friendly solution.

Extremely quiet: All electric boilers are much quieter than gas boilers and some are almost silent. This means you won’t have any problems with noise when you choose to have one installed.

Low installation costs: As electric boilers don’t need pipes or a flue, they are generally cheaper to install, so you could save money on the installation.

Space saving: When you opt for an electric boiler, you can install it pretty much anywhere you like because it doesn’t need a flue. This is great news if you’ve only got a small amount of space to work with.

Minimal maintenance costs: Unlike gas and oil boilers, electric boilers don’t need a whole lot of maintenance or an annual service. Of course, this means more money in your pocket. Electric boilers actually have fewer moving parts as well, reducing the chances of the boiler running into problems.

Better efficiency: Many electric boiler models are 99% efficient because they don’t lose much heat when heating your water. As a result, you’ll save more money on your energy bills.

The Disadvantages

More expensive to run: Since gas is cheaper than electricity, an electric boiler will always be more expensive to use compared to a gas alternative.

Struggle to heat large properties: Some electric boilers will struggle to heat a large home, which explains why these systems are normally recommended for small to medium sized properties.

Limited hot water supply: Another reason electric boilers are not often found in large homes is that they can only produce a limited amount of hot water at any one time. This could also be a problem if you live in a smaller property and have high hot water usage habits.

Susceptible to power cuts: All electric boilers rely on electricity to run, so you could be left with no heating and hot water whenever there’s a power cut.

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