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Boiler Servicing

Servicing your boiler properly is essential to ensure it is functioning properly. A regular boiler service will help it work efficiently and safely.

Although an annual boiler service is recommended, it is also advisable to identify exactly when it should be carried out. Here are some helpful tips that will help you understand if the time is right for your boiler to be serviced.

Tell Tale Signs

Over time a boiler will get worn and stop working to its optimum output level. There are some tell tale signs of this that can be picked up early on. For instance, you may notice the amount of hot water isn’t as much as you would normally expect or it quickly runs out. Your heating may also be affected, and you find there isn’t enough warmth in your home as there usually is during winter. Both these issues should prompt you to contact a boiler engineer for a check.

Simple Boiler Checks

There are some things you can do yourself in ascertaining whether your boiler might need a service; each require accurate and regular checking to ensure they give you accurate results. These include a regular check of how much fuel your boiler is using or whether its temperature has been adjusted, as both will help determine if a boiler service is due. The following boiler checks should be noted down and kept for future reference so you can understand if there have been any significant changes in pattern; although they may sound complicated, they are usually available in the manufacturer’s instruction manual:

  • Check the level of water in your boiler to ensure it is correct for use
  • Check the combustion level
  • Check the operating temperature and pressure, including both for the feed water
  • Check the gas pressure
  • Check the burner is working properly
  • Check the temperature of the flue gas

Other Heating System Checks

A change in the way your boiler is working more than likely means its ready for a service. It is also important to remember that although your boiler is the integral part of your central heating system, other parts of this system will also affect its efficiency. For instance, if your pipework is cloggy or the water supply is poor quality or a radiator is broken. All these elements must also be checked and maintained regularly.

A Good Time To Arrange A Boiler Service

If you believe your boiler is showing any of these signs of under-performing, then it is a good time to arrange a boiler service before the problem becomes much worse and you are left with a boiler breakdown.
Get peace of mind and arrange your boiler service today. Find your local Gas Safe Registered boiler firm or contact a national boiler provider.