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Johnson & Starley Boilers: Prices, Reviews and Boiler Ranges

Johnson & Starley Boilers Prices range between £710 and £920, excluding the cost of installation

Established in Blackpool in 1922, Johnson & Starley designs and manufacturers all of its boilers in Great Britain and has been supplying the UK market with high-quality heating solutions for nearly 100 years. The brand is dedicated to providing energy-efficient solutions to meet the demands of customers, leading the company to be associated with many of the major advancements in gas-fired boilers and heating products. Each boiler model is developed with reliability, efficiency and value for money in mind to appeal to homeowners and installers across the county.

Johnson & Starley Combi Boiler Range – Super Efficient QuanTec Boilers

Johnson & Starley’s QuanTec range of combi boilers is designed to suit homes of all sizes and each model uses cutting-edge technology to help reduce your fuel bills. Regardless of the kW output (size), QuanTec combi boilers heat water from the cold water mains to deliver instant hot water when you need it. As they don’t require a separate cylinder for storing your hot water, these boilers take up very little room and are a good choice for homes that don’t have a lot of storage space. If you’re thinking about purchasing a QuanTec combi from Johnson & Starley, you can expect to pay between £710 and £920.

The QuanTec combi boiler range includes the following models:    

QuanTec HR28C Combi28kWSmall to medium-sized homes with one bathroom.£900
QuanTec HE24C Combi24kWSmall to medium-sized homes with one bathroom.£710
QuanTec HE30C Combi30kWSmall to medium-sized homes with one or two bathrooms.£920

Why Choose Johnson & Starley?

All QuanTec boilers from Johnson & Starley are manufactured right here in England and they use the latest technology to provide not only greater energy savings but also low pollutant emissions to reduce the impact on the environment. The brand’s flagship model, the QuanTec HR28C, is among the smallest and most efficient boilers on the market and can help you to achieve energy savings of up to 25% each year. Furthermore, every combi boiler in the range comes with an impressive 8-year parts and labour guarantee.

Which? Score

The results of a 2019 Which? survey revealed that Johnson & Starley has an average customer score and a below-average overall brand score of 52%. It seems as though new brand data was collected by Which? in 2020 for Johnson & Starley gas boilers, and the results of this survey can be found in the table below.

Johnson & Starley Baxi Overall Score

Customer Score 3 Stars
Engineer Recommendation 3 Stars
Build Quality 3 Stars
Availability of parts and Spares 1 Star
Ease of Servicing 1 Star

The brand data results for Johnson & Starley gas boilers in the above table were sourced from the Which? website. Customer score is based on responses from a May and June 2020 survey of 7,500 boiler owners. All other ratings are based on responses to a June 2020 survey of 153 Which? Trusted Traders heating engineers.

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Johnson & Starley Boiler Range

Feel free to use our table below to compare Johnson & Starley boiler models, efficiency ratings, typical prices and more.

QuanTec HE24CCombiH – 780 mm W – 423 mm D – 321 mm10.124kWA – 90% AND ABOVE£710
QuanTec HR28CCombiH – 780 mm W – 423 mm D – 321 mm12.328kWA – 90% AND ABOVE£900
QuanTec HE30CCombiH – 810 mm W – 450 mm D – 270 mm12.330kWA – 90% AND ABOVE£920
(Typical prices include VAT)

Johnson & Starley Boiler Quotes

As fitted gas combi boiler prices vary, we suggest you get at least a handful of quotes from different installers who can supply and fit your preferred choice of Johnson & Stanley boiler. Once you receive your quotes, you can then compare prices and find the best deal on both the boiler and installation. It may be cheaper to get your boiler installed by a local engineer, but many national installation companies offer great deals too, so be sure to shop around. You must also only ever allow a Gas Safe registered engineer to fit your new gas boiler. To find out if an individual or business is qualified and legally permitted to carry out gas work, you can visit the Gas Safe Register website.

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