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How Do I Buy A New Boiler For My Home?

Boilers, just like other gas appliances get tired with age, wear down and become inefficient. This can result in higher heating costs and even a costly emergency repair bill. They can also be dangerous because they run the risk of emitting harmful gases like carbon monoxide. To prevent this from happening, it is highly recommended that an ageing boiler be replaced with a modern, reliable, safe and energy efficient one.

In most cases, households choose to replace their boiler for these reasons; however there are other reasons too which prompt people to upgrade. The environment is one such reason; many want to cut their carbon omissions and a great way is to install a more energy efficient boiler which has SEDBUK ratings of over 90%.

There are many options to consider when replacing your boiler, including where to buy it and whether to choose a local or national installer to do the work. Here is a guide to help you buy a new for your home:

Should I Use My Local Boiler Company?

On average, it costs between £1,500 – £2,500 to replace a new boiler, therefore it pays to shop around and consider getting at least one quote from a local heating and plumbing firm. Local firms tend to be more established, and often make a better choice when it comes to experience and providing a personal service over a bigger brand.

There are many local and national companies who specialise in replacing boilers; once you have made contact, they will agree a convenient time for their Gas Safe Registered engineer to examine your current boiler and heating system. Most will also buy the boiler for you and use their engineer to install, test and commission it.

Local firms also tend to be cheaper compared to the big national brands or energy suppliers; therefore it is worth considering them.

Find your local and national boiler company.

Shall I Go With An Energy Supplier?

On average, it will cost you between £2,000 – £3,500 for a replacement new boiler from an energy supplier. Most energy suppliers including British Gas, E.ON and nPower offer new boiler installation services along with their repair and boiler cover options. Getting a quote or arranging for an engineer to call round is simple by going online or via the telephone.

They will send out a Gas Safe Registered engineer at a time that suits you, who will assess your heating and hot water requirements and provide a quote for the work based on this. Like a local company, the energy suppliers will also buy your new boiler on your behalf, and one of their engineers will come and install, test and commission it.

The main advantage of using an energy supplier is the power of its brand and the after sales services it has to offer, like boiler cover, repair and maintenance. The main disadvantage however is the price; they tend to be more expensive however, it is worth getting a quote even just to make a price comparison from British Gas Boilers.