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Buying a New Heat Only Boiler In 2023

Heat Only boilers prices vary from £690 to £1900 dependent on make and model

Heat only boilers are a traditional domestic boiler type, and can be found in most British homes built before 1970. Directly providing central heating and hot water from a storage cylinder situated in the airing cupboard, the boiler is fed by a cold water cistern from above, via a gravity feed. The expansion cistern is also separate – so this boiler system requires a reasonable amount of space.

Heat only boilers prices vary greatly, with models starting at £500, and reaching up to £2000 for some makes. If you’re looking for more information about heat only boilers prices dependent on your requirements, here’s a useful overview of the most popular brands to help.

Heat Only Boilers Prices

Worcester Bosch Greenstar Utility 50 – 70 (Oil)Typical Price – £1,870
Worcester Bosch Greenstar FS 42CDi RegularTypical Price – £1,650
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30CDi RegularTypical Price -£1,270
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 428Typical Price – £850
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 415Typical Price – £690

Heat Only Boilers Prices and Sizes

The cost of your heat only boiler will depend on the size of your house and the fuel type required. Heat only boilers are ideal for larger homes as they have a high flow rate, are able to meet high hot water demands, and multiple taps or showers can be used at any one time. They will however require more space than other boilers such as the combi, and the use of hot water is limited by the size of your cylinder – once it’s gone, you must wait for it to reheat.

Smaller properties

If you live in a small property and space is of primary concern, there are more compact, wall mounted options for heat only boilers.

ModelOutputTypical Price
Potterton Promax 12 HE Plus Slimline12;15;18;24;32KW£553
Baxi Solo 12 HE12;15;18;24;30;35KW£640

Medium to Large Properties

Bigger properties will need a heat only boiler with a high output; ensuring you are able to heat your entire home.

ModelOutputTypical Price
Worcester Greenstar FS 42CDi Regular30;42KW£1,650
Vaillant ecoTEC plus 43838KW£1,290

Installation Costs

The costs associated with installing a new heat only boiler depend on whether you have a similar system in place currently. A heat only boiler requires the use of two water cylinders – one in the loft and another (usually in the airing cupboard, if you have one). It will typically be cheaper to upgrade from a similar system where the external pumps are already in place, than to convert your current plumbing to accommodate a new heat only boiler.

When installing a new boiler, it’s important to place safety before cost-cutting. Always ensure your installer is on the gas safe register, which ensures they are will comply with legal and safety guidelines.