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Daikin Boilers: Prices, Reviews and Benefits

Daikin Boilers: A Complete Guide to Their Prices, Reviews, Warranties And a Lot More

Daikin may be fairly new to the gas boiler market, but with a 100-year-plus history of innovation and performance, there is every chance the Japanese behemoth can compete with the UK’s top six. A 93% energy-efficient rating for price points ranging between £785 and £965 represents excellent value for money.

However, there is precious little information for consumers to draw on to make a definitive decision about installing a Daikin wall-mounted gas boiler. As things stand, there are better, proven options on the market. Yet Daikin’s history of engineering high-quality products with innovative technologies could persuade you to go for a boiler that is untried but from a brand that has consistently passed the test for the past century.

The company’s 4.1-star Trustpilot score appears to be respectable, but when you dig below the surface it is unreliable to use as leverage when assessing Daikin’s gas boilers. Most of the 59% of positive reviews relate to the company’s training program and most of the 25% of negative reviews relate to the air-to-water heat pumps which don’t appear to be as energy efficient or reliable as they are hyped up to be. Heat pumps are also four to 20 times more expensive than gas boilers. It’s little wonder that sales are not going too well, and could be the reason for Daikin heading into the gas boiler market. 

But with Daikin’s global reputation for quality and innovation, can you trust the Japanese outfit to deliver again? In this article, we review what consumers and heating engineers have to say about Daikin wall-mounted gas boilers together with the most important metrics to look out for to ensure you buy the right boiler for your home. 

The big question is should you buy an energy-efficient gas boiler from Daikin? Get stuck in to find out!

Aim of the content of this article?

Boiler Prices publishes content that aims to provide honest and unbiased information on UK boiler brands in the UK heating market. In this article, we explain everything you need to consider when investing in a new energy-efficient gas boiler and assess the quality and credibility of Daikin gas condensing boilers. 

Our purpose for providing this information is because there is a lot of “marketing” content on the internet. Even websites that appear to be impartial are publishing advertorials which only detail the positive aspects of a boiler. Advertorial content is misleading and should not be trusted. 

Boiler Prices do our best to bring you an independent and unbiased verdict which is based on customer reviews and the experiences of frontline professionals in the energy consumer industry. 

By the time you finish reading this page, you will know:

  • The different types of energy-efficient boilers Daikin manufacture so that you can decide which type of boiler serves your heating and hot water needs
  • How many kW do you need to comfortably heat your home and meet your real-time hot water demands
  • The cost, models and efficiency of Daikin boilers 
  • The boiler specifications and dimensions that can be installed in your home (which type of boiler is best for you)
  • Boiler comparisons that fall into the same price point and star rating as Daikin so you can broaden your search easily

Daikin: A Trusted Name in Boilers

Daikin has a long-standing history that began in 1924 Osaka. Since then, the Japanese heating giant has become a global leader in heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), and refrigeration systems. 

In 2012, the Japanese behemoth purchased Goodman Global for US$3.7 billion to become the world’s largest maker of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. This was followed up in 2017 when the company opened the 4.1 million-square-foot manufacturing facility in Texas, the fifth largest factory in the world.

Although Daikin is generally better known for HVAC technology rather than gas boilers, the company’s wall-mounted gas condensing boilers have earned industry recognition with two of the world’s most prestigious design awards; an IF Design Award and three consecutive years in the Reddot Product Design Award for innovative design. 

Considerations when buying a Daikin Boiler

Purchasing a boiler is a significant investment. Moreover, knowing which is the best boiler for your heating and water needs can be difficult to determine from the majority of content on the internet. Unfortunately, most content published in the heating industry is advertorial – which means it’s sponsored by brands in one way or another.

Before you commit to a boiler purchase, keep an eye out for the key considerations below:


The energy-efficiency ErP rating reveals how much heat the boiler retains. Most standard A+++ boilers retain at least 90% of the heat they generate. Daikin sits slightly above average with a reasonable 93% energy efficiency. 

In addition, the condensing boiler features a modern smart setting which enables you to control your heating from remote locations directly from your smartphone. This convenient feature enables you to adjust the temperature to a comfortable heat or change the settings to suit your schedule. 


Daikin boast one of the most compact and lightweight boilers on the UK market. With dimensions of just 590x400x256 mm, UK homeowners should easily be able to fit a wall-mounted unit into a tight space such as a kitchen cupboard. 

Performance Output in kW

The performance output, measured in kilowatts, of a boiler is one of the most important metrics to consider. If the performance output is too low for your needs, you will not be able to meet your heating and water needs and if it is too high, you will overheat your home and waste money. The higher the kW the higher the cost. 

Daikin combi boilers have a kilowatt output of between 24-35kW which is sufficient to heat most homes in the UK. A 24 kW output is ideal for small to medium-sized homes with 2 or 3 bedrooms and one bathroom. If you have 4 bedrooms and more than one bathroom you may want to consider a 28kW. Anything bigger than that should look at the 35kW units. 

Ease and Cost of Installation

Condensing boilers are typically more expensive to install than heat-only boilers and system boilers that fit onto the existing infrastructure. The accessibility of the installation site and complexities in fitting a particular boiler site can impact labour costs. 

According to gas-safe engineers, Daikin is one of the easiest to install because they are lightweight and only measure 590x400x256 mm so fits neatly into small spaces such as a kitchen cupboard. To keep costs to a minimum, choose somewhere the installer can easily reach. Also, bear in mind that subsequent service and maintenance charges will also be determined by the accessibility of your boiler. 

Although Boiler Prices is not able to provide specific rates for every boiler installation provider, we can say the average installation cost for a new energy-efficient boiler in the UK is between £1,100 – £1,800. It could easily be the case that Daikin gas boiler prices could save you hundreds of pounds over boilers that are more difficult to install.

To find out exactly how much you should expect to pay to install a new Daikin boiler in your home, take advantage of the Boiler Prices ‘get a quote’ feature. 

Our convenient features also give you access to a wide range of suppliers and installers in your area. Because of the competition, we feel this is the best way for consumers to find the best deals. You will receive the three best options with no obligation to buy. If you want more information, reach out to the suppliers. We are confident they will do their utmost to answer all your questions.

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The length of a warranty is a good indication of the durability and reliability of wall-mounted gas boilers. Daikin doesn’t inspire us with confidence, offering a bog-basic a 2-year warranty as standard which can be extended up to 7 years.

Daikin Combi Boilers: Compact, Efficient, and Cost-Saving

Combi boilers are highly energy-efficient and compact which makes them ideal for smaller households of 2-4 users. These modern units combine the functions of a central heating boiler and a water heater in one unit so take up less space and can be less costly to purchase. 

The biggest benefit of condensing boilers is the space-saving design, and this is why they are preferred by 80% of UK homeowners. However, Daikin does offer a domestic hot water tank for larger homes that have greater heat and how water demands. The water tanks give you access to a more consistent flow of hot water and stabilise the pressure when more than one tap or shower is running at the same time. That means the water won’t go cold when you’re in the shower when someone fills up the kettle from the kitchen tap. 

Combi boilers are highly efficient because they heat water on demand. Unlike traditional systems that store hot water in tanks, combi boilers only heat water when needed which helps to lower utility bills. Boasting a 93% ErP, Daikin condensing boilers are above average. 

In addition, its gas-fired condensing combi boilers are equipped with the Daikin Eye, which lets you monitor the operating status of the boiler. 

You can also control the boiler remotely using the Daikin Online Controller via a smartphone app. This smart controller enables you to monitor the status of your heating system and energy consumption and schedule temperature settings together with your preferred operation mode.

Note: the prices listed below are the purchase prices for the boiler only. They do not include installation costs.

Altherma 3 C Gas W – D2CND-A0AIT24-35kWLower outputs: Small to
medium-sized homes with one
Higher outputs: Medium to
large-sized homes with
multiple bathrooms.
£785 –

Living with your Daikin boiler

Daikin Boiler Warranties

If you get a Daikin boiler installed, it will come with a standard warranty of 2 years. The boiler warranty offers you peace of mind and gives you protection against the cost of parts and labour when something goes wrong during the warranty validation period. Like with any warranty, Daikin expects you to register the boiler and check the terms and conditions carefully. For more information on what the warranty covers, how to register your appliance, the length of the warranty period, and the terms and conditions, check out our Daikin Boiler Warranty guide. 

Daikin Boiler Controls

Daikin offers a selection of optional boiler controls, such as thermostats with industry-leading features, to enhance comfort levels, improve boiler efficiency and help save you money. Boiler brand Daikin also has an app that allows you to manage and monitor your central heating from a smartphone or tablet and stay in control of your climate from any place, at any time. If you would like to know more about the options available, check out our helpful guide to Daikin Boiler Controls

Daikin boilers show a fault code on the display panel when an error occurs to let you know that it requires attention. The fault codes help your engineer identify problems with your heating and hot water system, allowing them to resolve issues and clear any faults quickly. Not all fault codes indicate serious problems, so you may even be able to get rid of some codes yourself. If your boiler display panel shows a fault code and you want to know what it means, you can read our handy guide to Daikin Boiler Errors and Fault Codes

Daikin Boiler Cover and Breakdown Options

When something goes wrong with your boiler, it can be a real headache and cause chaos, especially if it breaks down during the winter months. But when you know what to look out for and the action to take when experiencing boiler issues, resolving problems should be less stressful. Some common issues you can safely solve yourself, whereas others require the expertise of a Gas Safe registered engineer. We’ve written a guide that explains some of the most common Daikin Boiler Problems and Repairs and the steps you need to take when they occur. 

Daikin Boiler Surveys and Reviews

There is precious little information about Daikin gas boilers. The company has not been featured in any consumer reviews and does not appear to be mass marketing its energy-efficient condensing boiler. They only have one; the Altherma 3. 

Turning to actual consumers, we checked out Daikin’s Trustpilot account and found that the company has a respectable 4.1-star rating. Ordinarily, 4.1 out of 5 would be an above-average score. To judge these ratings properly, however, you have to dig deeper.

Firstly, Daikin has only received a little over 1000 respondents (as of March 2024). So you have to ask questions about the credibility of 4.1 stars. Moreover, 25% of the reviewers only left a 1-star rating, so we’re quite surprised the rating is still as high as 4.1. 

That said, the majority of the 250 complaints are about the company’s Air Source Heat Pumps and not energy-efficient gas boilers. To their credit, Daikin’s customer service team does monitor and manage its Trustpilot page and appears to respond promptly to customer complaints to find a satisfactory resolution. 

This pattern of play is fairly typical for the heating industry and customer service in this sector has improved in recent years. So we expected to see this reflected in the comments of the 5-star ratings left by 59% of respondents. But no.

On closer inspection, the majority of the top-marking reviewers are giving Daikin praise for their 3-level boiler training course. These are reviews left by heating professionals and not by the customers of Daikin’s heating products.

Online Controller Application

Daikin Boiler Quotes

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The gas-fired condensing combi boilers from Daikin are equipped with the Daikin Eye, which lets you monitor the operating status of the boiler. However, you can also control the boiler remotely using the Daikin Online Controller via a smartphone app. This smart controller enables you to monitor the status of your heating system and energy consumption, plus it allows you to schedule the set temperature and operation mode. If you’re interested in a
Daikin boiler and you like the idea of being able to remotely monitor and control your heating and hot water, then you’ll love using this optional control.

How do Daikin boilers compare with other boiler Daikins?

It’s difficult to compare Daikin boilers with other boiler brands in the UK because we only really have the marketing blurb to go by. Of course, they are “reliable, durable, high-quality” blah blah blah. 

What we can tell you is they are highly energy-efficient. With a 93% ErP, Daikin saves less waste than other gas boilers in this price bracket. Other boilers that cost around the £700-£900 mark only achieve 90% or 91%. 

The Daikin warranty is also consistent with other value-for-money boilers. If a 2-year warranty as standard does not fill you with confidence, pay a little bit extra and take advantage of Ideal’s 7-year standard warranty and compare the cost with a warranty extension with Daikin. 

Boiler Prices Verdict on the Daikin Boilers: 2.5/5

In the absence of reviews and reports from sources we generally consider reliable, it’s difficult to rate Daikin with any conviction one way or the other. So we’ve split the overall score straight down the middle with a verdict of 2.5 out of 5. 

Having said that, we do feel that the middle ground gives Daikin the benefit of the doubt. This is arguably deserved due to a 100-year history and a global reputation even if this reputation is built on the company’s HVAC back story. 

However, heating companies don’t last a century without consistently manufacturing high-quality and innovative products throughout the ages. Daikin is a newcomer to the gas boiler game and doesn’t have a proven history in this field for us to draw any conclusive verdict. 

The only impartial evidence we have to work with is the Trustpilot reviews and advice offered by gas-safe professionals. Engineers confirm that Daikin’s condensing boiler is easy to fit, parts are mostly available nationwide and they are reliable. 

The Trustpilot reviews are patchy in that most respondents refer to the company’s air source heat pumps which don’t appear to be worth the hype. Several customers said their energy bills are higher, but that could be because their energy bills went up anyway. It’s difficult to call because angry customers use any ammunition they can throw. 

Whilst 59% of Trustpilot respondents appear to make the company look more respectable, on closer inspection it’s clear to see that the songs of praise are not made by homeowners who have purchased a Daikin wall-mounted gas boiler. They are gas-safe engineers who have attended an instructor-led boiler training course. So it’s worth considering that most trainee who attend these courses are associated with Daikin resellers who have a vested interest in promoting Daikin to improve their profits. 

Because of that, we’re discounting the Trustpilot evidence because it is misleading, unreliable and unrepresentative of real customers who have purchased an energy-efficient gas boiler from Daikin for their homes. 

The only plus for Daikin is that the Altherma 3C is competitively priced and could represent one of the best value-for-money bargains on the UK market. It remains to be seen how reliable these boilers are, but Daikin does not seem overly confident. The company only offers a 2-year standard warranty, and although that is pretty standard across the board for boilers sporting a sub-£1000 price point, it isn’t sufficient to convince us that you can rely on Daikin boilers. If you do want to try Daikin – and why not – we recommend taking advantage of the 7-year extended warranty. 

To be fair on the Japanese stalwart, we couldn’t find any complaints concerning the gas boilers. We’ll take that as a good sign. 

So, why buy a Daikin boiler? 

Daikin is fairly new to the gas boiler market. Although the company did not say when it launched its first energy-efficient gas boiler, the acclaimed Althema 3C won its first award in 2018, and again in both 2019 and 2020. The awards were design awards though which is not a reflection on the reliability, durability and performance. 

We do expect excellent performance, however. With a 93% energy efficiency, Daikin is ahead of the curve in terms of competition, particularly for this price point. So, there’s every chance that early adopters are getting real value for money. 

As they can increase efficiency and lower operating costs, Daikin’s latest gas-condensing combi boilers are easy to store, quiet in operation and come in a decent range of kW performance outputs. Larger homes with higher heating demands also have the option of installing a hot water tank and reap the benefits of additional hot water on demand from at least 150 litres to 300 litres.  

Furthermore, the ability to control your heating via a smartphone app is a convenient feature that can help you lower your energy bills a little bit more.

Daikin Boiler Range

Feel free to use our table below to compare Daikin boiler models, efficiency ratings, typical prices and more.

Altherma 3 C
CombiH – 590 mm
W – 400 mm
D – 256 mm
11.324kWA – 90%
Altherma 3 C
CombiH – 695 mm
W – 440 mm
D – 295 mm
14.028kWA – 90%
Altherma 3 C
CombiH – 695 mm
W – 440 mm
D – 295 mm
16.035kWA – 90%
(Typical prices include VAT)
Daikin Boiler Quotes

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Why You Can Trust Boilers Prices

Boiler Prices were established in 2013 to help you identify the best boiler for your home and to get access to the most affordable boiler quotes from a central location without having to waste time shopping around. Our service is fast, efficient and effective. We source the best quotes offered by national installers and local boiler installers. 

But it’s all very well and good reading the information we publish on our website, but how do you know you can trust the advice we provide? 

Well, first and foremost, we want to assure you that Boiler Prices does not have any direct affiliation with Daikin or any other boiler manufacturer. The information we present is 100% unbiased, impartial and given to the best of our knowledge. 

Moreover, we source our information from customer feedback, and recognised review websites (like Which? and Energy Savings Trust etc) together with gas-safe engineers and other professionals working in the energy and heating sector. 

We appreciate that UK homeowners want to know if these new energy-efficient boilers are reliable, efficient and available for a good price. Boiler Prices not only step in to provide information you can trust, but we also save you hours having to research the extensive boiler market.

For the best and most cost-effective boiler prices, you will have to do some shopping around. We recommend getting a quote from a national installer and a local boiler installer to see which gives you the best price. When you use Boiler Prices as your platform to look for boiler prices this is what we provide you with as a matter of course.

Boiler Prices have been providing UK homeowners with trustworthy information and boiler price comparisons since 2013. Not only that but our founder, Duncan Cumming has over a decade of experience in the boiler industry working directly with consumers. He is fully aware that reliable information needs to be improved in the boiler market and knows the questions homeowners want answered. 

All these factors make Boiler Prices the most trusted source of information about energy-efficient boilers – because we provide up-to-date and accurate information together with honest appraisals that say it how it is.