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Zanussi Gas Boilers: Prices, Reviews and Boiler Ranges

Owned by the Electrolux Group, Zanussi has been established since 1916 and is now the world’s second-largest appliance manufacturer. The brand is well-known for the quality and distinctive design of its huge product range, which includes modern gas combi and system boilers. In addition to producing A-rated boilers, Zanussi offers a professional boiler installation and repair service and uses only approved local engineers to deliver top-notch service and provide fast customer support.

Zanussi Combi Boilers Price Range – Fits Neatly in a Cupboard

When you purchase a combi boiler that has been manufactured by Zanussi, you don’t need to own an external cylinder for storing hot water. All of the components are situated within the boiler itself and, like all combi boilers, your Zanussi boiler provides both heating and instant hot water without needing separate tanks. If you have little room to play with, a Zanussi combi boiler is ideal because it has compact dimensions and is small enough to fit into a cupboard. And although Zanussi combi boilers combine efficiency and reliability, they’re also compatible with a range of optional controls including weather compensation to further increase boiler efficiency and performance.

The Zanussi combi boiler range includes the following models and output options:    

Ultra Combi30 – 35kWSmall to medium-sized homes with one bathroom and an ensuite.£660 – £780

Zanussi System Boilers Price Range – Best for Homes with High Hot Water Demand

One of the main differences between Zanussi system boilers and Zanussi combi boilers is that the system boilers require an external cylinder. A separate cylinder is needed so that hot water can be stored to allow a constant supply of hot water to multiple taps at the same time. Although some high output combi boilers are suitable for large homes, system boilers can handle high hot water demand and are best suited to large households with two or more bathrooms. If you’re interested in purchasing a Zanussi system boiler, it’s important to choose the right size (kW output) for your home. There is currently only one model in the range but it is available in an array of outputs to suit your heating and hot water needs.

Zanussi’s system boiler range has options to suit most property types and includes the following sizes:    

Ultra System15 – 30kWSmall, medium and large-sized homes with multiple bathrooms.£490 – £790

Why Choose Zanussi?

Whether you’re looking for a replacement combi or system boiler, Zanussi has some great offerings in a variety of outputs to suit your unique requirements. These boilers are highly reliable units and they’re easy to install, which means the fitting work will cause minimal disruption to your household. Zanussi combi and systems boilers even come with a lengthy warranty to give you peace of mind that you’ll be covered should anything go wrong with your new boiler. Then there’s the cost. If your budget is tight, a Zanussi boiler won’t break the bank and it should last for many years to come.

Zanussi Boiler Warranty

The Ultra Combi range and the Ultra System range from Zanussi come with a manufacturer-backed warranty of up to years to protect you against repair costs should your boiler breakdown or develop a fault. You will need to register the warranty once the boiler has been installed and you must have an annual boiler service to ensure your warranty remains valid.

Compatible with Nest Thermostats

If you purchase a Zanussi boiler, you should consider getting a Nest Thermostat installed as it can help you to save energy. This clever thermostat learns from you by getting to know the temperature you prefer and what times you tend to be at home. It even turns itself down when you’re out of the house and masters how your home warms up or how cold it is to ensure it only uses the energy it needs to keep your home comfortable.  

Zanussi Boiler Range

Feel free to use our table below to compare Zanussi boiler models, efficiency ratings, typical prices and more.

Ultra System 15SystemH – 700 mm W – 395 mm D – 278 mmN/A15kWA – 90% AND ABOVE£490
Ultra System 18SystemH – 700 mm W – 395 mm D – 278 mmN/A18kWA – 90% AND ABOVE£590
Ultra Combi 30CombiH – 700 mm W – 395 mm D – 278 mm12.430kWA – 90% AND ABOVE£660
Ultra System 24SystemH – 700 mm W – 395 mm D – 278 mmN/A24kWA – 90% AND ABOVE£690
Ultra Combi 35CombiH – 700 mm W – 395 mm D – 278 mm14.535kWA – 90% AND ABOVE£780
Ultra System 30SystemH – 700 mm W – 395 mm D – 278 mmN/A30kWA – 90% AND ABOVE£790
(Typical prices include VAT)

Zanussi Boiler Quotes

To ensure you get the best price on a Zanussi boiler and the installation, we suggest you get a few fixed-price quotes from local engineers and national companies. Once you have a handful of quotes, you’ll find it easy to compare prices and choose the best deal. Be sure to also look at customer reviews online to see what others are saying about the reliability and performance of their Zanussi boilers before making a final decision. If you do decide to have a Zanussi boiler installed, you must make sure your engineer is Gas Safe registered. You can check the official list online or look at the engineer’s Gas Safe ID card to see if they’re registered and qualified to fit your new boiler.

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