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iHeat Boilers: Prices and Reviews

If you’re looking to replace your boiler, iHeat can give you a free fixed-price quote and arrange to have a new boiler installed the very next day.

iHeat Boilers: A Complete Guide to their Prices, Reviews, Warranties And a Lot More

If you’re looking to replace your boiler, iHeat can give you a free fixed-price quote and arrange to have a new boiler installed the very next day. Whilst iHeat is not a boiler manufacturer, they provide you with access to high-quality boilers for competitive prices. 

The key benefit iHeat offers is taking the stress out of buying a replacement boiler. The online process removes salesmanship persuasion and you get a fixed-price quote from the comfort of your home. You also have the option to pick from several boilers based on your budget, and even select a specific day for your installation to take place. 

iHeat has a wide selection of home heating systems available from leading boiler brands, such as Ideal, Vaillant, Alpha and Worcester Bosch. Order before 1 pm and you could get your boiler installed the following day. 

If all this sounds too good to be true, read the report below to find out if iHeat does what it says on the tin.

Aim of the content of this article?

The content Boiler Prices publishes on this website aims to inform UK homeowners how to identify the best boiler for their home at the best price. We show you everything you need to consider to make the right choice and put you in touch with local suppliers and installers to ensure you get the best price for your boiler. 

Not only that, we research the UK boilers market and report what consumers have to say — and compare iHeat to see which firms are getting a thumbs up from people outside the industry. This is where the gold is stashed! 

The information we provide — together with “our verdict” — is also based on the views and experiences of frontline professionals in the energy consumer industry. Ultimately, the information we provide on this page will help you to determine whether a iHeat boiler is the right choice for your home.

By the time you finish reading this page, you will know:

  • The different types of energy-efficient boiler iHeat manufacture so that you can decide which type of boiler serves your heating and hot water needs
  • How many kW do you need to comfortably heat your home and meet your real-time hot water demands
  • The cost, models and efficiency of iHeat boilers 
  • The boiler specifications and dimensions that can be installed in your home (which type of boiler is best for you)
  • Boiler comparisons that fall into the same price point and star rating as iHeat so you can broaden your search easily

iHeat: A Trusted Name in Boilers

iHeat was founded in 2019 by a frustrated plumber. The founding vision was to revolutionise the heating industry by introducing cutting-edge technology that would reduce the time it takes to install a new boiler. 

In a short space of time, iHeat has earned the trust and creditability of UK consumers. With a focus on fast access to high-quality boilers, simplicity, customer satisfaction and environmental sustainability, iHeat has declared its intention to commit to quality, reliability and innovation.

At the centre of iHeat’s success is an easy-to-use website. The process makes choosing the right boiler simple, cost-effective and fast. Choosing a boiler with the iHeat website couldn’t be easier. 

The process starts by answering a few simple questions about your property and your current boiler to help iHeat figure out the right type and size of boiler for your home. Once you complete the online form, iHeat will pick only the most suitable boilers for your home and provide you with a fixed-price quote on all recommended heating systems. 

Considerations when buying a iHeat Boiler

iHeat stands out as one of the few online boiler installation companies dedicated to simplifying the process of purchasing top-tier and dependable boilers for homeowners. Nevertheless, understanding which boiler aligns best with your heating and hot water requirements, as well as grasping essential features to consider when investing in a boiler, remains paramount.


Energy efficiency is quantified through an ErP rating with the most efficient boilers awarded with an A-rated certificate. In this bracket, the boilers conserve a minimum of 89% of the energy they produce. Most of the boilers offered by iHeat are 92% or more. 

The boilers iHeat showcase a curated selection of A-rated boilers from reputable brands. Whilst the company’s website brings up the most suitable boilers for your home, speak with their customer support team if you want a boiler with a higher ErP rating than they recommend in the initial assessment. Higher ratings signify superior efficiency.


Contemporary wall-hung boilers are engineered to accommodate compact spaces, fitting seamlessly into kitchen cupboards or understairs closets. Your available space for installation may dictate the model selection.

Combi boilers dominate the market due to their convenience, eliminating the need for extra cylinders and water tanks typical of traditional heat-only and system boilers. If you don’t want a combi boiler enquire how much room you will need to install a water cylinder and tank. That won’t be an issue if you already have one installed. 

Performance Output in kW

Performance output is one of the most important metrics when selecting the right boiler for your property. The size of your boiler installation should align with your heating and hot water demands, striking a balance between adequacy and efficiency. Oversized boilers can lead to unnecessary energy consumption whilst undersized boiler will not meet your heating and hot water demands.

Boiler performance output is quantified in kW (kilowatt), indicating the energy generation capacity. Combi boilers typically boast higher kW ratings compared to system and heat-only counterparts for equivalent performance levels.

Combi boilers typically commence at 24kW, suitable for smaller residences like one-bedroom apartments. The next size bracket, around 27-28kW, accommodates homes with three bedrooms and up to 15 radiators. Larger dwellings with multiple bathrooms necessitate higher outputs, ranging from 35-42kW for combi boilers and 27-40kW for system or regular boilers.

While these kW recommendations offer general guidelines, individual home factors such as insulation levels may alter requirements. It’s advisable to seek guidance from a gas-safe engineer to determine the optimal performance output tailored to your property’s specifics during the quotation process.

Ease and Cost of Installation

The accessibility of your installation site and the intricacies involved in fitting a specific boiler can significantly influence labour costs. iHeat boilers are renowned among gas-safe engineers for their ease of installation and the availability of components across the UK.

This translates to reduced labour charges for installation, servicing, and maintenance tasks. It’s important to consider the cost of professional gas-safe installers when budgeting for your new boiler, as installation expenses are typically not included in the boiler price.

While Boiler Prices cannot provide precise rates for every boiler installation provider, the average installation cost for a new energy-efficient boiler in the UK typically falls between £1,100 – £1,800. Opting for iHeat gas boilers could potentially save you hundreds of pounds compared to boilers that pose greater installation challenges.

To determine the exact cost of installing a new iHeat boiler in your home, take advantage of the Boiler Prices ‘get a quote’ feature. Our user-friendly platform connects you with a wide array of suppliers and installers in your vicinity, allowing them to compete for your business. We present you with the top three quotes, giving you the freedom to select the option that best fits your needs and budget. Plus, there’s no obligation to make a purchase, so you have nothing to lose by exploring the best quotes available.

Get your free quote now by clicking the link and filling out the question form.


All boilers from iHeat come with a manufacturer-backed warranty of up to 5, 7 or 10 years that covers parts and labour. The length of the warranty depends on the make and brand of the boiler. You don’t need to activate the warranty because iHeat will do it for you. It’s important to remember that the warranty can be void if your boiler isn’t serviced every year by a gas-safe registered engineer.

iHeat Combi Boilers: Compact, Efficient, and Cost-Saving

Combi boilers offer several key advantages over other boiler types. Chief among them is their compact size. Unlike system boilers, which necessitate an additional water cylinder, and traditional heat-only boilers, which require separate tanks for hot water storage, combi boilers consolidate both heating and hot water functions within a single unit. This space-efficient design is especially advantageous for properties with limited space.

In addition to their space-saving attributes, combi boilers provide hot water on demand. However, it’s important to note that they may run out of hot water if the boiler lacks the necessary kW output to meet your demands. Nevertheless, combi boilers offer excellent water pressure, making them well-suited for households with multiple bathrooms. Furthermore, since water is heated as it’s used, users won’t experience a pressure drop even if multiple showers are in use simultaneously.

When it comes to installation, combi boilers often prove to be simpler and quicker to install compared to traditional boilers with separate tanks. This streamlined installation process not only translates to lower installation costs but also minimizes disruption to your home during the installation phase. Overall, combi boilers offer a convenient and efficient solution for meeting both heating and hot water needs in a wide range of residential settings.

Note: the prices listed below are the purchase prices for the boiler only. They do not include installation costs.

Greenstar i Junior Combi24 – 28kWSmall to medium-sized homes with one bathroom£767.39 – £854.88
Greenstar Si Compact Combi25 – 30kWSmall to medium-sized homes with one bathroom£851.90 – £952.64
Greenstar CDi Classic Combi29 – 42kWMedium to large-sized homes with one of two bathrooms£1,018.80 – £1,435.01
Greenstar CDi Compact Combi28 – 36kWMedium to large homes with more than one bathroom£973.44 – £1,204.32
Greenstar Highflow CDi Combi29 – 30kWLarge homes with two bathrooms£1,710.16 – £2,400
Greenstar 2000 Combi25 – 30kWSuitable for small and medium-sized homes£735 – £852
Greenstar 4000 Combi25 – 30kWSuitable for small and medium-sized homes£985 – £1,050
Greenstar 8000 Life Combi30 – 50kWIdeal for larger homes with more than one bathroom £1,200 – £2,070
Greenstar 8000 Style Combi30 – 50kWIdeal for larger homes with more than one bathroom£1,133 – £2,265
Viessmann Vitodens 100-W Combi26 – 35kWSmall, medium and large-sized homes with one bathroom£844 – £1,104
iessmann Vitodens 050-W Combi29 – 35kWSmall, medium and large-sized homes with one bathroom£858 – £861
Viessmann Vitodens 200-W Combi26 – 35kWSmall, medium and large-sized homes with one bathroom£1,150 – £1,295
Viessmann Vitodens 111-W DHW Storage Combi26 – 35kWSmall, medium and large-sized homes with one bathroom£1,518 – £1,632
Viessmann Vitodens 222-F Combi19 – 35kWSmall, medium and large-sized homes with one bathroom£2,474 – £2,606
Viessmann Vitodens 242-F Combi18 – 26kWSmall to medium-sized homes with one bathroom£5,985 – £6,188
Vaillant ecoFIT Pure Combi25 – 35kWSmall, medium and large-sized homes with one bathroom£850 – £1,100
Vaillant ecoTEC Pro Combi24 – 30kWSmall, medium and large-sized homes with one bathroom£900 – £1,800
Vaillant ecoTEC Plus Combi25 – 38kWSmall, medium and large-sized homes with one bathroom£1,100 – £1,500
Vaillant ecoTEC Exclusive with Green iQ Combi35 – 43kWMedium to large homes with one or two bathrooms£1,400 – £1,920
Alpha E-Tec Combi28 – 33kWSmall to medium-sized homes with one bathroom.£590 – £738
Alpha Evoke Combi28 – 33kWSmall to medium-sized homes with one bathroom.£630 – £690
Alpha E-Tec Plus Combi28 – 38kWSmall to medium-sized homes with one bathroom.£870 – £996
Ideal Independent Combi24 – 35kWSmall, medium and large-sized homes with one bathroom£625 – £750
Ideal Logic Combi24 – 35kWSmall, medium and large-sized homes with one bathroom£656 – £848
Ideal Logic ESP1 Combi24 – 35kWSmall, medium and large-sized homes with one bathroom£725.51 – £928.61
Ideal Logic Max Combi24 – 35kWSmall, medium and large-sized homes with one bathroom£860 – £1,070
Ideal Logic+ Combi24 – 35kWSmall, medium and large-sized homes with one bathroom£879 – £1,011
Ideal Vogue Combi26 – 40kWSmall, medium and large-sized homes with one bathroom£943 – £1,221
Ideal Logic Code Combi26 – 38kWSmall, medium and large-sized homes with one bathroom£1,000 – £1,330
Ideal Vogue Max Combi26 – 40kWSmall, medium and large-sized homes with one bathroom£1,109 – £1,340

iHeat Heat Only Boilers: Versatility, Efficiency, and Reliability

Heat-only boilers, often known as Regular boilers, are a classic boiler type that is slowly falling out of favour due to their cumbersome design. These boilers require separate hot and cold water tanks, making them best suited for larger homes or apartments with sufficient storage space. 

Despite their bulky nature, heat-only boilers excel in managing high hot water demands, ensuring consistent performance even during periods of peak usage when multiple taps are running simultaneously.

Like system boilers, heat-only boilers can be integrated with renewable energy sources such as solar thermal panels. This allows them to collaborate with these eco-friendly systems to decrease energy consumption and minimise carbon emissions, contributing to a more sustainable heating solution.

Note: the prices listed below are the purchase prices for the boiler only. They do not include installation costs.

GB162 System50 – 100kWLarge homes and commercial properties£1,980 – £3,600
Greenstar i System30 – 35kWSmall, medium and large-sized homes£1,062.46 – £1,250
Greenstar CDi Classic System30 – 42kWLarge homes with multiple bathrooms£1,398.39 – £1,847.10
Greenstar 4000 System12 – 24kWSuitable for small and medium-sized homes£960 – £1,120
Greenstar 8000 Life System30 – 35kWHomes with more than one bathroom and high demand for hot water£1,230 – £1,375
Greenstar 8000 Style System30 – 35kWHomes with more than one bathroom and high demand for hot water £1,300 – £1,445
Viessmann Vitodens 100-W System26 – 35kWSmall, medium and large-sized homes with multiple bathrooms£1,013 – £1,094
Viessmann Vitodens 200-W System19 – 35kWSmall, medium and large-sized homes with multiple bathrooms£1,191 – £1,444
Vaillant ecoTEC Plus System12 – 37kWSmall, medium and large-sized homes with multiple bathrooms£780 – £1,370
Vaillant ecoFIT Pure System12 – 30kWSmall, medium and large-sized homes with multiple bathrooms£840 – £1,160
Vaillant ecoTEC Exclusive with Green iQ System27kWMedium to large-sized homes with multiple bathrooms£1,300
Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 48kW & 64kW System48 – 64kWLarge homes with multiple bathrooms£2,200 – £2,600
Vaillant ecoTEC 46kW & 65kW System46 -65kWCommercial buildings and large homes with multiple bathrooms£2,200 – £2,800
Alpha E-Tec S System20 – 35kWSmall, medium and large-sized homes with multiple bathrooms.£825 – £945
Alpha Protect Plus System50 – 115kWSmall, medium and large-sized homes with multiple bathrooms.£2,286 – £3,860
Ideal Logic System15 – 30kWSmall, medium and large-sized homes with multiple bathrooms£735 – £830
Ideal Logic+ System15 – 30kWSmall, medium and large-sized homes with multiple bathrooms£780 – £870
Ideal Logic Max System15 – 34kWSmall, medium and large-sized homes with multiple bathrooms£860 – £1,150
Ideal Vogue System15 – 32kWSmall to medium-sized homes with multiple bathrooms£905 – £1,204
Ideal Vogue Max System15 – 32kWSmall, medium and large-sized homes with multiple bathrooms£920 – £1,210

Living with your iHeat boiler

iHeat Boiler Warranties

iHeat passes on the manufacturer’s warranty to its customers. The majority of the premium boilers they offer come with a 10-year warranty as standard, but some of the lower-priced models are 5,6 and 7 years. However, there is the option to extend the warranty up to the full 10 years for an extra fee.

iHeat Boiler Controls

Because iHeat has teamed up with some of the UK’s leading manufacturers and cherry-picked the boilers they offer, you can guarantee that the controls are modern and easy to use, especially since iHeats prides itself on being a premier smart-home installation provider.

With Google’s voice activation features hooked up to the Hive Thermostat, you can conveniently operate and adjust your boiler settings without getting out of your chair. With the ability to set heating schedules tailored to your routine, you can enjoy comfort when you need it while also tracking energy usage and making adjustments to optimise heating costs.

Moreover, some boiler controls come equipped with weather compensation features, automatically adjusting the boiler’s output based on the outside temperature to maintain consistent indoor comfort levels.

iHeat Boiler Cover and Breakdown Options

iHeat does not provide boiler insurance themselves. They recommend customers take out independent insurance and provide comprehensive advice about how to find the best boiler insurance in this article

However, you can arrange for an iHeat contractor to service your boiler if your insurance policy does not cover call-outs. Prices start from £99 but can fluctuate depending on whereabouts in the UK you are based, the make and model of the boiler and the type of boiler i.e combi, system, oil etc.

iHeat Boiler Surveys and Reviews

One of the best ways to determine the reliability, credibility and level of customer service of operators in the heating industry is through customer reviews and consumer magazines. 

iHeat is scored highly by both parties. The company’s Trustpilot rating is currently 4.8 out of 5 with an impressive 92% of respondents awarding a full 5 stars (April 2024). 

Only 2% of customers rate iHeat as poor, which is not bad considering there are over 7,600 reviews.

When we last reviewed iHeat in 2019, the company had a rating of 4.9 on Trustpilot which was based on more than 3,500 reviews and 94% of customers rated the service as ‘Excellent’. 

This doesn’t mean that the company’s standards are slipping, but as you might expect, not every customer will be satisfied. Sometimes that is the luck of the draw in which boiler you purchase and whether it functions properly. 

Looking deeper into the cause of complaints, it would appear that iHeat was not responsible for the repairs, either because the fault was not under warranty or the boiler was not fitted by one of its contractors. Or they had no record of the fault. 

In addition, the company does seem intent to rectify problems immediately. Every negative review is answered with an explanation and a call to action. 

iHeat also features in the Which? “Trusted Trader”, boasting an impressive 4.9-star rating. What we like about the Which? surveys is that the metrics cover three categories, customer service, quality and value, each of which carries a rating out of 5. 

iHeat scores 5 out of 5 in every review for customer service and only loses one mark with a couple of 4 out of 5 ratings for quality and value. We have to say that’s pretty impressive. 

However, there have only been 19 reviews left so it’s not a large enough size sample to generate an accurate picture. It’s a good start for iHeat though!

How do iHeat boilers compare with other boiler brands?

Because iHeat does not manufacture boilers themselves, we can only really compare them against other heating solution forms. But the company does fare very well against its competitors; British Gas, BOXT, Homeserve, Heatable, Glow Green and WarmZilla in the customer ratings. 

British Gas falls short of all their competitors so we’ll eliminate them from the conversation immediately. In terms of providing access to quality boilers, iHeat has a decent range although not as comprehensive as BOXT and Homeserve. 

However, you do get access to Worcester Bosch, Ideal, Vaillant and Alpha, or of which are reliable and credible boilers. iHeat also passes the manufacturer’s warranty onto the customer – which in most cases is a 10-year warranty. Boilers that don’t have a 10-year warranty can be extended to 10 years. 

The only companies that better iHeat on the length of warranty are Glow Green and Heatable which offer 12-year warranties and extensions on “selected” models. 

In terms of customer satisfaction, based on Trustpilot reviews, iHeat is maintaining a commendable score. Boasting a 4.8 out of 5 rating, they match Heatable but cannot beat BOXT which boasts 4.9 out of 5 – and has four times as many reviews. 

Where iHeat can beat BOXT, however, is a 24-hour turnaround. Or at least this is what they claim. In some cases, the installation will be 2 or 3 days after you place your order – the same as Heatable, but far better than BOXT which can take at least 5 days. 

iHeat also matches its competitors for price and payment plans. Customers have the option to take out financing with 2 years 0% APR or pay nothing for 12 months, then 11.9% APR. The third option is to pay monthly from the outset at a rate of 9.9% APR over 3, 5, 7, or 10 years with no deposit.

Boiler Prices Verdict on the iHeat Boilers: 5/5

When you’re in the market for a replacement boiler, going through an online installation company like iHeat can offer a convenient and cost-effective solution compared to purchasing directly from manufacturers. 

You still have access to the best boilers on the UK market, and whilst the boilers offered by iHeat may not be the cheapest options out there, being encouraged to pay more for quality can save you time, money and stress further up the line. Low-quality boilers that are less expensive tend to be less reliable. 

With streamlined processes and helpful recommendations, iHeat stands on par with its competitors in the industry. While there are a few aspects worth considering, such as the add-on strategy during the quote stage and independent breakdown cover, overall, iHeat offers a credible service.

After choosing a boiler that suits your budget, you can select an install date. If you order before 1 pm, you can choose to have your boiler installed the next day, subject to availability. 

Although iHeat has a considerable network of gas-safe engineers there is no guarantee they can meet the fast installation times they claim. When we put a quote through the installation date offered was three days later. To be fair, that is pretty good considering usual waiting times can be at least two weeks.

Installation is included in your fixed-price quote and will be carried out by one of iHeat’s experienced heating engineers. In addition to installing your new boiler, your iHeat engineer will take away your old system and the packaging from your new heating system.

When you complete your order, you’ll be asked to upload a few images of your current boiler so that iHeat can survey the job and order all the required materials. iHeat will then call you to confirm your order and tell you the name of the engineer who will install your boiler. You’ll also get a call from iHeat a few days after the installation to check if you’re happy with the service you received. 

iHeat’s easy-to-use website allows you to get an instant quote on a new boiler for your home. All quotes are fixed-price, meaning there are no hidden costs, and the price you see is the price you pay for the boiler, the installation and everything needed to get your boiler up and running. 

It’s clear from Trustpilot that iHeat excels in customer service. The company is committed to promptly addressing any problems and facilitating satisfactory resolutions when they are responsible. 

On the downside, iHeat’s pricing strategy may lack transparency, particularly during the quote stage. Add-ons lead to higher costs that you don’t expect when you’re reviewing boilers. 

This may not be an issue for some people, but others prefer some notice. Just be aware that the initial price stated on the boiler page is not the final price you will pay. However, the final quote which includes all the add-ons is fixed.

While iHeat may not be the least expensive way to buy a boiler, it offers competitive rates and reliable service. That’s all you can ask for in the heating sector. We, therefore, think iHeat is deserving of a solid 5 out of 5 rating. It’s an efficient online installation service with a commitment to customer satisfaction.

So, why purchase a boiler through iHeat? 

The simple answer to this question is you get access to some of the best boilers on the UK market for competitive prices. iHeat certainly measures up to other boiler suppliers and does a good job of making the purchasing process less hassle and takes far less time researching multiple boiler companies. 

We liked the simple online process and the opportunity to speak with advisors at the other end if there is anything you are uncertain about. iHeat also provides a swift turnaround time from the moment you place your order to having your boiler installed. This can make a massive difference when you’re left without any home heating in the dead of winter. 

When it comes to iHeat payment options, you can choose to pay the full amount upfront for your boiler if you have access to a lump sum. iHeat accepts all major debit and credit cards. 

If you want to spread the cost of your new boiler, you’ll be pleased to know that iHeat offers finance solutions from 24 months up to 10 years. You can also pay a deposit of 50% to help bring down your monthly payments. 

iHeat’s finance package options include:

  • 2 years 0% APR – Spread the cost over 2 years at 0% APR finance
  • Buy now, pay later – Pay nothing for 12 months, then 11.9% APR
  • Pay monthly finance – 9.9% APR over 3, 5, 7, or 10 years with no deposit

You can apply for finance through the iHeat website when you complete the checkout and get an instant decision online about your application.

Why You Can Trust Boilers Prices

Boiler Prices were established in 2013 to help you identify the best boiler for your home and to get access to the most affordable boiler quotes from a central location without having to waste time shopping around. Our service is fast, efficient and effective. We source the best quotes offered by national installers and local boiler installers. 

But it’s all very well and good reading the information we publish on our website, but how do you know you can trust the advice we provide? 

Well, first and foremost, we want to assure you that Boiler Prices does not have any direct affiliation with iHeat or any other boiler manufacturer. The information we present is 100% unbiased, impartial and given to the best of our knowledge. 

Moreover, we source our information from customer feedback, and recognised review websites (like Which? and Energy Savings Trust etc) together with gas-safe engineers and other professionals working in the energy and heating sector. 

We appreciate that UK homeowners want to know if these new energy-efficient boilers are reliable, efficient and available for a good price. Boiler Prices not only step in to provide information you can trust, but we also save you hours having to research the extensive boiler market.

For the best and most cost-effective boiler prices, you will have to do some shopping around. We recommend getting a quote from a national installer and a local boiler installer to see which gives you the best price. When you use Boiler Prices as your platform to look for boiler prices this is what we provide you with as a matter of course.

Boiler Prices have been providing UK homeowners with trustworthy information and boiler price comparisons since 2013. Not only that but our founder, Duncan Cumming has over a decade of experience in the boiler industry working directly with consumers. He is fully aware that reliable information needs to be improved in the boiler market and knows the questions homeowners want answered. 

All these factors make Boiler Prices the most trusted source of information about energy-efficient boilers – because we provide up-to-date and accurate information together with honest appraisals that say it how it is.

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