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Heatline Gas Boilers: Prices, Reviews and Boiler Ranges

Heatline Boilers: A Complete Guide to Their Prices, Reviews, Warranties And a Lot More

Heating boilers, a brand under the Vaillant Group, are known for their affordable heating solutions for residential properties. With more than 50 years in the industry and the most affordable combi boiler on the UK market, the £390 – £540 price point captures attention. 

Even without the installation cost included, Heatline boilers are an attractive proposition for homeowners on a budget. 

But although Heatline offers budget-friendly boilers, they don’t come with long warranties. The most you will get is two years which does not instil confidence. The boilers on offer won’t break the bank but how much will they cost in repairs and replacement moving forward?

Having said that, some users report that Heatline boilers provide “reliable” and consistent heating and hot water which meets the needs of small households. Other customers indicate these boilers are not reliable. It’s difficult to know which reports to believe. 

In this review, we’re going to dig a little deeper, nay, a lot deeper, to unearth the nitty-gritty so you can make an informed choice. The boiler market is a complex terrain to navigate and most online content in this field can be misleading. If you don’t know which way to turn, you can easily install the wrong choice of boiler. 

Hold my hand. 

Aim of the content of this article?

The content Boiler Prices publishes on this website aims to inform UK homeowners how to identify the best boiler for their home at the best price. 

We tell you everything we can find about boiler brands and give you our opinions in an overall assessment together with a verdict and a score rating out of five. 

To determine the overall rating and verdict, we research the UK boilers market and report what consumers, commentators and industry professionals have to say. We also weigh up the evidence so you can question which information you believe. 

Not only that, we explain everything you need to consider to make a purchasing decision. We also have a free and convenient ‘get a quote’ feature to put you in touch with local suppliers and installers to increase your chances of finding the right boiler for your home at the best price. 

Ultimately, the information we provide on this page will help you determine whether Heatline is a brand that resonates with you and whether the company’s boiler is the right choice for your home.

By the time you finish reading this page, you will know:

  • The different types of energy-efficient boiler Heatline manufacture so that you can decide which type of boiler serves your heating and hot water needs
  • How many kW do you need to comfortably heat your home and meet your real-time hot water demands
  • The cost, models and efficiency of Heatline boilers 
  • The boiler specifications and dimensions that can be installed in your home (which type of boiler is best for you)
  • Boiler comparisons that fall into the same price point and star rating as Heatline so you can broaden your search easily

Heatline: A Trusted Name in Boilers

Heatline is a brand that specialises in the manufacture of heating and hot water products, particularly boilers. Today, it is part of the larger Vaillant Group but was originally founded in the United Kingdom in the late 1960s.

Heatline was acquired by the Vaillant Group in the 1990s. Following the acquisition, Heatline has expanded its product range to include a variety of boilers and heating systems for residential properties.

The company has built a reputation for delivering affordable boilers that provide cost-effective heating solutions for homeowners on a budget. 

Considerations when buying a Heatline Boiler

Installing a new energy-efficient boiler is a sizeable investment for most UK homes. To lower the risk of making the wrong choice, consider the key factors below:


The Heatline Capriz2 offers an efficiency rating of 89.3% which is below the government recommendation of 92% but still qualifies for a SEBDUK A rating. Fitted with a Grundfos circular pump, it is said these parts can save up to as much as 80% on your energy bills. 


With compact dimensions of (h) 740mm x (w) 418mm x (d) 300mm, Heatline wall-mounted boilers are compact and lightweight. Specifically targeted for small homes, the Capriz2 can easily be installed in tight spaces such as a kitchen cupboard or utility room.

Performance Output in kW

Heatline only manufactures one boiler which comes in two sizes, 24 kW and 28 kW. This size of boiler is only adequate to heat homes with one to three bedrooms and a single bathroom. At a push, the 28kW may meet the heating demands of a four-bedroom home if the rooms are not too big and your heating demands are low, but you should check with a supplier for their recommendation. 

Ease and Cost of Installation

Gas-safe engineers have praised the Heatline Capriz2 for the ease with which it can be installed, maintained and repaired. They could save you several hundred pounds in labour costs for the installation compared to other comparable brands. 

Although Boiler Prices is not able to provide specific rates for every boiler installation provider, we can say the average installation cost for a new energy-efficient boiler in the UK is between £1,100 – £1,800. It could easily be the case that Heatline gas boiler prices could save you hundreds of pounds over boilers that are more difficult to install.

To find out exactly how much you should expect to pay to install a new Heatline boiler in your home, take advantage of the Boiler Prices ‘get a quote’ feature. 

Our convenient features give you access to a wide range of suppliers and installers in your area that compete for prices. We give you the three best options and you can choose whichever quote you prefer — and there’s no obligation to buy. Therefore, there’s nothing to lose by generating a selection of the best quotes. 

Get your free quote now by clicking the link and filling out the question form.


Heatline boilers typically come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty that provides coverage for parts and labour. This is among the lowest in the UK. The warranty is activated upon registration of the boiler. It’s essential to register the boiler with Heatline or the installer to ensure the warranty is valid.

Heatline Combi Boilers: Compact, Efficient, and Cost-Saving

Combi boilers are known for their compact and space-saving design. Unlike traditional boilers, which require separate hot water storage tanks, combi boilers integrate the heating and hot water functions into a single unit, making them ideal for homes with limited space.

It’s thanks to their efficiency and space-saving design that make them a preferred choice for many homeowners. But they also offer convenience by drawing hot water directly from the mains, which means they can provide hot water on demand without the need for a separate storage tank.

Whilst this can lead to increased energy efficiency and reduced heating bills, homes that have higher heating demands may find hot water is not always available. They also have lower pressure than traditional boilers so the shower can run cold when someone uses another tap such as filling the kettle.

Since combi boilers do not require a separate hot water storage tank or complex piping systems, they often have lower installation costs compared to traditional boiler systems. This can make them a cost-effective option for homeowners looking to upgrade their heating systems.

Note: the prices listed below are the purchase prices for the boiler only. They do not include installation costs.

Heatline Capriz2 24kW Combi24kWSmall to medium properties that have one bathroom£390 – £500
Heatline Capriz2 28kW Combi28kWSmall to medium-sized properties with one bathroom.£430 – £540

Living with your Heatline boiler

No matter how much you spend on a boiler, there is always a chance that it could break down and require repair. If your Heatline boiler does have a fault then you will see a fault code displayed on the unit that will help an engineer understand what is going on. 

There are several different fault codes and some can be dealt with by you rather than having to call out an engineer. However, you should never attempt to fix a serious issue or take apart your boiler as you will be putting yourself at risk and invalidating your warranty. If you are unsure how to proceed when an error code is displayed then ask an expert for help.

Heatline Boiler Warranties

The majority of boilers available in the UK market come with a warranty that lasts anywhere between two and 10 years, and some that have certain parts only under one year. 

A warranty is a measure of how confident a brand is about the reliability of its product. The Heatline Capriz2 range comes with a two-year parts and labour warranty that will cover you if your boiler develops a fault.

Two years is among the lowest in the UK which indicates the Vaillant Group lacks confidence in its Heatline product. 

Heatline Boiler Controls

Heatline combi boilers have a user-friendly digital diagnostic display. They allow users to set specific times for the boiler to turn on and off, providing heat or hot water when needed and saving energy when not in use.

A frost detection feature designed to protect the boiler from freezing temperatures when the temperature drops below a certain threshold reduces the risk of damage and potentially costly repairs. 

If there’s an issue with the boiler, it may display a fault code on the control panel. These codes help identify the problem, making it easier for a technician to diagnose and fix the issue.

Heatline Boiler Cover and Breakdown Options

Heatline boilers are covered by the Vaillant Group and you can choose to have your boiler serviced by them annually to keep your unit in good working order. The Vaillant Service Group operate a 12-point check when they service your boiler and only ever use Gas Safe Registered engineers. 

The main benefits of arranging a service include maintaining your guarantee, ensuring energy efficiency and reducing the risk of your boiler breaking down. You can arrange your service on the Vaillant Service Group website for a fixed fee each year.

Heatline Boiler Surveys and Reviews

The best way to size the reliability and value for money of a boiler is by scouring boiler surveys and reviews. However, the difficulty is knowing which reviews to trust. Some information on the internet is marketing – advertorials in consumer magazines – and others are fake reviews. 

Many consumers use the Which? survey to make a purchasing decision. Interestingly, Heatline only achieves an overall rating of 53% but this is not due to the boilers being a poor choice. 

66% of customers are satisfied with their purchase. It is gas-safe engineers that bring the score down. They do not recommend this product despite it being easy to install and repair.

A Which? review published several years ago stated that Heatline boilers are “reliable” and that customers are satisfied with their purchase. However, when we followed this up for updates, the report has been removed. This indicates the piece was a paid advertorial and probably embellished the truth. 

What the original report did get right was that the Capriz2 is affordable. With price points of £390 and £540, this is a cost-effective option for households on a shoestring budget. 

Ultimately, the message from Which? is that if you are looking for a cost-effective solution then the Heatline boilers may be a good choice. We have our doubts. See below for the final verdict.

Another questionable resource we found for Heatline reviews is Review Centre, where the company achieved a 4.4 score out of 5. On the surface, that score makes the Capriz2 look like a good buy. Again, we have our doubts about the validity of the reviews on this site. 

When we first wrote a report on Heatline in 2021, the company had received 25 reviews on Review Centre and three on Trustpilot. Three years on and Heatline has received 25 reviews on Review Centre and three on Trustpilot.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Which? Engineers Review

Reliability 4 Stars
Customer score 3 Stars
Overall engineer score 3 Stars
Ease of sourcing parts 4 Stars
Ease of replacing a common component 3 Stars
Ease of servicing 4 Stars
Build quality 2 Stars
Manufacturer support 3 Stars
Unbiased recommendation 3 Stars

How do Heatline boilers compare with other boiler brands?

In terms of pricing, Heatline fends off all its competitors. However, the Capriz2 only has a SEBDUK efficiency rating of 89.3% and a 2-year warranty. Most other budget boilers have a 90-92% energy efficiency and offer extended warranties of five or seven years.

The costlier brands will provide more reliability than Heatline, but you also have the option to purchase the low-end products of reputable brands. Ideal and Baxi are the closest in price point although are several hundred pounds more expensive. 

The Capriz2 is also only available in two performance outputs, 24kW and 28kW. Other boiler brands offer a wider range. Whilst some homeowners might be able to make do with a 28kW in a property with 2-4 bedrooms, a 30kW-35kW output will be more energy efficient. 

A key selling point of the Capriz is the aluminium heat exchanger. This helps to keep the cost down, but again, this feature is not as reliable as stainless steel heat changers other brands use. 

Boiler Prices Verdict on the Heatline Boilers: 1/5

In all honesty, we’re struggling to find many positives to support Heatline. Whilst you can find complimentary reviews around the web, including review sites, the claims are not convincing once you weigh up the evidence across the board. 

A one out of five overall score rating may be harsh on Heatline, but we can’t find anything to justify a higher mark. Below are the reasons for our final verdict. 

First of all, Heatline only offers one combi boiler which has a minimum performance output of 24kW and 28kW. Not only does this leave consumers with very few options, Heatline is only suitable for costumes who live in apartments and small homes such as semi-detached and terraced townhouses with two or three bedrooms and one bathroom. 

Heatline may have found its target market, but this brand is not an option for huge swathes of the British population. 

It’s also worth bearing in mind that installing a replacement boiler is a significant purchase. Even purchasing a budget model will set you back somewhere in the region of £1100-£1400 including installation costs. When you shell out that much money, you want to be assured you’re boiler will last at least 10 years. Given that Heatline only offers a two-year warranty, it does not inspire much confidence. A low-cost boiler could result in higher rates of spending on repairs and replacement once the warranty expires. 

The Which? survey rates Heatline as bang average, and despite an earlier product review published by the consumer magazine having positive things to say about the Capriz2, you have to question why that page is now a 404. 

It is usually the case that a 404 occurred because the website owner moved some pages. But it can also mean that the report has been removed because the advertorial payment only covers a set period of visibility. 

In truth, we can’t say why the report is no longer available, but still feel that we can no longer cite the writer’s support of Heatline as we did in our previous review. 

Moreover, through careful analysis of consumer review sites, there is reason to dispute the Which? report. 

Having said that, the comments left on Review Centre would suggest otherwise. 17 of the 25 respondents have left five-star reviews whilst only 2 respondents awarded one-star. 

These ratings look pretty good – on the surface. But again, we are not convinced. Several of the 5-star reviewers do not leave a name. Lower down the same person has left two separate reviews on two different dates but has changed the spelling and case of their user name to make it appear like a different person. 

Does that look suspicious to you? It does to us. We have discounted the Review Centre rating because the website does not appear to be a trustworthy source. 

In addition, one reviewer, a gas-safe engineer left a telling and somewhat scathing review: 

“I’m A Gas Engineer And I Wouldn’t Give One To An Enemy”

“These are made from the leftover parts bin from Vaillant/Gloworm and whilst on the whole they work ok, Heatline won’t give any technical support for this and the warranty is laughable. Then there is the cost of spares. When you see the cost of the spares you will realise why they sell them so cheaply. To save money in the long term buy a Worcester Bosch and stay well clear of the Vaillant group.” 

Heatline builds its products from redundant parts thrown out by Vaillant and Gloworm. We know these are two brands that produce high-quality boilers. If they are rejecting boiler parts, it means they do not meet the quality standards and reliability for higher-priced boilers. 

That means Heatline is producing boilers that do not meet reasonable quality standards or reliability. This is reflected in the price of course, but how much more might you have to pay in the long run? A cheap boiler can result in you spending more than a higher-priced boiler with a better build quality. 

On a final note, one consumer review site we do ordinarily trust more often than not is Trustpilot. Heatable scores a woeful 2.8 out of five, and only three reviews have been left. Two reviewers were awarded one out of five, one reviewer left five stars. 

But wait! The five-star reviewer leaves very simple comments and has only left three reviews on the website – all of which are boilers and all in the same year. How many boilers is this guy buying? 

The giveaway is that his first review leaves one star for a Worcester Bosch with a simple comment. We have to say that this reviewer does not appear genuine. When you weigh that up along the Review Centre, we’re doubling down on our opinion. Of course, it’s only our opinion. What’s your impression? 

So, why buy a Heatline boiler? 

The low price is certainly attractive. 

Some UK homeowners, especially landlords, are satisfied with the performance and reliability of Heatline boilers, especially considering their affordable pricing. Customers often mention that Heatline boilers offer excellent value for money, providing reliable heating at an affordable price point.

Users also appreciate the straightforward controls and easy operation of Heatline boilers.

When you decide to invest in a Heatline boiler you can look forward to a range of benefits, including:

  • A 2-year warranty
  • A-rated efficiency for lower energy bills
  • Modulating pump that reduces energy use
  • Aluminium heat exchanger
  • Lightweight design
  • Simple installation
  • Digital display
  • Easy-to-understand controls
  • Frost protection

Heatline Boiler Range

Heatline has one boiler range – the Capriz2 and offers two different models to choose from. These models are both A-rated combi boilers and come in 24 kW and 28 kW sizes. 

Heatline Capriz2 24CombiH – 740 mm
W – 418 mm
D – 300 mm
33,3kg1024kWA – 89,2%£390 – £500
Heatline Capriz2 28CombiH – 740 mm
W – 418 mm
D – 300 mm
33,3kg11.728kWA – 89,3%£430 – £540
(Typical prices include VAT)

Why You Can Trust Boilers Prices

Boiler Prices were established in 2013 to help you identify the best boiler for your home and to get access to the most affordable boiler quotes from a central location without having to waste time shopping around. Our service is fast, efficient and effective. We source the best quotes offered by national installers and local boiler installers. 

But it’s all very well and good reading the information we publish on our website, but how do you know you can trust the advice we provide? 

Well, first and foremost, we want to assure you that Boiler Prices does not have any direct affiliation with Heatline or any other boiler manufacturer. The information we present is 100% unbiased, impartial and given to the best of our knowledge. 

Moreover, we source our information from customer feedback, and recognised review websites (like Which? and Energy Savings Trust etc) together with gas-safe engineers and other professionals working in the energy and heating sector. 

We appreciate that UK homeowners want to know if these new energy-efficient boilers are reliable, efficient and available for a good price. Boiler Prices not only step in to provide information you can trust, but we also save you hours having to research the extensive boiler market.

For the best and most cost-effective boiler prices, you will have to do some shopping around. We recommend getting a quote from a national installer and a local boiler installer to see which gives you the best price. When you use Boiler Prices as your platform to look for boiler prices this is what we provide you with as a matter of course.

Boiler Prices have been providing UK homeowners with trustworthy information and boiler price comparisons since 2013. Not only that but our founder, Duncan Cumming has over a decade of experience in the boiler industry working directly with consumers. He is fully aware that reliable information needs to be improved in the boiler market and knows the questions homeowners want answered. 

All these factors make Boiler Prices the most trusted source of information about energy-efficient boilers – because we provide up-to-date and accurate information together with honest appraisals that say it how it is.


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