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Vokera Boilers: Prices, Reviews and Boiler Ranges

Vokera has specialised in manufacturing both domestic and light commercial boilers for more than 30 years. Their range incorporates a boiler for every size and type of property including combi boilers, system boilers and open vent boilers, as well as water heaters and unvented cylinders. With bases across the UK and Ireland, there are plenty of trained installers available who can help you find the right solution for your home.

Some of the most popular Vokera boilers include the Unica range, available in 28kW, 32kW and 36kW to suit various homes. There’s also the Compact A range of boilers that is better suited to small properties, such as bungalows and apartments. The Linea One is a more modern solution and the Vision C is ideal for homeowners wanted to install a boiler in the kitchen cupboard. Vokera has developed an online product questionnaire to make the selection process much easier.

Not only is Vokera an industry leader in home heating solutions but they also manufacture reasonably priced solutions that represent great value. Prices range from £575 to £1200 and products come with a 2-year warranty as standard. However, various models including the Vokera Mynute i, Unica i, Vision C and Linea One come with a 5 or 7-year warranty.

Vokera Boilers Offer Excellent Energy Efficiency

Vokera’s boilers include high-efficiency system boilers, condensing combi boilers, water heaters, open vent boilers and cylinders that are recommended by the Energy Saving Trust. The company also manufacture a range of renewable energy products to complement their boiler systems.

Most of Vokera’s high efficiency condensing boiler models will significantly reduce wasted heat, save you money and help to protect the environment. When one of these boilers is fitted to Vokera’s Wireless OpenTherm Protocol control, energy efficiency is further maximised.

Take the Unica i32 combi boiler for example. This boiler can achieve a very impressive efficiency rating of 98% under ErP when installed with Class VI controls, which equates to an A+ energy rating. The Vokera Unica is a high spec solution with a class leading modulation ratio of 10:1, designed to reduce its output while meeting the demand of your home and reduce energy. That means the Unica condensing combi boiler can help you to save up to 30% on gas bills.

If you’re looking to reduce your energy bills and increase energy efficiency, the right type of Vokera boiler for your home you will depend on your heating requirements and the size of your property. Combination boilers are better suited to smaller homes or those without much storage space. System and cylinder boilers are best for properties with 2 bathrooms and open vent boiler systems are designed for homes with 2 or more bathrooms.

Vokera Boilers Boast Innovative Technology and Intelligent Features

Vokera is renowned for utilising the latest technology to maximise the efficiency of all their products and ensure they produce boilers that deliver on quality and reliability. Plus, their entire range conforms to the SEDBUK (Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK) requirements of Building Regulations.

Vokera Combi Boilers Range – Energy Saving and Cost Conscious Solutions

Linea one

Vokera’s Linea One high-efficiency combi system is built with the latest advancements in condensing gas boiler technology and has one of the lowest emission ratings. The external sensor helps to save fuel and the fully modulating pump is controlled using different modes of operation to reduce electrical consumption by around 50%. It also has a weather consumption control function that can increase ErP space heating efficiency by 2%. The Linea One with a 38kW output comes with a 5-year parts and labour warranty and is priced at around £1156.

Unica i

The Unica i boasts a modulation ratio of 10:1 and can reduce output to help reduce wasted energy. This boiler comes with a 5-year parts and labour warranty and is well-known for its excellent energy saving credentials and superior hot water comfort. Thanks to its advanced technology, the Unica I can achieve further efficiency with Vokera’s OpenTherm devices and controls. Available with an output of 28kW, 32kW or 36kW, a Unica i boiler system will cost between £762 and £942.

Vision C

Vision C’s compact and lightweight design enables you to fit this boiler within a kitchen cupboard or tight space. It’s also got a built-in 7-day digital clock to allow you complete control over the timings of both your hot water and heating. This model comes with a SARA function for automatic temperature control and a 5 or 7-year parts and labour warranty. Other built-in features include anti-cycling for long lasting component performance and frost protection. A Vision C boiler system with 25kW output costs around £643 and the 30kW output version is priced at £694.

Compact A

The Compact A is Vokera’s entry level condensing combi boiler and can be installed virtually anywhere in the home including the kitchen cupboard. As well as featuring an anti-cycling control, the Compact A comes with individual hot water and heating controls for simple temperature adjustment. It also features a plated heat exchanger which reduces the risk of scaling. Not only does the Compact A comes with a 2-year parts and labour warranty but also a 5-year anti-scale warranty. This system is priced on average between £499 and £539, depending on whether you choose a 25kW or 29kW output.

Vokera System Boilers Range – Feature Rich System Boilers for Domestic Homes

Mynute i

Another high-efficiency boiler from Vokera’s entire range with a 5-year parts and labour warranty is the Mynute i system, which is easy to operate and ideal where space is at a premium. This boiler comes with a front mounted heat exchanger and is suitable for central heating only and installing with a storage cylinder for your hot water requirements. The standard Autostop (disabling) function is capable of automatically changing the current operating mode and moving it into standby when necessary. There’s also the anti-seize and anti-cycling control features. This system is designed with a 20kW or 30kW output and will cost from £1099 to £1224.

Mynute 35HE

Ideal for where space is an issue, the Mynute 35HE is built with a recyclable aluminium heat exchanger to provide excellent thermal transfer and anti-corrosion properties. The disabling function automatically changes the operating mode and moves it standby and the built-in thermos-regulation system increases fuel efficiency. This system is suitable for central heating only or providing hot water when installed with a storage cylinder and has an integral clock and programmer to allow control over central heating timings. The Mynute 35HE comes with a 2-year parts and labour warranty and costs around £777.

Vision S

Described as an extremely efficient condensing system boiler, the Vision S is designed to be compact and fit virtually anywhere in the home. The simple to use 7-day digital clock and back-lit LCD display gives you full control over heating times. It comes with the Autostop (disabling) function, frost protection, anti-cycling control, and like many other models, is BeSMART compatible. You also have the option of 20kW or 25kW output and a 5 or 7-year warranty. The typical cost of a Vision S boiler is between £691 and £728.

Verve i50

Suitable for larger properties, the Verve i50 is a high power condensing system boiler with a 2-year parts and labour warranty. It has a 12-litre expansion vessel and 7m high head pump, as well as a ‘Cuprinox’ bimetallic heat exchanger to optimise thermal transfer. While this model is energy efficient in its own right, further savings can be achieved when combined with a weather compensation sensor. You shouldn’t have to pay any more than around £3600 for a Verve i50 system.

Vokera Open Vent Boilers Range – Flexible Options Compatible with Solar Thermal

Minute VHE

Vokera’s Mynute VHE is available with a 15kW or 20kW output and comes with a recyclable aluminium heat exchanger, anti-cycling control, built-in thermos-regulation and frost protection. As a low-pressure loss solution, the boilers reduce noise and increase pump performance. There is a purge cycle feature which runs for two minutes each time the system is switched on for the first time before the burner ignites. This feature is designed to expel any air which may be present in the boiler. The Mynute VHE has a 2-year warranty and is a compact system with an intuitive control panel to easily adjust and operate the system. Prices start at £922 and go up to £979.

Vokera Boilers Deliver on Value for Money

With over 1.5 million UK homeowners choosing Vokera boilers to keep their property warm and comfortable, it proves they are hard to beat. These systems are ISO 9001 approved and highly regarded for their energy efficiency, as well as ease of operation. Vokera is also a member of the Hot Water Industry Council and the Gas Safe Register, which backs up the credibility of their boilers.

All Vokera boilers are reasonably priced and among those leading the market in advanced technology and features. The brand is focused on delivering ‘the complete home heating package’ which they have proven by offering a combination of reliable boiler systems and additional products that help to enhance longevity and performance.

Vokera Boilers – What You Need to Know

Vokera Boiler Problems and Repairs

Many different faults can upset your Vokera boiler and stop it from working but some problems are more common than others. Whilst most issues that occur will require you to call in an engineer to carry out repairs, there may be times when you can perform some simple fixes yourself, such as re-pressurising your boiler or thawing a frozen condensate pipe. We’ve put together a guide that explains the most Common Vokera Boiler Problems and Repairs, which includes information on what you should do next to get your boiler back up and running.

Vokera Boiler Fault Codes

If you own a Vokera boiler, there may be times when a fault code appears on your boiler’s control panel. The fault codes should help you to determine if there’s a problem with your boiler, as well as help your engineer to diagnose issues and find solutions. Some Vokera boiler models have the same fault codes and others have codes that are unique to that model. If your Vokera boiler is showing a fault code and you’re trying to work out what fault it indicates, you should be able to find the answer by looking at the table in our handy guide to Vokera Boiler Errors and Fault Codes.

Vokera Boiler Warranty

Your new Vokera boiler will come with a manufacturer-backed warranty that promises to take care of any applicable repairs should your boiler breakdown during the warranty period. To ensure Vokera honours the warranty and to make sure the warranty stays valid, you’re required to do certain things, such register it within 30 days of installation and get the boiler serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer each year. You must read and meet the full terms and conditions of the Vokera boiler warranty as failure to do so may void your warranty. To make things easy for you, we’ve written a guide to the Vokera Boiler Warranty, which explains everything you need to know about registering the warranty, what the warranty covers and the terms and conditions.

Vokera Boiler Controls

Vokera has produced its own range of boiler controls to work with its range of boilers, which means you can upgrade your system with some of the latest heating control technology. Boiler controls offer many energy-saving opportunities and can help you to improve comfort levels within your home, as well as save you money on your energy bills. That’s not all, though. Vokera’s boiler controls also make it much easier for you to manage your heating and hot water system, regardless of whether you choose a simple room thermostat or a smart thermostat that lets you take control of your system via an app. If you would like to find out more about the different options available, check out our helpful guide to Vokera Boiler Controls.

Vokera Boilers Range

It’s essential that you seek expert advice before choosing and installing a new boiler to ensure compatibility with your existing pipework and heating system. Feel free to check out our table below for more information about each Vokera boiler model and prices.

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ModelTypeDimensionsMaximum Flow RateOutputEfficiency RatingTypical Price
Compact A 25CombiH - 715 mm
W - 405 mm
D - 248 mm
10.2 l/min25 kWB86% - 90%£499
Compact A 29CombiH - 715 mm
W - 405 mm
D - 248 mm
11.9 l/min29 kWB86% - 90%£539
Vision Plus CCombiH - 738 mm
W - 405 mm
D - 248 mm
16.4 l/min40 kWA90% and above£610
Vision Plus SSystemH - 740 mm
W - 420 mm
D - 275 mm
N/A30 kWA90% and above£630
Vision Combi 25CombiH - 715 mm
W - 405 mm
D - 248 mm
10.2 l/min25 kWB86% - 90%£643
Vision System 20SystemH - 715 mm
W - 405 mm
D - 248 mm
N/A20 kWB86% - 90%£691
Vision Combi 30CombiH - 715 mm
W - 405 mm
D - 248 mm
12 l/min30 kWB86% - 90%£694
Vision System 25SystemH - 715 mm
W - 405 mm
D - 248 mm
N/A25 kWB86% - 90%£728
evolve C BoilerLPG GasH - 740 mm
W - 420 mm
D - 275 mm
17.2 l/min42 kWA90% and above£770
Mynute 35HESystemH - 780 mm
W - 450 mm
D - 358 mm
N/A35 kWB86% - 90%£777
Unica MAX SSystemH - 740 mm
W - 420 mm
D - 275 mm
N/A30 kWA90% and above£845
evolve S BoilerLPG GasH - 740 mm
W - 420 mm
D - 275 mm
N/A35 kWA90% and above£900
Unica MAX CLPG GasH - 740 mm
W - 470 mm
D - 350 mm
16.4 l/min40 kWA90% and above£905
Mynute VHE 15SystemH - 640 mm
W - 340 mm
D - 340 mm
N/A15 kWB86% - 90%£922
Mynute VHE 20SystemH - 740 mm
W - 400 mm
D - 340 mm
N/A20 kWB86% - 90%£979
Mynute I 20SystemH - 780 mm
W - 400 mm
D - 338 mm
N/A20 kWB86% - 90%£1099
Linea OneCombiH - 845 mm
W - 453 mm
D - 358 mm
15.6 l/min38 kWB86% - 90%£1156
Mynute I 30SystemH - 780 mm
W - 400 mm
D - 338 mm
N/A30 kWB86% - 90%£1224
VerveSystemH - 764 mm
W - 553 mm
D - 283 mm
N/A47 kWB86% - 90%£3600
(average prices descending and including VAT)

Before selecting your boiler engineer, be sure to get a range of quotes from both local and national providers. It’s always best to obtain fixed costs for the unit and the installation to ensure there are no hidden extras. Also, make sure your installer is Gas Safe Registered to meet the current legal requirements. To start your search for the ideal quote, simply click on the link provided below.

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