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Emergency Gas Boiler Repair

Everything You Need To Know About Emergency Gas Boiler Repairs

You’ve just woken up and noticed the heating isn’t on. It’s freezing. You turn on the taps. No hot water, either. With a busy day ahead, kids to get ready for school and the weather forecast warning of minus temperatures, you’re going to need to get this fixed fast with an emergency boiler repair.

The good news is that there are many companies offering emergency boiler repair who can get to you on the same day and often within an hour or two of your call. The bad news is an emergency boiler repair can be expensive and may not resolve the issue on the first callout. Let’s take a look at emergency boiler repairs in more detail so that you can make the right decision.

How Much Do Emergency Boiler Repairs Cost?

Emergency boiler repairs can be an expensive business, not least due to the cost of the parts inside your boiler and the time it can take to repair or replace them. The price you pay may also be higher if you are arranging repairs in a major city, for example in London or Manchester.

If you need to replace the printed circuit board in your boiler, this could set you back £259 on average. A new gas valve will cost in the region of £222 and a new fan could be as high as £229. That is without any callout charges or labour costs on top.

The Pros & Cons Of Emergency Boiler Repairs

Before you pick up the phone to arrange emergency boiler repairs, it may be worth just checking whether the problem is an emergency after all. For example, if your boiler is working but cuts out now and again, you might be best to arrange routine repairs at a time that is convenient for you. Take a look at the pros and cons of emergency boiler repair as this could help you to make up your mind.

Pros of Emergency Boiler Repair
Gets your boiler up and running fast – when you arrange an emergency boiler repair, you can usually expect an engineer to be with you within a couple of hours of your call, and certainly on the same day. That’s peace of mind if your house is nearing sub-zero temperatures or you have no hot water.

You can prevent further problems – Once your emergency repair has been carried out, why not arrange a boiler service? Your engineer may recommend this and it can be a great way to avoid further problems occurring in the future.

Cons of Emergency Boiler Repair
Could cost more than routine repairs – arranging an emergency engineer to call may cost more in the long run, especially if you arrange a callout during unsociable or weekend hours. Some companies do not charge a callout charge, but may add more on top for labour. It is always worth getting a rough quote over the phone if you can.

Homeowners can be at more risk – when you are panicking and trying to find a company to assist you quickly, you may take less care in checking a company’s credentials. At the very least, ensure that any company you use is Gas Safe accredited and has good reviews.

You have to wait in – if you need your boiler fixed with an emergency boiler repair, the engineer may not be able to give you a set time. Therefore, you will need to wait at home for the engineer to call.

How To Arrange Emergency Boiler Repairs

When you need an emergency boiler repair fast, you need to call a company you can trust. You should always choose a company that insists on using Gas Safe engineers as this will ensure that all work is carried out in accordance with the latest safety regulations. We recommend using our local search facility to find a qualified and experienced engineer near you. Alternatively, you may want to use a national company that operates throughout the UK. Both British Gas and SSE offer fixed priced emergency repairs starting from just £75.

Consider A Boiler Repair And Servicing Contract

If you want to avoid the unexpected costs that an emergency boiler repair causes, you might want to consider a boiler repair and servicing contract. Many heating and boiler companies offer this service and it works like an insurance policy for your boiler. You will usually pay a monthly fee and if you experience any problems with your boiler while your contract is in place, you won’t have to pay any extra charges for repairs. There are a number of boiler and servicing contracts on offer. For example, British Gas offers a contract service called Homecare which starts from just £12 a month.

Tips To Avoid Emergency Boiler Repairs

Arrange A Boiler Service
To help prevent the need for emergency boiler repairs, a boiler service should be arranged once a year. A good time to schedule your boiler service is at the end of summer and just before you’ll depend on your boiler to operate perfectly during the cold winter months ahead. Many boiler issues can occur when they are first used for heating after a long break during the summer. A boiler service can help to reduce these problems.

Turn Your Boiler On Gradually
Instead of turning your boiler on full blast as soon as the cold weather hits, switch your boiler on gradually and break it in gently. By firing it up once a month during the spring and summer you can help to reduce the build-up of things such as corrosion in your system and dust in your boiler. Switching on your boiler regularly can also flag any potential problems before they become an even bigger problem in the winter.

Look After Your Rads Too!
If your radiators have been switched off for a while, you may not know there is an issue with them until you need them the most. If you have turned on your rads and have noticed they are taking a long time to heat up or are only heating in certain areas, it could be time to bleed them. This is a relatively easy process that you can undertake yourself or you might prefer to call in a professional to do it for you.

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