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Main Boilers: Prices, Reviews and Boiler Ranges

Main Heating has a great range of reliable and cost-effective gas boilers to suit your home and all of your heating and hot water requirements. The brand is part of Baxi Heating, a group that promotes social, economic and environmental sustainability and has a huge portfolio of some of the most respected brands in the heating industry. Main gas boilers are affordable and energy-efficient appliances that are not only easy to install and service but also quiet, uncomplicated and easy to use. There are three main types of boilers on offer from Main, including combi, system and heat only solutions, all of which are Energy Saving Trust endorsed and have an A energy efficiency rating.

Main Combi Boilers Range – Provide Hot Water on Demand

Since combi boilers don’t require any water storage tanks or cylinders, they are the most popular boiler type among UK households. So, if you have limited space or a home with just one bathroom and where hot water is not in high demand, the Main combi boiler could be the perfect boiler for you. Not only are Main combi boilers highly efficient but they’re compact and can fit inside a standard kitchen cupboard. They’re also available in a choice of sizes (kW outputs) and come with a 5-year manufacturer-backed warranty. The cost will depend on which size of boiler you require, and you can expect to pay between £515 and £540 to purchase a Main combi boiler.  

The Main combi boiler range includes the following models and output options:

Eco Compact Combi25 – 30kWSmall to medium-sized homes with one bathroom.£515 – £540


Main System Boilers Range – For Homes with Multiple Bathrooms

System boilers are often found in homes with more than one bathroom, mainly because they can handle high hot water demand with ease. If you purchase a Main system boiler, you’ll need a separate cylinder to store your hot water and to satisfy your hot water needs. One of the great things about Main system boilers is that they are compact, like the combi boilers, and can fit neatly inside a cupboard. They’re also available in a range of outputs and will cost you anything from £680 to £700, depending on the size of the boiler you require.

The Main system boilers currently available to install in your home include the following:    

Eco Compact System15 – 18kWSmall to medium-sized homes with multiple bathrooms.£620 – £700
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Main Regular Boilers Range – Perfect Choice for Larger Homes

Although not the most efficient type of boiler, regular boilers are suitable for homes with a traditional heating and hot water system and where there are multiple bathrooms. Regular boilers are also known as conventional or heat only boilers, and they require both a hot water storage cylinder in the airing cupboard and a cold water storage tank in the loft. Main regular (or ‘heat’) boilers are ideal for larger homes with more than one bathroom and where water pressure is low. Available in four different outputs, a Main regular boiler can set you back anything between £720 and £830.

Here are the regular boilers available from Main, as well as their sizes and typical prices:    

Eco Compact Heat15-30kWMedium to large-sized homes with multiple bathrooms.£720 – £830

Why Choose Main?

Main combi, system and regular boilers are designed to fit into small spaces, like inside a kitchen cupboard, and they’re an attractive option if you need a new boiler and you’re on a tight budget. But don’t forget, you still need to get the boiler installed by a qualified engineer and this will increase the overall cost. We have to admit, the 5-year warranty isn’t the best and you will find other brands that easily beat this guarantee. Having said that, you will most likely need to spend quite a bit more on a boiler that is backed by a longer warranty.

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Which? Score

The latest Which? survey reveals that engineers quite like Main gas boilers as they gave the brand a 3-star recommendation and believe the boilers are fairly easy to fix and service. However, customers gave Main boilers only 2 stars, which is a little worrying to say the least. The overall Which brand score for Main boilers is 48% and while this is much lower than some leading brands, such as like Worcester Bosch, it isn’t the worst score we’ve ever seen. 

Below, you can find the brand data results for Main gas boilers, which we sourced from the Which? website.  

Main Gas Overall Score

Reliability 4 Stars
Customer Score 3 Stars
Overall engineer score 4 Stars
Ease of sourcing parts 5 Stars
Ease of replacing a common component 4 Stars
Ease of servicing 4 Stars
Build quality 3 Stars
Manufacturer support 4 Stars
Unbiased recommendation 4 Stars

All scores in the table are based on a Which? test conducted in September 2023.

Main Boiler Range

Feel free to use our table below to compare Main boiler models, efficiency ratings, typical prices and more.

Eco Compact Combi 25CombiH – 700 mm W – 390 mm D – 285 mm10.225kWA – 90% AND ABOVE£515
Eco Compact Combi 30CombiH – 700 mm W – 390 mm D – 285 mm12.230kWA – 90% AND ABOVE£540
Eco Compact System 15SystemH – 700 mm W – 390 mm D – 285 mmN/A15kWA – 90% AND ABOVE£620
Eco Compact System 18SystemH – 700 mm W – 390 mm D – 285 mmN/A18kWA – 90% AND ABOVE£700
Eco Compact Heat 15RegularH – 625 mm W – 370 mm D – 270 mmN/A15kWA – 90% AND ABOVE£720
Eco Compact Heat 18RegularH – 625 mm W – 370 mm D – 270 mmN/A18kWA – 90% AND ABOVE£760
Eco Compact Heat 24RegularH – 625 mm W – 370 mm D – 270 mmN/A24kWA – 90% AND ABOVE£795
Eco Compact Heat 30RegularH – 625 mm W – 370 mm D – 270 mmN/A30kWA – 90% AND ABOVE£830
(Typical prices include VAT)

Main Boiler Problems and Repairs

Main boilers can develop problems and sometimes need a qualified engineer to carry out repairs, regardless of their type. Getting your boiler serviced annually is the best way to minimise issues and ensure any faults are put right before becoming costly problems. If you’re experiencing a problem with your Main boiler or want to know more about typical issues, you can read our guide to Common Main Boiler Problems and Repairs. Our helpful guide includes information on the most frequent boiler issues and what you need to do next when any of them occur.

Main Boiler Fault Codes

When a Main boiler develops a problem, a fault code usually appears on the display panel to let you know it needs some attention. As some fault codes do not indicate a potentially dangerous issue, you might be able to resolve the problem and clear the fault code yourself. That said, most Main fault codes will require you to contact a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer. If your boiler is displaying a fault code, our guide to Main Boiler Errors and Fault Codes should help you find out the meaning of the code and what to do next. 

Main Boiler Warranty

If you choose to get a combi, system or heat-only Main boiler installed, it will come with a 5-year parts and labour warranty. You must follow several steps to ensure your Main boiler warranty remains valid, including registering your appliance within 30 days of installation. The warranty protects you against the cost of repairs but will be limited to only 12 months if you fail to meet the warranty conditions. Our guide to the Main Boiler Warranty explains what it covers and includes information on the terms and conditions and how to register your Main boiler.

Main Boiler Controls

Main is part of Baxi heating, and its boilers are compatible with a range of Baxi controls and accessories, such as smart thermostats, mechanical timers and on-wall outdoor sensors. The optional boiler controls developed by Baxi make it easier for you to control and manage your central heating system, and some can even help to save you money on your energy bills. We’ve created a guide that covers the different types of Main Boiler Controls available and explains how each control works and the advantages of using them. 

Main Boiler Quotes

To find the best deal on a Main gas boiler, you’ll need to shop around and get a few quotes from different local installers and national companies. Make sure you ask for fixed-price quotes that include the cost of both the boiler and the installation, then you can compare prices and find the most attractive quote. You must also only ever allow a Gas Safe registered engineer who has the correct qualifications to fit your new Main boiler, so don’t forget to check their ID card or the official register online before any work is carried out.

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