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Keston Boilers: Prices, Review and Boiler Ranges

Keston Boilers Prices are between £1,090 and £2,700 but this excludes the installation cost.

Keston is a British boiler brand that has its own national service team and manufacturers all of its combi, system and heat-only boilers at a site in Hull. The brand offers a small selection of boilers compared to other major boiler manufacturers but the team believes that there is still a Keston for all occasions. Plus, each Keston boiler is quality control checked to ensure every product is produced to the highest standard and offers the owner complete peace of mind.

Keston Combi Boilers Price Range – Compact & Energy Efficient

Like all combi boilers, Keston combi boilers are capable of providing on-demand heating and hot water without the need for separate tanks or a cylinder. They’re also compact appliances that will fit inside a kitchen cupboard or can be installed almost anywhere else in the home. Keston has two combi boiler sizes available, including the C30 with a 30kW output and the C35 with a 35kW output. Typical Keston combi boiler prices range from £1,190 to £1,300, with the C35 costing more than the C30.

Keston’s combi boiler range is made up of only A-rated solutions that can be converted to LPG if required. Options include:

Keston C30 Combi30kWMedium-sized homes£1,190
Keston C35 Combi35kWLarge-sized homes£1,300
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Keston System Boilers Price Range – Good for Homes with Multiple Bathrooms

As Keston system boilers require a separate hot water cylinder, they’re a great choice for medium to large properties with more than one bathroom. They don’t, however, need to be installed with loft tanks, making them a good option also for homes without any spare loft space. Put simply, system boilers are generally more suitable for dwellings with high heating and hot water demands. Keston currently has one system boiler available, otherwise known as the Keston System S30 with a 30kW output and price tag of around £1,090.

Ideal for most domestic settings, the Keston system boiler range includes the following options:

Keston System S3030kWMedium and large homes with more than one bathroom£1,090

Keston Heat Boilers Price Range – Perfect for Large Homes & Light Commercial Properties

Sometimes called regular or conventional boilers, Keston heat boilers require water tanks in the loft and a separate cylinder for storing hot water. The Keston heat range is suitable for larger homes and a variety of commercial installations, and up to 6 of these boilers can be installed in a cascade to produce an output up to 330kW. There are two heat output options available, including 45kW and 55kW to suit different needs and demands. Prices range from £2,350 to £2,700, depending on the size of the boiler.

Designed with higher heating and hot water demands in mind, Keston heat boiler options are as follows:

Keston Heat 4545kWLarge-sized homes and light commercial buildings with multiple bathrooms£2,350
Keston Heat 5555kWLarge-sized homes and light commercial buildings with multiple bathrooms£2,700
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Why Choose Keston?

One of the great things about choosing a Keston boiler is that you’ll be supporting a British manufacturer that’s available to offer professional help and advice 364 days a year. Also, the brand offers excellent standard warranties with its boilers and the option to extend your guarantee if you wish. Keston boilers aren’t the cheapest solutions on the market, however, most come with the special Keston Twin Flue System and a load of decent energy-saving features.

Maximum Flexibility

Keston combi and system boilers can be sited virtually anywhere in the home because they connect to the unique Keston Twin flue System, allowing the boiler to be situated up to 27 metres from the flue outlet. The brand’s heat series also allows for easy and hassle-free installation as it can be supplied with a twin flue up to 21 metres. So, when you choose a Keston boiler, your engineer can run the flue vertically or horizontally and you can choose the room and place where you’d like to have the appliance installed.

Dedicated National Service Team  

Keston says that the brand is supported by a dedicated national service team of individuals who are committed to providing the best customer service they can. This team is available to offer advice and help with any issues 364 days a year, just in case you have any questions that need answering or problems with your Keston boiler.

Customer Reviews

Having looked on Trustpilot, it appears that some Keston boiler owners are not happy with their purchase. Keston Boilers is currently rated ‘poor’ on Trustpilot, which is correct at the time of writing this in June 2019. There are a few good reviews on there as well, so it might be worth looking at Trustpilot and any other reviews you can find before you decide to purchase a Keston boiler.

Keston Boiler Range

Feel free to use our table below to compare Keston boiler models, efficiency ratings, typical prices and more.

Keston Boiler Quotes

To get the best price, you need to shop around and get quotes from local and national boiler installers. When obtaining quotes, be sure to ask for a price on the boiler and installation. Average fitting costs are between £1,500 and £1,800, but you might be able to save some money by comparing prices from different installers.

Also, you must make sure your engineer is registered to fit your new boiler. All gas boilers must be installed by Gas Safe registered engineers to ensure the work is completed not only safely but also legally.

Keston Heat 4545kWLarge-sized homes and light commercial buildings with multiple bathrooms£2,350
Keston Heat 5555kWLarge-sized homes and light commercial buildings with multiple bathrooms£2,700

Keston Boiler Problems and Repairs

Your Keston boiler can develop a fault and breakdown at any time, but the majority of problems tend to occur at the beginning of winter. If it’s a simple fix you should be able to put things right yourself, provided it is safe and you feel confident to do so. When it comes to serious boiler issues and those that can only be rectified by removing the boiler casing, these must be dealt with by a Gas Safe registered engineer. As some Keston boiler issues are more common than others, we’ve created a guide that explains the most Common Keston Boiler Problems and Repairs and what you need to do next when each of them occurs. 

Keston Boiler Fault Codes

There’s never a convenient time to experience issues with your Keston boiler but chances are high that a fault will occur with your boiler at some point. When a fault develops with your Keston boiler, it will enter a lock-out mode and a fault code will appear on your boiler’s control panel. The fault codes should help your engineer to identify problems and work out what needs to be done to get your boiler working again. Some Keston boiler fault codes can be cleared by simply resetting the boiler but the majority of fault code related problems will need to be resolved by a Gas Safe registered engineer. If your Keston boiler is showing a fault code and you’re trying to find out what the code means, you can refer to the table in our handy guide to Keston Boiler Errors and Fault Codes.  

Keston Boiler Warranty

Your newly installed Keston boiler will come with a warranty as standard to give you peace of mind that you won’t have to pay for repairs if the boiler breaks down. The warranty will only last for a set number of years and it will only cover faults that are caused by defective workmanship or materials. You also need to be aware of the warranty terms and conditions, which must be met by you to keep the warranty valid. For more information on what is covered, the length of the warranty, the terms and conditions and how to register your warranty, you can read our expert guide to the Keston Boiler Warranty

Keston Boiler Controls

When you choose the right boiler controls for your heating and hot water system, you can increase comfort levels, minimise energy consumption and cut the cost of your energy bills. And if you own or are about to purchase a Keston boiler, you’ll be pleased to learn that Keston has created a small selection of boiler controls to suit your needs and lifestyle. Keston’s boiler controls also make it easier for you to control your system and manage your heating ‘on’ and ‘off’ periods.  If you would like to find out more about the different types of controls available, check out our helpful guide to Keston Boiler Controls

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