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Business Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers Costs, Prices and Reviews

If you are keen to update your carpark with charge points then our how-to guide will help you to understand the process and the considerations that you will need to think about before proceeding – take a look now and start planning on improving your EV support for clients and staff.

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Should You Install EV Chargers at Work?

This is the first question that you will need to answer before you decide to install EV chargers. The best way to answer it is to consider how many people access your work car parks every day and how many of those use electric vehicles. In reality, more people are turning to EVs than ever before and this number will continue to rise rapidly over the coming years. 

Installing EV chargers in your workplace will not only support those people that work for you and work with you, but it will also be an incentive to people that may be considering coming to work for you as well as showing a commitment to improving environmental issues. Once you’ve considered all possibilities, you decide to proceed you will need to choose the EV chargers you want and an EV installation service that can complete the work for you.

The Cost of Installing EV Chargers at Work

No business decision can be made without taking the time to consider the financial implications. The good news is that with so many different installation services available, you can find affordable solutions that won’t break your business bank account. Take a look at the table below to get to grips with the average standard installation price for an EV charging unit – this does not include any extra groundwork or additional preparation work before installation can take place.

Charger TypePower OutputTypical Price Range
Universal Socket22kW£1000 – £2500
Universal Socket7kW£375 – £2000
Universal Socket3kW£320 – £1750
Tethered22kW£1000 – £3500
Tethered7kW£450 – £2000
Tethered3kW£300 – £1750
Commando7kW£200 – £1000
Tesla7kW£440 – £2000

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You will also need to arrange quotes for other work that needs to be done before your charger installation can take place, including the following considerations:

  • Cost for Installation – this can be variable depending on the provider you choose
  • Cost to Upgrade Your Electrical Supply – you may need to invest in a grid reinforcement service to increase the electrical capacity available at your business premises.
  • Maintenance Costs – this will help you to keep your chargers fully operational at all times, ensuring that people in EVs can charge at your facility without hassle.

Choosing the Right EV Charger

Once you are ready to move ahead with installing EV chargers at your business premises you will need to pick a brand of chargers that works for your needs. There are plenty of brands to choose from and each brand has a range of chargers that are designed to fit specific needs, meaning that you are sure to find a charger make and model that works for your workplace. 

The Office for Low Emission Vehicles offers a range of different grants to help cover some of the installation costs for businesses that decide to go ahead with EV charger purchases. To make it easier for you, most EV installer companies can either apply on your behalf or support you with the application. The main consideration is that you have to install chargers that have been approved for the grant scheme – these include chargers made by the following brands:

BrandPrice from
Pod Point£1000
BP Pulse£1049
Shell Recharge£1549
EV Meter£895
EO Charging£750
Connected Kerb£800

Compare Business Electric Vehicle (EV) Prices Now

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Setting Your Tariff

Once you have decided to install EV chargers at your workplace you will also need to consider how much you will charge people to use it. Many EV charging companies allow you to offer dual rates depending on who you are providing electricity to. For example, you could choose a standard tariff for visitors that want to make use of your charger and then offer a reduced tariff to your staff as an incentive. 

Some businesses opt to offer free charging in some cases but this can become very expensive to maintain, especially if you have lots of staff and clients. In reality, if you want to run a cost-neutral scheme you will need to factor in the cost of the kWh, the price of upkeep, and the original installation cost all while remaining competitive so that people want to make use of your charger.

Picking the Best Installation Service

When it comes to choosing an installation service you will need to find a company that has experience supporting workplaces with EV charging solutions and can offer you a full-service solution that starts with a no-obligation quotation and works through the process with you step-by-step. If you are keen to get the best support, you will need to find a company that can do the following:

  • Help to Plan any business decision as big as installing EV chargers should start with a consultation where you can discuss your needs with an installer service and work with them to get a plan of work in place. This plan will then form the agreement between you and the installer, with a clear overview of what will happen and when so that you can update your workforce and other stakeholders on the progress of your project.
  • Supply Your Chargers once all the plans are in place and have been fully agreed upon, your installation expert will then work to supply your chosen EV chargers at a price and timescale that suit your needs. Your expert installer will be able to suggest appropriate charger options to suit your business needs and will also listen to any specific preferences that you may have.
  • Complete Your Installation with your chargers delivered, the next job is installing them in your work car park. Your installation service will supply properly approved installers who will complete the work from start to finish. If you require groundwork then this will be factored into the installation service, leaving you free to focus on other areas of your business.
  • Aftercare Provision once the project is complete, your installation provider should offer you ongoing aftercare and maintenance advice, enabling you to keep your chargers fully functioning and reliable for all your users. Make sure to find a service that offers 24/7 support in case any of your chargers stop working at any point.
  • Future Proofing if you are keen to install some chargers now but may want more in the future then you should discuss future proofing options with your installer as they will be able to advise you on how best to move forward with groundwork so that the car park is ready for new chargers as and when you need them.

Upgrade Your Business with EV Chargers Today

If you are keen to find out more about installing EV chargers at your place of business or you want to source a suitable installation partner then we are here to help. From signposting you to important information to helping you find the right solution for your business, we are here for you from the moment you decide to look into EC charger installation. Explore our EV charger brand pages and check out our EV charger information to get started now.

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