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Why is My Boiler Timer Not Working Properly?

One of the most common problems with boilers is the boiler timer failing to work properly, leaving you without the heat and hot water you need. We took a look at the most common reasons for boiler timer faults and how to fix them so that you can get your system back up and running as quickly as possible.

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Understanding the F75 Vaillant Fault Code

If you have a Vaillant boiler, then the F75 fault code may be something you are used to seeing – but what causes it, and how can you fix it? We investigated this fault code and have come up with a handy user guide for you to follow when it comes up on your boiler – read on to find out more!

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Understanding Boiler Installation Costs

Are you buying a new boiler and want to know how much the installation cost will be? We’re here to help! Not only have we shared this guide to boilers installation costs, but we’ve also explained some of the key information you’ll need to know before your installation date comes around. Check it out now.

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Resolving the F2 Boiler Error on Ideal Boilers

If your Ideal boiler is displaying an F2 error then you may be worried about repair bills and the safety of your system. Rather than fretting too much, take a look at our handy guide to the F2 error code and find out what the issue is and how you can get it resolved.

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