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Biasi Boilers: Prices, Reviews and Boiler Ranges

Biasi Boilers: A Complete Guide to Their Prices, Reviews, Warranties And a Lot More

With a history spanning almost 100 years, a 92% energy-efficiency rating, 5 and 7-year warranties and some of the most attractive prices on the UK market, Biasi holds their own in a competitive market. With so many advanced features and energy-saving solutions, Biasi price points of between £469-£658 are very attractive. 

Biasi manufactures a diverse range of combi boilers and system boilers which have performance outputs to suit various heating needs from one-bedroom flats to five-bedroom detached homes. This allows customers to find the right boiler for their specific heating and hot water requirements.

However, the marketing doesn’t tell the whole story. A fifth of Biasi’s customers are not enthused by the Italian manufacturer’s boilers, with 21% of respondents leaving a lowly one-star rating on Trustpilot whilst only 65% awarded a full five out of five stars.

Customer satisfaction numbers in the Which? survey tells the same story. Just 68% of customers confirmed they are satisfied with their Biasi boiler – which is below average.

Whilst Biasi boilers look like an attractive proposition on the surface, UK homeowners should dig a little deeper before making an informed choice. We’ve done the digging for you. Read on to discover what we unearthed. 

Aim of the content of this article?

Boiler Prices publishes content which aims to inform UK homeowners how to identify the best boiler for their home at the best price. We show you everything you need to consider to make the right choice and put you in touch with local suppliers and installers to ensure you get the best price for your boiler. 

Not only that, we research the UK boilers market and report what consumers have to say. On this page, you will learn everything you need to know about Bias boilers which should help you to make an informed decision as to whether or not to install a Biasi gas boiler in your home. 

The information we provide — together with “our verdict” — is also based on the views and experiences of Biasi customers, consumer magazines such as Which? and frontline professionals in the energy consumer industry. 

By the time you finish reading this page, you will know:

  • The different types of energy-efficient boilers Biasi manufactures so that you can decide which type of boiler serves your heating and hot water needs
  • How many kW do you need to comfortably heat your home and meet your real-time hot water demands
  • The cost, models and efficiency of Biasi boilers 
  • The boiler specifications and dimensions that can be installed in your home (which type of boiler is best for you)
  • Boiler comparisons that fall into the same price point and star rating as Biasi so you can broaden your search easily

Biasi: A Trusted Name in Boilers

Founded in Italy in 1938, Biasi has risen from a small workshop to a multi-national label operating in multiple companies throughout Europe. During that time, Biasi developed a reputation for manufacturing reliable and energy-efficient boilers.

In the 1990s, Biasi embraced technological advancements in the heating industry. The company focused on developing energy-efficient boilers and integrating new technologies into its product line. Biasi continues to be a respected name in the heating industry and maintains its focus on innovation, customer satisfaction, and environmental responsibility.

As far as we can tell, the company has not won any industry awards recently. 

Considerations when buying a Biasi Boiler

Purchasing a boiler is a significant investment. Moreover, knowing which is the best boiler for your heating and water needs can be difficult to determine from the majority of content on the internet. Unfortunately, most content published in the heating industry is advertorial – which means it’s sponsored by brands in one way or another.

Before you commit to a boiler purchase, keep an eye out for the key considerations below:


Biasi’s latest range of gas boilers achieves a 92% energy-efficient rating. Many Biasi boilers feature condensing technology, weather compensation and eco-friendly features, such as low NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions This allows the boiler to extract more heat from the fuel it uses which results in higher efficiency and lower fuel consumption.


With compact dimensions of 800mmx400mm-x450mm, Biasi gas boilers are small enough to be installed in tight spaces such as a kitchen cupboard or utility room. Remember that you also need space to install a water cylinder if you purchase a system boiler. Measurements of water cylinders range from 34 inches to 63.8 inches depending on the 

Performance Output in kW

The performance output, measured in kilowatts, of a boiler is one of the most important metrics to consider. If you install a boiler that does not have an adequate amount of output you will not be able to meet your heating and water needs. Like, if the kW output is too high, you will overheat your home and waste money on the price of the boiler and your heating bills. The higher the kW the higher the cost. 

Biasi combi boilers have a kilowatt output of between 24-35kW which is sufficient to heat most homes in the UK. Likewise, Biasi’s system boilers have enough grunt under the hood for homes with up to five bedrooms. Before investing in a boiler, we recommend asking a gas-safe engineer or boiler supplier which performance output is the best fit for your home. 

Ease and Cost of Installation

The accessibility of the installation site and complexities in fitting a particular boiler site can impact labour costs. According to gas-safe engineers, Biasi combi and system boilers are among the easiest to install and because the company retains spares for 12 years, replacement parts are readily available. 

Installers often appreciate Biasi boilers for their straightforward installation process. Clear instructions and user-friendly features make it easier for professionals to set up the boiler efficiently.

This all means that installation, servicing and maintenance takes less time and should keep labour charges to a minimum. The cost of professional gas-safe installers should be factored into the cost of your new boilers — and bear in mind installation costs are never included in the price shown for the boiler. 

Although Boiler Prices is not able to provide specific rates for every boiler installation provider, we can say the average installation cost for a new energy-efficient boiler in the UK is between £1,100 – £1,800. It could easily be the case that Biasi gas boiler prices could save you hundreds of pounds over boilers that are more difficult to install.

To find out exactly how much you should expect to pay to install a new Biasi boiler in your home, take advantage of the Boiler Prices ‘get a quote’ feature. Our convenient features give you access to a wide range of suppliers and installers in your area that compete for prices. We give you the three best options and you can choose whichever quote you prefer — and there’s no obligation to buy. Therefore, there’s nothing to lose by generating a selection of the best quotes. 

Get your free quote now by clicking the link and filling out the question form.


 The length of the warranty is a good indicator to determine how highly a boiler manufacturer rates the reliability of their product. At first glance, Biasi appears to be high in confidence, offering 5 and 7-year guarantees. However, when you dig a little deeper, it appears that some parts only have a 1-year warranty. It’s all a little unclear. The good news is that the heat exchangers have a 10-year warranty.

Biasi Combi Boilers: Compact, Efficient, and Cost-Saving

Biasi combi boilers are compact and affordable and as with all Biaisi products, the combi boiler range comes stacked with advanced technology features.

Biasi combi boiler features include anti-freeze and anti-seizure technology to ensure your boiler functions throughout winter or after a period of inactivity.  Their combi boilers also come with self-rectifying technology, a feature which will keep your boiler functioning regardless of a fault has occurred.

In terms of pricing, the Biasi combi boiler varies depending on size.  You have the compact and advanced Biasi Inovia Combi ERP with an average price tag of £634.00. You then have the Advance Plus Combi ERP, with an average price of £499.00.  The Riva Plus Combi ERP comes with an average price tag of £496.00 including VAT but with the installation cost.

Regarding warranties, Biasi combi boilers range between 2 and seven years and these highly efficient boilers are available with performance outputs of 24kW, 30kW to 35kW.

Note: the prices listed below are the purchase prices for the boiler only. They do not include installation costs.

Inovia Combi ERP 25 – 35kWSmall to large-sized homes£610 – £658
Advance Plus Combi ERP25 – 35kWSmall-sized homes with one bathroom£479 – £519
Riva Plus Combi ERP24 – 28kWMedium-sized homes£478 – £514

Biasi System Boilers: Easy installation, efficient heating, and customisable options

Biasi system boilers are designed for larger homes with a higher hot water demand. Like the combi range, Biasi system boilers are packed full of advanced technological features.

You have the Biasi Inovia System ERP one of their most innovative domestic heating boilers. This boiler comes with a state-of-the-art display unit along with anti-freeze and anti-seizure technology.  Built with a Quad-core “fault finding” processor this boiler’s typical price tag is £610.00 with VAT but without installation charges.

The Advanced Plus System ERP also comes packed full of tech.  It features a self-rectifying quad-core processor, anti-frost and anti-seizure and has an average price tag of £515.

Lastly, there is the Riva Plus System ERP boiler.  This efficient and affordable boiler comes with built-in frost protection, self-diagnostics, and anti-seizure technology. It has an average price tag of just £496.00 with VAT but without the installation costs.

Regarding warranties, Biasi system boilers range between 2 and five years and these highly efficient boilers range from 16kW to 30kW.

Note: the prices listed below are the purchase prices for the boiler only. They do not include installation costs.

Advanced Plus System ERP16 – 30kWSmall, medium and large homes £469 – £598
Riva Plus System ERP boiler24 – 28kWSmall and medium-sized homes£478 – £514

Living with your Biasi boiler

Biasi Boiler Warranties

Biasi offers standard warranties between 2 and 7 years on its gas boilers. That’s standard throughout the industry although some brands do offer 10 and 12-year warranties as standard. 

The warranty typically covers the boiler’s major components, such as the heat exchanger, burner, controls, and other essential parts.

Biasi Boiler Controls

Biasi boilers are equipped with various types of boiler controls that allow users to manage their heating systems efficiently. The thermostat allows users to set and control the desired temperature of their heating system whilst some come with timers that allow users to set specific times for the heating to turn on and off. 

The boiler control panel allows users to adjust settings such as temperature, water flow, and system diagnostics. Weather compensation controls adjust the boiler’s output based on the outdoor temperature and frost protection settings that automatically activate when the temperature drops below a certain level. This prevents pipes from freezing and protects the boiler during cold weather.

Biasi Boiler Cover and Breakdown Options

Biasi boilers are reliable heating systems, but like any appliance, they may encounter issues or breakdowns over time. To protect against unexpected repair costs and ensure prompt assistance in case of a breakdown, homeowners often opt for boiler cover and breakdown options.

When you purchase a new Biasi boiler, it typically comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty usually covers the cost of parts and labour for repairs during a specified period, which can range from 2 to 7 years depending on the model and installer. It’s essential to register the warranty with Biasi and adhere to any terms and conditions to ensure coverage.

Boiler service contracts, also known as maintenance plans or service agreements, provide comprehensive coverage for routine servicing and repairs. These contracts are offered by various service providers, including boiler manufacturers, heating engineers, and insurance companies. Depending on the level of cover chosen, service contracts may include annual servicing, emergency callouts, parts replacement, and labour costs.

Home emergency cover or boiler breakdown cover is designed to provide immediate assistance in case of unexpected boiler failures or emergencies. This type of cover typically includes 24/7 helplines and rapid response times for boiler repairs. Homeowners pay a monthly or annual premium for this service, and coverage may extend to other home emergencies like plumbing issues or electrical failures.

Biasi Boiler Surveys and Reviews

Customer reviews and consumer magazines are fairly reliable sources for gauging the quality and expectations of boiler brands. Biasi earned a 3.9 out of five rating on Trustpilot which is consistent with the 68% of Which? customers that confirm they are satisfied with their Biasi gas boiler.

However, the company has only received 515 reviews (as of February 2024) and an alarming 21% only award a one out of five-star rating. 65% left a 5-star rating. 

Most of the complaints indicate that Biasi’s customer service is largely non-existent and question the company’s loyalty to customers. Warranties appear to be an issue which is consistent with the one and two-year warranties on certain parts despite the brochure offering a seven-year warranty on premium products. It’s telling that Biasi’s website doesn’t have a dedicated page that details the terms & conditions of their warranties. 

The Which? survey also confirms that Biasi’s customers rate these boilers lower than the majority of other boiler brands. The satisfaction rates are below average and rank among the worst in the UK heating market. Having said that, 68% of Biasi boiler owners said they are satisfied, but the Which? only question customers that have had a Biasi boiler installed for six years or less.

In addition, Biasi has the joint-worst dissatisfaction rate among gas boiler brands with 10% of customers complaining the quality is not up to standard. Trustpilot reviews are even more condemning with 21% of customers complaining – that 108 customers regretting their purchase from a measly 515 respondents. 

Engineers are somewhat more forgiving due to Biasi boilers being easy to install and the availability of spare parts. To their credit, Biasi stores spare parts for 12 years which is above the 8-year industry average. 

Biasi Overall Score

Reliability 4 Stars
Customer Score 3 Stars
Overall engineer score 2 Stars
Ease of sourcing parts 3 Stars
Ease of replacing a common component 3 Stars
Ease of servicing 4 Stars
Build quality 2 Stars
Manufacturer support 2 Stars
Unbiased recommendation 2 Stars

How do Biasi boilers compare with other boiler brands?

When comparing Biasi boilers with other boiler brands in the UK, several factors come into play, including efficiency, reliability, warranty, performance, and customer satisfaction. 

With regards to energy efficiency, Biasi matches most of their rivals with a 92% ErP which represents good value for money given the company’s boilers are less expensive – including money-saving brands like Ideal, Baxi and Glow-worm. by between £100-£400. 

However, question marks over the reliability of these boilers for ⅕ of customers should raise alarm bells despite the promise of a 5 or 7 warranty. Buying a Biasi boiler is something of a lottery but the company’s premium boilers do have the potential to outperform the rival economy boilers which have a similar price point but only have a one or two-year warranty. If you’re fishing in the £500-£700 pond, Biasi could be a better deal. Some customers, however, state they wish they had invested in a more expensive boiler. Telling. 

Boiler Prices Verdict on the Biasi Boilers: 2/5

The reviews from both customers and consumer magazines indicate Biasi falls below average in comparison to other boiler brands in the UK market. Although the Italian manufacturer does have some advantages, we can’t find just cause to rate them higher than two out of five. 

The key advantage is that Biasi can deliver energy-efficient boilers for lower prices than the majority of heating companies. A 92% SUBDEK rating meets the government’s recommended target and is consistent with their closest rivals. Only Viessmann, Worcester Bosch and ATAG have an ErP of 94% or above. 

With attractive price points ranging from £469-£658, Biasi is near unbeatable in price, and the uninformed consumer could easily be persuaded by the generous five and seven-year warranties Biasi offers on their premium products. 

However, having reviewed the terms & conditions of Biasi warranties on the QHT website, it seems as though some parts are restricted to one and two-year warranties. This is backed up by customers complaining that Biasi does not honour their warranties and that the customer service team deploys avoidance tactics. We can only assume that consumers invest in a Biasi boiler at their own risk. 

That said, Biasi does include the same advanced features as other boiler companies including auto settings, weather compensation controls and frost controls. The technology offers more than some other brands in the price bracket. The poor quality of customer service is also evident in other brands that offer low-cost boilers. 

And that’s the moral of the tale. Low-cost boilers are less reliable because they are built with cheap parts. In addition, the heating sector has a notoriously poor history of service to customers who invest in pocket-friendly boilers. 

The biggest concern we have is that for every 500 boilers sold, 100 could be faulty and leave you without heating. That’s if the company’s Trustpilot page is anything to go by. Whilst these metrics can only be used as an indicator, it’s not a track record we are confident about.

So, why buy a Biasi boiler?

High energy efficiency for low prices is the only real draw for Biasi. The highly competitive pricing makes them an attractive option for homeowners looking for a boiler without breaking the bank.

Biasi boilers are highly efficient, helping homeowners save on energy bills while reducing their carbon footprint and around four-fifths of their customers are satisfied.

Biasi Boiler Range

It is essential that you employ expert advice for choosing and installing your boiler to ensure compatibility with the existing pipework and heating system.

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ModelTypeDimensionsMaximum Flow RateOutputEfficiency RatingTypical Price
Advanced Plus System ERP 16SystemH - 700 mm
W - 400 mm
D - 290 mm
N/A16 kWA90% and above£469
Riva Plus Combi ERP 24BackH - 830 mm
W - 395 mm
D - 278 mm
11.6 l/min24 kWA90% and above£478
Riva Plus System ERP 24SystemH - 700 mm
W - 400 mm
D - 290 mm
N/A24 kWA90% and above£478
Advance Plus Combi ERP 25CombiH - 700 mm
W - 400 mm
D - 290 mm
13.3 l/min25 kWA90% and above£479
Advanced Plus System ERP 25SystemH - 700 mm
W - 400 mm
D - 290 mm
N/A25 kWA90% and above£479
Advance Plus Combi ERP 30CombiH - 700 mm
W - 400 mm
D - 290 mm
16.2 l/min30 kWA90% and above£499
Riva Plus Combi ERP 28BackH - 803 mm
W - 400 mm
D - 350 mm
13.6 l/min28 kWA90% and above£514
Riva Plus System ERP 28SystemH - 803 mm
W - 400 mm
D - 350 mm
N/A28 kWA90% and above£514
Advance Plus Combi ERP 35CombiH - 700 mm
W - 400 mm
D - 290 mm
19.2 l/min35 kWA90% and above£519
Advanced Plus System ERP 30SystemH - 700 mm
W - 400 mm
D - 290 mm
N/A30 kWA90% and above£598
Inovia Combi ERP 25CombiH - 700 mm
W - 400 mm
D - 290 mm
13.3 l/min25 kWA90% and above£610
Inovia Combi ERP 25CombiH - 700 mm
W - 400 mm
D - 290 mm
13.3 l/min25 kWA90% and above£610
Inovia System ERP 25SystemH - 803 mm
W - 400 mm
D - 350 mm
N/A25 kWA90% and above£610
Inovia Combi ERP 30CombiH - 700 mm
W - 400 mm
D - 290 mm
16.2 l/min30 kWA90% and above£634
Inovia Combi ERP 35CombiH - 700 mm
W - 400 mm
D - 290 mm
19.2 l/min35 kWA90% and above£658
(average prices descending and including VAT)

Before making any decisions on such a significant domestic purchase, compare Biasi boilers prices from both national and local providers and consider the cost of the boiler and the installation separately. Also, ensure that your chosen installer is Gas Safe Registered.

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But it’s all very well and good reading the information we publish on our website, but how do you know you can trust the advice we provide? 

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