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Boiler Cover: What You Need To Know

When something goes wrong with your boiler and your household has no access to heating
or hot water, not only can it be an inconvenience for all those living in your home but it can
also cost you a small fortune to get your boiler fixed. Fortunately, you may be able to avoid
having to spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds on boiler repairs by signing up for a
boiler cover policy.

What is Boiler Cover?

Boiler cover is designed to protect you against the cost of expensive repairs if your boiler
becomes faulty or breaks down, so it’s basically a type of insurance policy. Depending on
which policy you choose, your boiler cover might include cover for a boiler replacement if
your existing boiler can’t be repaired or the repair is more than the replacement cost.

Should I Sign Up for Boiler Cover?

If you rent your flat or house, it’s your landlord’s responsibility to get your boiler fixed when
it breaks down, so you shouldn’t need to take out boiler cover. But if you’re a homeowner
and you don’t think you’d be able to afford to fix or replace your boiler should it stop
working unexpectedly, then you may want to consider getting some boiler cover. Having
said that, you may find that your home insurance includes boiler cover, so you need to
check this before signing up for a boiler cover policy. You might not need boiler cover at the
moment if your boiler is new or only a few years old as it could still be covered by the
manufacturer-backed warranty or guarantee.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide whether or not you should sign up for boiler
cover. It’s worth taking the age of your boiler into account and any issues you’ve had with
your boiler since having it installed in your home. If your boiler hasn’t ever caused you a
problem and you’ve owned it for quite a while, you may decide not to bother. But if your
boiler is prone to malfunctions and often breaks down, you may feel that boiler cover will
give your peace of mind that you won’t have to fork out for expensive repairs.

What Does a Boiler Cover Policy Cover?

A boiler cover policy should cover the cost of all boiler repairs and it usually includes all
parts and labour. You may have extras included in the policy as well, such as boiler servicing,
central heating repairs, plumbing and drainage repairs, faulty electrics and even pest
control. It really depends on your provider and the level of cover you choose to take out. As
a general rule, the more things you’re covered for, the more you’ll need to pay for the cover
policy. If you want cover for just your boiler, you’ll need a boiler breakdown policy that will
protect you against the cost of repairs to the boiler and its controls.

What isn’t Included in a Boiler Cover Policy?

Again, this will depend on which provider and boiler cover policy you choose. Some cover
plans restrict the number of claims you can make each year and some even limit the time an
engineer is allowed to spend on repairing your boiler. Other plans will make you pay the excess if the cost of the repair exceeds the minimum limit and the majority of plans will
include a no-claims period. If your boiler is quite old, some providers won’t give you a boiler
cover policy at all. Many boiler cover plans include an annual boiler service but some don’t
so make sure you check what is included before agreeing to anything.

What is the Cost of Boiler Cover?

Boiler cover can cost anything between £90 and £250 per year, so it pays to shop around for
the best price. However, it could cost you more than this if you decide to sign up for a policy
that includes extras, such as electrical failure, drainage repairs and pest infestations. You’ll
need to pay a monthly or annual fee to take out boiler cover, and remember to compare
plans and cover levels to find the best deal and to ensure your cover suits your needs.
The table below lets you to compare just some of the boiler cover plans available from
different providers in the UK, as well as the excess level and the monthly cost.

Cover ProviderPolicy Name & What’s CoveredExcess LevelMonthly Cost
British GasHomeCare One: Boiler, boiler
controls and annual boiler


EDF EnergyEDF Boiler Protect Cover: Gas
boiler and controls, first annual
service, up to £500 towards a
replacement boiler and parts and
labour with parts guaranteed for
12 months.




CorgiHomeplan Essentials: Gas boiler,
flue, controls, thermostats,
circulating pumps, motorised
valves, programmer, cylinders,
expansion tanks, immersions,
radiator and valves, pipes, fittings
and annual boiler service.


24/7 Home Rescue24/7 Boiler Care: Boiler
breakdown and annual boiler






HomeserveGas Boiler Breakdown: Gas boiler
and boiler controls, leak in gas
supply pipe and free boiler
service in the first year.


*Prices correct at time of writing in September 2020

As boiler cover can often be cheaper in the first year, you may want to compare quotes
from other providers when your policy is due for renewal to ensure you never pay more
than you need for the cover you want. And don’t forget to check your current building or
contents insurance policy before signing up for boiler cover to avoid paying twice for the
same cover.