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Heatable Boiler Prices

Boasting close partnerships with reputable manufacturers, Heatable offers market-leading boilers at competitive prices to customers across the UK.

Founded in 2017, Heatable was created by two brothers who wanted to offer a quick and simple way for people to purchase replacement boilers online. Not only does the company provide high-end boiler installations at competitive rates but all prices are fixed, which means you’ll never be charged hidden extras on top of the original price.

Heatable works in partnership with leading boiler manufacturers, such as Viessmann and Worcester Bosch, to be able to offer modern boilers that have been verified as Which? Best Buy products. When it comes to choosing a boiler replacement, all you have to do is answer a few easy questions, then Heatable will recommend the best boiler options for your home and needs.

How Does Heatable Work?

To get a quote and purchase a boiler, you simply visit the Heatable website and click on the blue ‘Fix My Price’ button at the top of the homepage. Once you do this, you’ll be asked some questions about your home and your existing heating system. The questions are easy to answer and include things like the fuel you use to heat your home, the type of boiler you currently own, if you want to change the location of your boiler and how many bedrooms, bathtubs and showers you have at your home. By answering these questions online, you don’t need to have a face-to-face meeting with a salesman.

After you answer all the questions and enter your postcode, Heatable shows you a range of boilers that are recommended for your home and requirements. The fixed install price is displayed beside each boiler, as well as a monthly cost if you prefer to purchase the boiler on finance.

Once you select your boiler and how you want to pay for it, you just need to choose an installation date by clicking on the ‘Pick Install Date’ button below the prices. Just be aware that the price may increase a little if you pick a weekend install. Then, you pay for your replacement boiler install.

Your Gas Safe registered installer will call you on the day before your installation date to introduce themselves and give you an idea of when they will arrive at your home the next day. As your installer will bring the boiler and all of the tools and materials needed to carry out the installation, you don’t need to hang around at home waiting for any deliveries. If it’s a like-for-like boiler replacement, the installation typically takes 4 to 6 hours or one day to complete. But if you want to relocate your boiler or you require a complex conversion, the work can take up to two days.

Get A Fixed Price Heatable Boiler

Lock In Your Boiler Price Now with Heatable

How Much Do Heatable Boilers Cost?

The price you pay for a replacement boiler from Heatable is always fixed and final, which means there won’t be any nasty surprises or added extras once your boiler is installed. Heatable offers budget and premium options, so the price you pay not only depends on the type of boiler you choose and its size but also on how much money you wish to spend.

Alpha 15kW E-Tec RegularH – 600 mm  W – 390 mm  D – 305 mm15kWN/AA£1,844
Viessmann Vitodens 35kW 050-W CombiH – 707 mm  W – 400 mm  D – 350 mm35kW14.3 l/minA£1,939
Viessmann Vitodens 19kW 100 SystemH – 700 mm  W – 400 mm  D – 350 mm19kWN/AA£2,044
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 28kW CDI Compact CombiH – 680 mm  W – 390 mm  D – 280 mm28kW10 l/minA£2,044
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 18kW Ri RegularH – 600 mm  W – 390 mm  D – 270 mm18kWN/AA£2,084
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 30kW i SystemH – 690 mm  W – 390 mm  D – 280 mm30kWN/AA£2,224

If you want your boiler replacement installed in a different location to where it is now, the fixed and final price will be slightly higher. One of the great things about using Heatable is that you never need to worry about any hidden costs as you only pay the amount you agree to online. We should also tell you that your installation comes with a chemical flush to clear out your system, a filter to protect your new replacement boiler and all the necessary safety attachments.

Another thing worth noting is that your boiler replacement from Heatable comes with minimum 5-year parts and labour warranty. Heatable will register the warranty with the boiler manufacturer on your behalf and you’ll receive confirmation that it has been activated within 4 weeks of the installation.

Heatable Payment Options

As we mentioned earlier, you can either pay the fixed price in full or in monthly installments when buying a boiler from Heatable. If you pay upfront, you can use a debit or credit card with no merchant subsidies. But if you choose to pay monthly, this involves a credit check before a finance agreement is made.

There is a range of repayment period options available for 0% and 9.9%, all of which are regulated under the consumer credit act. Heatable terms and finance options include:

  • 2-year credit term at an APR of 0%
  • 3, 5, 7 or 10-year credit term at an APR of 9.9%
  • Deposits are optional
  • The outstanding balance can be settled early

Only some boilers are available with up to 2 years interest-free credit but all of the boilers recommended to you can be purchased through a finance agreement, provided you pass a credit check. A deposit is not compulsory if you sign up for the pay monthly scheme, however, you can choose to pay a deposit of between 10% and 50% of the total loan value. You can also settle your agreement early by getting in touch with the lender.

Heatable Reviews

Heatable currently has a Trustpilot score of 4.8 out of 5, with 90% of consumers rating the brand as excellent. As the vast majority of reviews on the website are from verified orders, this tells us that Heatable knows how to satisfy its customers. In addition to this, Heatable has received reviews from over 1,200 people on and has an impressive 4.92 rating out of 5. When you consider the competitive fixed quotes and the fact that Heatable makes the whole process of buying a boiler and getting it installed so simple and stress-free, it’s no wonder so many customers are happy with their experience.

Get A Fixed Price Heatable Boiler

Lock In Your Boiler Price Now with Heatable