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Hitachi Air Source Heat Pumps Prices, Costs and Reviews

Hitachi understands that we all need to minimise our environmental impact on the planet and change the way we heat our homes, which is why it has launched an impressive range of air source heat pumps for homeowners. The brand’s renewable heating solutions provide heating and hot water all year round and can reduce both your energy costs and carbon footprint, making them environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional boiler systems.

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If you want to increase your energy efficiency by replacing your boiler with a green system, a Yutaki air-to-water heat pump from Hitachi could be the answer for your home.

Hitachi Yutaki Air Source Heat Pump Range

Each model in the Yutaki range of air-to-water heat pumps is designed to operate as efficiently as possible to cost effectively meet your heating and hot water needs. The range includes a variety of outputs and water temperatures to suit your requirements and provides you with leading technology to maintain the perfect indoor environment, regardless of how warm or cold it is outside. 

A Hitachi air-to-water heat pump can cut your carbon emissions by up to 70% and reduce your running costs by up to 60%. In addition to helping you lower emissions and bills, these heat pumps have very low noise levels and are simple to install and operate. 

Browse the range below to find out more about Hitachi’s Yutaki air-to-water heat pumps. 

Hitachi Yutaki M Air Source Heat Pump

Able to cope in extreme temperatures as low as -20°C, the Yutaki M Monobloc system produces hot water up to 60°C and delivers heat to rooms via radiators and underfloor heating. It features a wireless remote control to make it easy for you to adjust room temperatures and has a One-Touch holiday button so that you can keep your home cool or warm when you’re away. This compact all-in-one unit is installed outdoors to ensure the space indoors remains the same, making it the ideal choice for homes with limited space. 

Hitachi Yutaki S80 Air Source Heat Pump

The Yutaki S80 is available in two models, one of which is for heating only and the other for heating and hot water. It can heat water up to 80°C, is compatible with all water tank models, and has an intelligent cascade cycle that automatically adjusts to ensure minimal energy use and maximum comfort. Perfect for renovations and new builds, this air source heat pump is compatible with solar panels and comes with wireless remote control and a One-Touch holiday button as standard. 

Hitachi Yutaki S Combi Air Source Heat Pump

Although small, the Yutaki S Combi is a powerful air source heat pump that comes complete with an integrated water tank of either 200 or 260 litres and is compatible with solar panels and wireless thermostats for greater savings. It features R32 refrigerant to help keep your energy bills down and high-performance heat pump technology to ensure your home stays comfortable, even when it’s -25°C outside. You can control the Yutaki S Combi via the built-in controller with LCD display or by using the Hi-Kumo app that lets you adjust and monitor your system from anywhere in the world. 

Hitachi Yutaki S Air Source Heat Pump

The Yutaki S is a split system air source heat pump and consists of an outdoor unit and a separate indoor unit that has compact dimensions and can be kept in a kitchen cupboard. It works with any domestic hot water tank, can produce hot water up to 60°C, and boasts a wireless controller with energy-saving power modes, such as comfort, economy, holiday and frost protection. This clever heat pump can also be connected to solar panels and be controlled via the Hi-Kumo app on your smartphone. 

How much do Hitachi Air Source Heat Pumps Cost?

The overall cost will depend on several factors, including the model you select, the size you require and the company you choose to install your Hitachi air source heat pump. You need to shop around for the best quote, but we can tell you that you’re looking at spending between £3,065 and £8,165 for the heat pump. Please be aware that these figures do not include any installation costs. 

The following table lets you compare the price of each product in the Hitachi Yutaki air source heat pump range.

Hitachi Yutaki M Air Source Heat Pump4.3 – 16kW£3,620 – £5,030
Hitachi Yutaki S80 Air Source Heat Pump11 – 16kW£7,240 – £8,165
Hitachi Yutaki S Combi Air Source Heat Pump4.3 – 16kW£3,400 – £7,810
Hitachi Yutaki S Air Source Heat Pump4.3 – 24kW£3,065 – £8,100

Why Choose a Hitachi Air Source Heat Pump?

It has the Highest Possible A+++ Energy Rating

While heat pumps do have some impact on the environment, they are incredibly energy efficient and have excellent efficiency ratings. When it comes to Hitachi air source heat pumps, they have the highest possible A+++ energy rating and can help lower your carbon footprint by reducing your home’s carbon emissions. 

Save Significant Money on Your Heating Costs

A Hitachi air source heat pump offers unbeatable efficiency and can cut up to 60% off your bills by converting 1kW of electricity into 5kW of heating energy. Some models can even be used with solar panels and controlled via a smartphone app, helping you to make your home more energy efficient and save more money on your bills.  

Get RHI Payments from the UK Government

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a UK government scheme that aims to encourage homeowners to install renewable heat technologies. It was introduced in 2011 and provides domestic properties with payments for the generation of heat from MCS certified products, such as Hitachi’s range of air source heat pumps. It’s worth noting that you must find an MCS certified installer to fit your heat pump to be eligible for RHI payments. The RHI scheme ends in March 2022 and will be replaced by the Clean Heat Grant in April 2022.

Simple Installation and Easy Maintenance

All air source heat pumps developed by Hitachi are simple to install and easy to maintain, plus they can be configured in just 5 minutes thanks to their intuitive wizard set-up interface. Since all Yutaki systems are cleverly designed for straightforward installation and easy access to the components, you should save money on both the installation and maintenance of your Hitachi air source heat pump. 

Hitachi Air Source Heat Pump Reviews

We were unable to find any online reviews for Hitachi air source heat pumps at the time of writing in November 2021.

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