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Panasonic Air Source Heat Pumps Prices, Costs and Reviews

Panasonic has over 60 years of experience designing innovative and efficient heating solutions and now offers the impressive Aquarea range of air source heat pumps. The Panasonic Aquarea is an air-to-water heat pump system available in various types and sizes to suit all homes and is ideal for new build and refurbishment projects. 

Offering capabilities from 3kW to 16kW, the Aquarea air-to-water heat pump range from Panasonic is one of the widest on the market today. 

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Panasonic Aquarea Air Source Heat Pump Range

All Panasonic air source heat pumps can warm your home efficiently and effectively and produce domestic hot water all year round, and some models can even cool your home in the summer. They can also be connected to a solar thermal or PV system and lead to significant savings when replacing an oil-fired boiler or electric heaters.  

Suitable for residential and commercial applications, Panasonic’s Aquarea air-to-water heat pump range is available in three different types to allow you to choose your ideal solution. The line-up also includes a Bi-Bloc system and a Mono-Bloc system.

The Bi-Bloc System

The Bi-Bloc system consists of separate indoor and outdoor units and connects to the heating and/or hot water. 

The Mono-Bloc System

The Mono-Bloc system has an outdoor unit only, connects to the heating and/or hot water and does not have a refrigerant connection. 

Browse the range below for more information about Panasonic’s Aquarea air-to-water heat pumps. 

Panasonic Aquarea High Performance

Ideal for low consumption homes and new installations, the Bi-Bloc Aquarea High Performance air-to-water heat pump is available from 3kW to 16kW and the Mono-Bloc from 5kW to 16kW. Both versions provide hot water and heat for radiators and underfloor heating, outstanding efficiency and energy savings, and high comfort in rooms even at low temperatures.  

Panasonic Aquarea T-Cap

The Aquarea T-Cap air-to-water heat pump can work in outdoor temperatures as low as -20°C and provide high efficiencies, no matter the outside or water temperature. Panasonic says that the Aquarea T-Cap is the ideal solution for renovations, new builds and installations where the output capacity is demanding. Both Bi-bloc and Mono-bloc versions are available from 9kW to 16kW and are an excellent choice for replacing gas or oil boilers and connecting to new radiators or underfloor heating. 

Panasonic Aquarea HT

Best suited to homes with old high-temperature radiators looking at ditching an oil or gas boiler, the Aquarea HT allows you to replace your traditional heating system while keeping your radiators to ensure minimal disruption to your household. Panasonic’s Aquarea HT is available from 9kW to 12kW and can provide water temperatures of 60°C even when the outdoor temperature is as low as -15°C. 

How much do Panasonic Air Source Heat Pumps Cost?

The type and size of the air source heat pump you choose from Panasonic can affect the cost, but you can expect to pay between £2,780 and £7,090, including VAT but excluding installation. We recommend contacting at least three installers to find a good value quote. 

The following table lets you compare the price of each air source heat pump in the Panasonic Aquarea range. 

Aquarea High Performance Air Source Heat Pump – Bi-Bloc3 – 16kW£2,780 – £4,900
Aquarea High Performance Air Source Heat Pump – Mono-Bloc5 – 16kW£2,530 – £5,490
Aquarea T-Cap Air Source Heat Pump – Bi-Bloc9 – 16kW£3,840 – £6,380
Aquarea T-Cap Air Source Heat Pump – Mono-Bloc9 – 16kW£4,250 – £7,090
Aquarea HT Air Source Heat Pump – Bi-Bloc 9 – 12kW£4,040 – £5,700
Aquarea HT Air Source Heat Pump – Mono-Bloc9 – 12kW£4,350 – £5,440

Why Choose a Panasonic Air Source Heat Pump?

Lessen Your Impact on the Environment

Panasonic’s Aquarea air source heat pumps are a sustainable option because they convert heat energy in the air into household warmth, helping to reduce CO2 emissions and environmental impact. They also offer up to five times the output in kilowatts per every input in kilowatts. 

Help You to Save Money

Although the initial investment is likely higher than traditional heating systems, an air source heat pump is far cheaper to run. For example, if you purchase an Aquarea air source heat pump, you could save up to 80% on your energy bills compared to an electric heater. 

Produce Heating, Hot Water and Cooling

The Aquarea High Performance and T-Cap air source heat pumps produce heating and domestic hot water, plus cooling to keep your home comfortable during the summer. That means you never have to face feeling too hot or cold when you’re at home. 

Compatible with Solar Thermal or PV Systems

All Aquarea air source heat pumps from Panasonic are compatible with solar thermal or PV systems to help increase efficiency, reduce energy consumption and minimise environmental impact. 

Aquarea Smart Cloud

The Aquarea Smart Cloud is a free service that allows you to remotely control your Panasonic air source heat pump from anywhere using a smartphone, tablet or mobile device. In addition to controlling heating, cooling and hot water settings, you can monitor energy consumption, plus your installer can take care of your system remotely to save time and money. 

Panasonic Air Source Heat Pump Reviews

It’s difficult to say whether customers are happy with their Panasonic air source heat pumps because most reviews left online by customers relate to other products, like televisions and washing machines. We did find one air source heat pump review on Trustpilot at the time of writing (April 2022), but that’s all. 

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