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Alpha Boiler Controls

If you currently own or are about to get an Alpha boiler, you should consider investing in one or a few optional controls. Alpha offers an impressive selection of boiler controls that help you manage and set your heating system to suit your lifestyle and maximise comfort and energy savings. Optional boiler controls can also improve the efficiency of your boiler and help prolong the life of your heating system. 

Each type of Alpha boiler control has unique features and benefits to ensure you find the perfect solution for your home and needs, and you can find the options available below. 

Alpha Climatic

The Alpha Climatic is a programmable modulating boiler energy manager that enables remote control of the boiler functions and information display. By being a multi-channel time and temperature programmer with an integrated thermostat and BUS system, this control can transfer data between the boiler and the controller. 

Available in wired and wireless versions, the Alpha Climatic is capable of measuring and maintaining the temperature inside your home by modulating and limiting the boiler flow temperature, depending on the measured room temperature. It works with the Alpha InTec range of boilers and helps to maximise boiler and system efficiency. 

If you decide to purchase the Alpha Climatic, you need to mount the controller on a wall and in a position that is not influenced by direct sunlight or near a door, window or device that emits heat. 

Alpha Comfort 2-Channel Radio Frequency Controller

Compatible with all Alpha E-Tec System boilers, the Comfort 2-Channel radio frequency controller is a digital, wireless programmable room thermostat and timer. It is a battery operated boiler control, meaning it does not require hard wiring, and the transmitter can be sited anywhere up to 30 metres away from your boiler. 

Alpha Digital EasyStat

Boasting a compact and simplistic button design to ensure easy set-up and operation, the Alpha Digital EasyStat provides wireless time and temperature control with 7-day programming and settings in 1-hour increments. This wireless programmable room thermostat must be installed around 1.5 metres from the ground and away from direct sunlight, heat sources, curtains, furniture and any areas influenced by a draught.

The Alpha Digital EasyStat comes complete with a timed heating function, party mode, override mode and a day of the week indicator. It also features a time and temperature display, a low battery indicator, economy temperature function and a standby mode for summertime. 

Alpha 24-Hour Mechanical EasyStat

The Alpha Mechanical EasyStat is a single channel radio frequency 24-hour clock and room thermostat that provides maximum and minimum room temperature control. It consists of a battery-powered transmitter and a boiler mounted receiver, and you can set the 24-hour clock in 15-minute increments to provide central heating as and when you require it. You can adjust the two temperature levels using the temperature setting dials and override the programme with the manual control built-in to the transmitter clock.

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