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Keep Your Alpha Boiler Running in 2023 with a Service Plan

The Alpha boiler company is over 50 years old and has been making boilers for commercial and domestic users throughout that time. The company is owned by the larger Immergas brand, a well-known and respected company that is a household name across Europe.

Alpha boilers are a mid-range boiler provider, making affordable solutions and using the latest technologies. In addition to making boiler models, the company also offers a servicing and repair plan called Boilercare, for all Alpha boiler owners.

The Alpha Boilercare Solution

Alpha boilers come with a manufacturer’s warranty that will cover you should anything go mechanically wrong. However, for your warranty to be valid, you will need to have your boiler fitted by a registered professional and submit your product registration within 30 days of installation.

Once your boiler falls out of the warranty period, it is important for you to arrange a service and repair plan to ensure that you can get support to keep your boiler working well and fix it when it stops working. Rather than selling out their servicing responsibilities, Alpha offer Boilercare to all their boiler owners. 

Boilercare works to offer customers the ability to spread the cost of servicing and repairs in a simple monthly payment. The company then visit the property once a year, typically in the summer, to service the boiler and make sure it is ready for winter. If your boiler breaks down at any point in the year you can also call them out to repair it – although some exclusions do apply.

What Does Alpha Boilercare Offer?

When you sign up for Boilercare, you not only get an annual service but you also get access to a range of other helpful benefits including:

  • Breakdown cover 365 days of the year
  • All parts and labour included in your monthly fee
  • Unlimited call outs whenever your boiler needs an engineer
  • Carefully selected Gas Safe engineers for your servicing and any repairs you need

Boilercare Pricing

The price of Boilercare is dependent on your boiler model and age. To get an accurate quote you will need to contact the Alpha customer service team who will talk through your options. When you have all the information needed you can then select the right plan for your boiler and look forward to arranging your first service.

Why Are Annual Boiler Services So Important?

Getting your boiler serviced every year is important for a range of reasons. Firstly, it helps you to keep your boiler working efficiently and flags any potential problems that need to be resolved before they become big issues. 

It is also important for your safety as your engineer will check that there are no dangerous problems such as leaking Carbon Monoxide that could prove to be fatal if left unchecked. 

Finally, boiler services are important when you want to avoid large and unexpected bills should your boiler fail and need to be repaired. A service will let you know that there is an issue and your repair cover will get it sorted for no extra cost!

What Isn’t Covered with Boilercare?

There are some exclusions that you will need to be aware of when you sign up for Boilercare. The good news is that the Alpha team will provide you with terms and conditions and all the exclusions for your policy will be listed there in plain English for you to read and check whenever you need to.

Some of the typical things that are not included in a boiler service and repair plan are as follows:

  • Hard water deposits
  • Pre-existing faults before the start of your policy
  • Any damage that is done deliberately

What Happens on the Day of My Boiler Service?

Boilercare work to offer the vast majority of their services in the summer so that you can be certain that you are ready for the winter to arrive. You will need to book the date of your service with the Boilercare team and they will give you a time slot in which you can expect your engineer to arrive.

When the engineer arrives on-site, they will complete a range of visual checks before moving on to servicing individual components and checking that everything is in good working order. A service typically lasts no more than an hour, unless you are having your heating serviced at the same time too.

Once your service is complete, the engineer will give you a verbal overview of what they did and whether there are any issues and then they will provide you with a written report that you can use as evidence of your service history. If your boiler requires any repairs that the engineer could not complete during their visit then they will help you to arrange a follow-up visit to get everything sorted. 

Are There Other Servicing Options?

There are always other service plans available if you decide that Boilercare is not for you but it is well worth weighing up all your options before you make a final decision. If you do choose to go with Boilercare then you can be confident that any repairs and replacements that may be needed will always be genuine Alpha parts, installed by Gas Safe engineers.

Ultimately, protecting your boiler and having it maintained on a regular basis will ensure that you get the best return on your initial boiler investment. Arrange your cover today and look forward to avoiding any nasty surprises!