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Ariston Boiler Controls

Ariston has developed an impressive range of optional boiler controls that not only make it easy for you to control your central heating system but offer greater comfort levels and help you save money. The selection of optional controls you can choose from will depend on the Ariston boiler model you get installed, so you need to check which accessories are compatible with your boiler before you make a purchase. 

Below, you can find more information about the Ariston boiler controls available and discover each one’s features and benefits. 

Ariston NET

The Ariston NET is an app that makes your boiler smarter. It’s available for free on Google Play and the Apple App Store and allows you to manage your comfort and optimise energy consumption directly from your smartphone. To make your boiler compatible with the Ariston NET app, you need to install either the Cube S NET or Sensys NET thermostat. 

Ariston says you can save up to 25% energy with the Ariston NET, which sends you detailed reports and statistics to allow you to track your energy consumption and adjust your settings to optimise usage and save on your bills. The app also sends you notifications whenever your system fails and even lets you control your boiler with your voice. 

Ariston Cube S NET

Compatible with the Ariston NET app for remote heating control, the Cube S NET is a Wi-Fi thermostat that is quick and easy to install and offers modulating technology. It has a sleek Italian design, a high-resolution display, and weather compensating technology to monitor the internal and external temperatures and adjusts the radiator output accordingly. 

The Cube S NET must be installed 1.5 metres above the floor level and away from heat sources, draughts, doorways and windows that can affect the temperature readings. 

Ariston Sensys NET

Another Ariston NET compatible optional control is the Sensys NET, an intuitive and easy to use Wi-Fi thermostat. Its interface helps you set and control multiple heating zones of your home simultaneously with only one device and allows you to monitor and manage your energy consumption. 

The Sensys NET programmable room thermostat with modulating temperature control enables you to communicate with your boiler from your chosen room within your home. It also lets you access energy consumption reports and provides help when your boiler malfunctions by indicating detected anomalies and suggesting action to solve any problems.  

Ariston Cube RF

The Cube RF is a wireless modulating room sensor with an Italian design that lets you connect up to 6 heating zones within your system for maximum comfort. You can easily set zone temperatures and manage different zones, but you must purchase the Ebus2 Gateway (sold separately) to use this controller. 

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