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Protect Your Baxi Boiler with the Best Service Plan 2022

Boilers are one of the largest expenses that a homeowner has to cover and the cost of repairing one that has broken down can cost hundreds, if not more! Rather than falling foul of an unexpected repair, why not invest in Baxi boiler servicing instead? Find out more with our useful guide.

All About the Baxi Brand

Baxi is a household name when it comes to quality boilers and they have worked hard to gain this reputation since they were founded in 1866. The Baxi brand includes Baxi, Potterton and Main Heating companies and they offer a range of services to customers across the UK.

Baxi customers are well looked after from the moment of their purchase. The brand gives you access to an online portal where you can read helpful guides, troubleshoot problems and arrange repairs and service plans to suit your needs.

Baxi Boiler Care Options

To make the process as simple as possible, Baxi offers two different types of cover for your boiler. The first type is for boilers that are within the initial warranty period and covers you for any manufacturing issues and repairs needed until the warranty expires. This is a standard offer of cover, that costs you less than a plan that is out of warranty and you can access it by contacting Baxi within the warranty period.

If your boiler is out of warranty then you can choose to pay for ongoing cover, which Domestic and General provide on behalf of Baxi. There are two different levels of cover available – Gold and Platinum:

  • Gold cover provides you with repairs up to the value of £1500, an annual service conducted by a Gas Safe Engineer and a replacement boiler up to the value of £750 if yours cannot be repaired. 
  • Platinum cover offers everything this is included in the Gold level of cover but also includes cover for your heating, including your radiators and any pipework that is visible.

Boiler Care Prices

Affording boiler cover is one of life’s necessities, especially if you want to be safe in the knowledge that someone will come to help if your heating or hot water stops working. Take a look at the three price points for the standard cover options available:

  • Cover for boilers that are under warranty costs just £11.75 a month or £141 a year
  • Gold cover for boilers out of warranty costs £19  a month or £228 a year, as long as your boiler is less than 15 years old.
  • Platinum cover for boilers out of warranty and under 15 years old costs £21 a month or £252 a year.

If your boiler is over 15 years old then you can still get cover, but you will need to request a bespoke quote from Domestic and General. 

What Does My Policy Not Cover?

If you are keen to get a boiler care policy but want to read the small print first then you are thinking in the right way! There are always exclusions to be considered, and knowing them before you decide how to proceed can be the difference between getting the right help and not. With the Baxi boiler cover, you Cana find the entire list of exclusions in the terms and conditions that are listed on their website. It’s always advisable to print and store a copy of these to refer to when you need them.

Some of the main exclusions are damage that has occurred deliberately, any fault that was in place before the date of the policy and any problems caused because of hard water. If you are not sure whether your issue will be covered then you can contact the policy provider once you have signed up.

What Does an Annual Service Offer?

The great thing about service plans is that they offer you an included annual service to help prolong the life of your boiler. Did you know that boilers that are serviced on an annual basis tend to last for up to 5 – 10 years longer than ones that are not serviced?

When you invest in a Baxi service plan, your annual service will include the following jobs:

  • A full inspection of the external casing to check for damage or rust
  • Testing to check the boiler flame is burning properly and that the flame is the right colour
  • Full check of the seals and safety components, including cleaning them if needed
  • Checking the main parts of the boiler to ensure they are in good working order
  • Checking the fans, electrical connections, condensate pipe and tap for wear and tear
  • Make sure all gas and water pipes are properly connected and in good condition

Servicing takes between 30 minutes and an hour and at the end, your engineer will provide you with a report for your records, showing what has been checked as well as detailing any concerns. If you have any repairs required, the engineer will either get them done on the day or help you to book an appointment to get it complete.

Investing in adequate cover for your boiler not only gives you help when you need it the most but supports you to keep your boiler running well for many years. If you are ready to invest then you are making a great choice!