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Biasi Inovia Combi ERP Boilers

Biasi Inovia Combi ERP boilers prices are on average £634.00 (including VAT & without installation)

The Biasi Inovia Combi ERP is Biasi’s most advanced range of domestic boilers.  The boiler is available in 25KW, 30KW and 35KW models and comes with a 5-year warranty (subject to terms and conditions.)  The Inovia Combo has an average price tag of  £634.00 including VAT.

This “A” rated energy efficient boiler can heat both large and smaller homes. Designed to be compact, Biasi Inovia Combi ERP boilers can be hidden away in cupboards.  The boiler is also easy to service as Biasi deliberately designed them with trouble-free access to all service parts.

The boiler comes with a host of impressive technology features. It can be integrated nicely with solar heating.  The boiler will automatically boost temperatures when there isn’t sufficient solar heat.  The boiler can also manage two temperature sets – one for your radiators and the other for your underfloor heating.

Perhaps most impressively is the Inovia self-rectifying technology.  The boiler can identify when there has been a disruption in the gas supply.  Once identified, the boiler will then self-rectify and will fire up the boiler accordingly.

The boiler also comes with It has built-in frost protection, easy to use LCD display, flow rates up to 15.6 Ltr/Min and a stainless-steel heat exchanger.

Biasi Inovia Combi ER boiler overview

ModelTypeDimensionsMaximum Flow RateOutputEfficiency RatingTypical Price
Inovia Combi ERP 25CombiH – 700 mm
W – 400 mm
D – 290 mm
13.3 l/min25 kWA 90% and above£610
Inovia Combi ERP 25CombiH – 700 mm
W – 400 mm
D – 290 mm
13.3 l/min25 kWA 90% and above£610
Inovia Combi ERP 30CombiH – 700 mm
W – 400 mm
D – 290 mm
16.2 l/min30 kWA 90% and above£634
Inovia Combi ERP 35CombiH – 700 mm
W – 400 mm
D – 290 mm
19.2 l/min35 kWA 90% and above£658
Key Features and Benefits
Five Year WarrantyPeace of Mind
LCD display will remind you when your boiler is due for a serviceWill remind you when your boiler is due for a service
Good range of controlsProviding user flexibility
SEDBUK Band A Lower Gas Bills
Built in Frost ProtectionTemperature Management
Stainless steel heat exchanger brass and copper parts (not plastic) good flowReduce Maintenance and care costs
Large LCD DisplayEase of Use
Inovia self-rectifying technologyReduce Maintenance and care costs

What We Think of the Biasi Inovia Combi ERP Range

Feature-packed yet easy to use, that is Biasi Inovia Combi ERP boiler. The boiler also delivers on affordability, reliability, energy efficiency, technology – the list goes on. If you buy a Biasi Inovia you will have a boiler with cutting-edge technology. Equipped with quad-core processor technology, the boiler is both reliable and efficient.

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