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Biasi Inovia System ERP boilers

Biasi Inovia System ERP boilers prices are on average £610 (including VAT & without installation)

The Biasi Inovia System ERP is one of most innovative domestic heating boiler Biasi have ever produced and comes as a 25KW model with an extensive 5 year warranty (subject to terms and conditions). The Biasi Inovia System ERP boiler has an average price of £610 inclusive of VAT.

This A rated energy efficient boiler is compact and can easily fit in any kitchen cupboard. The boiler can heat almost all domestic households.  There are also plenty of features within this technology stacked boiler.

The boiler can quite easily be integrated with solar technology allowing you to heat your home from gas and solar sources.  The boiler also comes with self-rectifying quad-core processor technology.  If the Inovia picks up a fault, it won’t simply pack up but rather continue to heat your home.

Additional features include built-in frost protection, anti-seizure technology and Biasi’s corrosion resistant heat exchanger.  The boiler also comes with an annual service notification and a state of the art digital display unit allowing for ease of servicing and repair.

With a seven-day programmer and a timed hot water pre-heating feature, the Biasi Inovia System ERP also offers excellent programmability.

Biasi Inovia System ERP Boilers Overview

ModelTypeDimensionsMaximum Flow RateOutputEfficiency RatingTypical Price
Inovia System ERP 25SystemH – 803 mm
W – 400 mm
D – 350 mm
N/A25 kWA 90% and above£610
Key Features and Benefits
Five Year WarrantyPeace of Mind
LCD display will remind you when your boiler is due for a serviceWill remind you when your boiler is due for a service
Anti Seizing technologyReduce Maintenance and care costs
SEDBUK Band ALower Gas Bills
Built in Frost ProtectionTemperature Management
Quad Processor TechnologyReduce Maintenance and care costs
State of the art digital displayEase of Use
Seven-day programmerManage hot water

What We Think of the Biasi Inovia System ERP boiler

The Biasi Inovia ERP system boiler comes packed with cutting edge technology features.  Its integration with solar and quad-core processor technology are just two of its impressive innovative features.  This boiler is not just about the tech though. This compact boiler delivers a superior heating performance at an affordable price.

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