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Central Heating Systems

There are three main types of central heating systems:

  • Storage heating systems that contain bricks to store and release heat. These rely on separate wiring to utilise cheaper Economy 7 or Economy 10 off peak electricity,
  • Warm air heating systems
  • ‘Wet’ systems

‘Wet’ systems circulate hot water through pipes that are connected to radiators. At the centre of a ‘wet’ system is an oil or gas fuelled boiler that uses heat exchangers to heat the water. Because they have a separate storage tank, conventional boilers provide both an instant and continuous supply of heat and hot water to the home. Water pressure is constant and gas boilers can be up to 90% energy efficient. Conventional boilers provide effective back up against loss of hot water as they have immersion heaters and a separate water storage cylinder. Conventional boilers are usually kept in airing cupboards – a great way to store your towels and bedding and keep them warm!

Combination boilers, by contrast, do not have separate water cylinders or an immersion. Because they take in water for the mains before the water is heated up and carried throughout a home, they can also take longer to provide heat. However, they also even more energy efficient than conventional boilers as they re-absorb any heat that is lost in the flue through condensate.

Similarly to a conventional boiler, system gas boilers are boilers with a separate stored hot water system. However, system boilers do not have a feed and expansion tank – the small tank housed in a roof. Instead the heating system pipework is fed directly from the cold water mains. It is then turned off when the desired water pressure is reached and sealed against any further water entering. System gas boilers are therefore known as a pressurized or sealed system. Corrosion of pipes is kept to a minimum in a sealed system is there is very little air. Consequently, the life of a system gas boiler, the controls and pipework are both efficient and long lasting, requiring less maintenance than a combi boiler. The smallest leak, however, can drain the system of pressure and cause it to run down.

To make sure you select the boiler that will provide the most efficient source of central heating to your home, contact Boilers Prices. We are a free advisory website that can help you find the local boiler installer that is right for you.

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