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Daikin Boiler Controls

Daikin offers a small range of optional boiler controls to enable you to manage your heating and hot water system. In addition to making your life easier and your boiler more efficient, using the correct boiler controls helps to minimise energy consumption and can even save you some money on your bills. From room thermostats to smart comfort controllers, Daikin is sure to have an optional boiler control or accessory to suit your unique requirements. 

In this guide, we take a look at the various types of Daikin boiler controls available to help you decide which one best suits your needs and lifestyle. 

Daikin OpenTherm Room Thermostat – DOTROOMTHEAA

The advanced Daikin OpenTherm control system allows communication between your boiler and the thermostat to deliver precision control at all times. This digital remote control with integrated room temperature sensor and OpenTherm interface allows several modes of operation, such as setting the temperature of hot water and individual rooms, heating according to the heating program, and monitoring the boiler data in your living area. 

Madoka Wired Remote Controller

A user-friendly wired remote controller with a sleek and elegant design, the Madoka features intuitive touch-button control and is available in black, white or silver to match your interior. Boasting a clear visual reference with large numbers, the controller is easy to set and helps you attain more comfort and higher energy savings. With the Madoka, you can select desired room temperatures, the space operation mode and control the domestic hot water temperature.  

Daikin Online Controller

You simply connect your heating system to your home network and download an app to use the Daikin online controller, which is available for iOS and Android and lets you set temperature schedules, change the thermostat and monitor your energy consumption. 

The interactive thermostat lets you control the temperature, operation mode and schedule actions for individual rooms, plus you can create different time schedules for hot water and review energy consumption to increase your energy savings. If you have Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you can control the main functions, such as operation mode, using only your voice.

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