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Common Daikin Boiler Problems and Repairs

A misbehaving boiler is no fun and something that none of us wants to experience, no matter the time of the year. Unfortunately, we all have problems with our boilers from time to time, regardless of the type or brand we choose for our homes. If you own a Daikin boiler that is playing up or has broken down, your first reaction is to call a heating engineer. Most boiler issues can only be resolved by a professional, but some Daikin boiler problems are simple to fix without contacting a heating engineer. 

This guide explains the most common Daikin boiler problems and what to do next when they occur. 

1. Low boiler pressure

Low system pressure is a common problem, regardless of whether you own a Daikin boiler or another brand of boiler. If the pressure on your Daikin boiler is too low, your central heating may not work, and the HJ-09 fault code should appear on the display panel. The good news is that you might be able to fix this yourself, as long as you do not find a leak.  

What to do next: Take a look around (not inside) your boiler and the rest of your central heating to see whether you can spot a leak. Only a Gas Safe registered engineer can look inside your boiler and fix leaks, so be sure to call one if you notice any. Not found a leak? If you have recently bled your radiators, you may have lost pressure in your boiler. Find your user manual to determine the correct pressure level for your Daikin boiler, and then check the water pressure gauge. If the pressure is too low and you’re comfortable doing so, re-pressure your boiler.   

2. Flame loss during operation

The 11-67 error code will show on the display panel if your boiler detects flame loss during operation. Thankfully, this is usually a temporary error. 

What to do next: The fix is as simple as waiting for your Daikin boiler to re-ignite. As previously mentioned, flame loss tends to be a temporary fault that corrects itself. If the problem persists or your boiler will not re-ignite, you should call out a Gas Safe registered engineer. 

3. High boiler pressure

High boiler pressure can cause issues with your heating and hot water system and is sometimes the result of a faulty component inside your boiler, which requires the expertise of a Gas Safe registered engineer. The HJ-08 fault code will appear on the display panel when the system pressure is too high. 

What to do next: If you haven’t done so recently, you can bleed your radiators to discharge the water down to the ideal pressure for your Daikin boiler (check your user manual). You must switch off your boiler and wait for your heating system to cool down before attempting to bleed your radiators or get an engineer to bleed them for you. If your boiler pressure remains too high after bleeding your radiators, a Gas Safe registered engineer will need to look inside your Daikin boiler to find the cause of the problem. 

4. Fan speed error

If the speed of your boiler’s fan is too slow, a boiler lockout can happen, or the pilot light will keep blowing out. When this happens, your Daikin boiler will show the error code 13-64 or 13-65. A fan speed error can often be a problem with new boilers or after moving systems to a new location. That said, the cause could be wear and tear. 

What to do next: You can perform a reset to try and clear the error code. If the problem repeats, you must call a Gas Safe registered engineer to inspect the fan. The engineer may only need to adjust the fan speed to fix the issue, but it could be that they need to repair or replace the fan.  

5. No heating or hot water

Possible reasons for no heating or hot water include broken airlocks, faulty motorised valves, low pressure or a broken thermostat or diaphragms. The most likely culprit is an airlock or low boiler pressure, but it could be a more serious fault that requires a professional repair. 

What to do next: First, check the pressure gauge on your Daikin boiler to see whether it’s at the correct level. If not, you can re-pressurise it by following the instructions in your user manual. Having no heating or hot water can be thanks to a thermostat issue, so you should check your thermostat too. If you cannot find any problems with system pressure or your thermostat, you need to contact a Gas Safe registered engineer to diagnose and fix the problem.  

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