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BP Pulse Business EV Chargers Costs, Prices and Reviews

BP Pulse is owned by the BP petrol company, which bought Chargemaster in 2018 and incorporated it into the BP Pulse brand

It is one of the largest EV charging brands in the UK, owning more than 9000 charging points for public, domestic and commercial use.

How Much Will a BP Pulse EV Charge Cost My Business

When you decide to purchase an EV charger for your business, you will need to factor in the costs of groundwork preparation as well as a range of other building works that will not be included in the standard installation fee that you will be quoted. However, look at some of the chargers that BP Pulse offers to get an idea of the cost of the charging unit:

BP Pulse77.4kW & 22kWStarts at £1049
BP Pulse5043kW & 50kWPrice on enquiry
BP Pulse15075kWPrice on enquiry

Understanding the Range of BP Pulse Chargers for Businesses

Picking the best model for your business is not just about choosing the most affordable option. It is also about the speed of charging and whether people will benefit from plugging in at your location. Look at some more important information to help you work out which of the BP Pulse models would be best for you:

ModelPowerConnectionCable Included
BP Pulse77.4kW & 22kWSocketNo
BP Pulse5043kW & 50kWTetheredYes
BP Pulse 15075kWTethered Yes 

Getting Help with the Cost of Installation

Even if your business is thriving, finding spare money for the installation of an EV charger can be a struggle. Rather than missing out on offering this valuable service to your team and clients, take a look at the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles to find out if they have a grant you can access. There are several grants on offer, and you can get up to £350 for each charger you decide to install. 

Paying for Your Business EV Chargers

Depending on your business needs and the number of BP Pulse chargers you want, there are several ways to move forward with installation units. To get started, you need to contact BP Pulse, who will assign you an account manager to work with. Once you have a dedicated contact, you can then start to work with them to design a solution that suits your needs and your budget.

Choosing How Much to Charge for Your EV Electricity

Once you have chargers in place, you will need to make a few decisions about who can use your chargers and how much you will charge them per unit. To help make managing your chargers as easy as possible, BP Pulse has created Workplace, which gives you a dedicated place to manage all your chargers in one go. You can access Workplace yourself or delegate a group of employees to use it on behalf of your business instead.

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Once set up, you can use Workplace to set and change your tariffs, monitor the usage of each charger and invite employees to join your EV charging network.

BP Pulse Frequently Asked Questions

Keen to find out more about BP Pulse? Let our frequently asked questions provide you with even more information to help make your EV charging decision easier:

Can I Manage Who is Able to Use Our BP Pulse Charger?

Yes, BP Pulse provides an activated unit option that you can use to make your charger public or keep it locked for authorised users only. You can also choose an RFID charging card solution if that works better for your business, but your BP Pulse account manager will work with you to help you decide on the right option for your needs.

Does BP Pulse Advise Us on Tariffs?

Picking the right tariff can be tough, especially when you want to keep it low but still need to cover the costs of energy and recoup the price of installation works. The BP Pulse team will work to help you calculate different options, but the final tariff decision will rest with you.

Do the BP Pulse Chargers Come with a Warranty?

Yes, all the chargers on offer come with a three-year warranty that will cover both parts and labour. To get a repair organised, just call the customer helpline, and they will arrange it for you.

The BP Pulse Charging Range

BP Pulse is committed to making access to EV chargers easier than ever before, which is why they have several business solutions that are designed to work for you. The solutions on offer include:

  • Office Chargers
  • Fleet Charging
  • On the Go Charging
  • Depot Charging
  • Destination Charging
  • Developer Charging

In addition, BP Pulse also offers a corporate EV charge card solution that your team can use to top up when they are on the road. There are more than 9000 BP Pulse chargers around the UK, meaning that no one will ever go without power when they need it the most.

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