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Connected Kerb EV Charger Costs, Prices and Reviews

Connected Kerb was founded in 2017 by a group of friends who were keen to develop an environmentally friendly EV charger that was suitable for domestic and business clients.

Since its inception, Connected Kerb has worked hard to reduce EV charging black spots across the country and offer charging points that are accessible for all people, regardless of their mobility. The result? A range of EV chargers that are made from recycled materials and look great in any setting – making them a great choice for your business needs.

How Much Do Connected Kerb Devices Cost?

Picking the right charger for your business can be a daunting process, especially when there are so many different options to choose from. Look at the models on offer by Connected Kerb to help you start thinking about which one would work best for your needs:

The Chameleon7kW & 22kWFrom £800
The Scarab7kW & 22kWPrice on enquiry
The Gecko7kW & 22kWPrice on enquiry
The Limpet7kWFrom £800

Which Connected Kerb Device is Right for My Business?

As Connected Kerb offers four different devices with a range of power options, choosing the perfect solution is easier than ever before! Check out our overview of each charger on offer and find out where they are best used to help your decision-making:

  • The Chameleon – this model comes in 7kW and 22kW options depending on the speed of charge that you want to offer. It is made from recycled materials and is 5G enabled to make connecting a car easier than ever before. You can have it as a single or dual charger, and it can be installed on its own or as part of a collection of chargers in several locations, including on business premises.
  • The Scarab – this model also comes in 7kW and 22kW model options and offers a 5G connection when in a 5G area. It has an NFC and an app for users to access when starting a charge, and it has been designed to work in both commercial and residential settings. This device is also made from recycled materials and is long-lasting as it is resistant to temperatures as low as -20 and as high as 40 degrees Celsius.
  • The Gecko – if you don’t have a business car park, then the Gecko may be a great choice. It is designed to fit on bollards to create accessible street parking and has environmental and traffic sensors installed to provide accurate information about temperatures, weather and air quality, as well as traffic updates. To install a charger on the street near your business, you will need to seek permission from the landowner or local authority.
  • The Limpet – looking for a wall mountable option that is perfect for car parks – this device may be the solution. It is made from recycled materials and comes in a 7kW option which is ideal for longer charging sessions. It can be installed on its own but is typically bought in clusters of five to ten units and then scaled up as demand increases.

Getting Support with the Cost of EV Chargers

Connect Kerb offers devices that are approved for use by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles, a government-run department that approves devices and offers advice and support to people when they want to move to electric. As part of their support, they offer several EV charger grants that businesses can access to lower the outlay cost of investing in EV chargers at work. Head over to their website to find out more about what is on offer and how to apply.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Connected Kerb

If you want to know more about Connected Kerb, the following FAQ is here to help – check it out now:

How Is Connected Kerb Helping the Environment?

Connected Kerb is committed to the notion of green energy and clean air, and so they create chargers that are made from recycled materials rather than putting their money into new plastic production. They also work hard to install charger units in areas where there are high levels of toxic air quality, helping to make EV charging accessible for all.

How Are Connected Kerb Supporting Disabled Car Owners?

Many disabled drivers note that EV chargers are inaccessible and difficult to use, so Connected Kerb has worked to find a solution. Their chargers can be installed in a wide range of locations and at varying heights, making them easy to reach and use.

What Are ITO Sensors?

ITO or Internet of Things sensors are designed to provide Connected Kerb charger owners with access to information about the environment surrounding the location of their EV charger. From air quality to temperature and traffic information to weather conditions, ITO sensors are a useful tool to support better use of your charging system.

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