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EO Charging Costs, Prices and Reviews

EO Charging is one of the up-and-coming EV charger companies aiming to provide green energy solutions for clients across the globe.

They offer business and domestic chargers and pride themselves on putting people before profits, meaning that you can look forward to great customer support when you choose to install their products. As more businesses opt to install EV chargers, now is the time to join them and keep your business up to date.

How Much is an EO Charging Unit?

One of the first things you will want to know is how much your new EV charger is going to cost you, but it’s not as simple as offering a price per unit. In fact, EO Charging has several chargers to choose from depending on your needs, meaning that you will need to request a bespoke quote from the company to get an idea of the amount you will be spending. Look at the two power options below to get an idea of the chargers that you may choose to buy:

Genius 2 (AC Charger)Up to 22kWFrom £750
DC ChargersUp to 480kWPrice on request

Once you’ve found the right chargers for your business, you will need to find out whether you require any additional groundwork prior to installation day. EO Charging will complete a full site visit to help plan out the charging solution you need and can offer advice and information about what you’ll need to do to be ready.

What Are the Benefits of Getting EO Charging Units?

If you are unsure about whether EV chargers are a good idea for your business, then stop and look at some of the biggest benefits that you will be able to enjoy:

  • Hit Your Green Goals – with so much pressure on businesses to hit sustainability goals, installing an EV charger at your workplace will help you show your commitment to supporting environmentally-friendly solutions.
  • Help Your Team – if people in your team have bought electric cars, then providing them with a way to charge them will not only encourage them to work in the office more often but will help to improve job satisfaction and retention.
  • Make More Money – finding new revenue streams is always important in business, and by adding an EV charging network to your portfolio, you will be making money every time someone plugs in.
  • Beat the Competition – staying relevant is important when you want your business to thrive, and by installing EV chargers now, you will be taking the lead in future-proofing your business for your clients and your team.
  • Impress Your Clients – EV chargers aren’t just a practical solution. They are also a great way to set yourself up as a thoughtful company in the eyes of your clients. When they come to your office and see the EV charging station, they are sure to be impressed with your ability to stay ahead of the competition.

Funding the Cost of Your EO Charging Station

Funding your EV chargers can be expensive, but there are some ways to reduce the cost of installation, making them a more cost-effective solution. The EO Charging team should discuss any funding that’s available, but you can also find out more about the Government’s grants by looking on the website for the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles

You can also recover the cost of your EV charger purchase through your ongoing tariff. Many companies charge the cost of their electricity units plus a bit more to cover ongoing maintenance and the original cost. You won’t make your money back quickly, but it will eventually cover all your costs and start making you a profit too.

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Frequently Asked Questions – EO Charging Units

Interested in EO Charging as the brand to provide your new chargers? Look at some of the most frequently asked questions to find out more about them and what they do:

How Many Chargers Do I Need to Install?

Every business is different and working out the right number of chargers depends on the space you have available, the demand for chargers and your budget as well as your infrastructure. Talk to the EO Charging team if you need specific advice about getting the right number of chargers for your business.

Which Type of Charger Should I Invest In?

Your choice of EV charger will depend on your business needs. If you are looking for something that can power up your team’s and clients’ cars, then an AC charger is a great solution. However, if you have a fleet of vehicles and need a super powerful solution that works at speed, then a DC option may be a better choice. 

How Easy is it to Monitor and Maintain My EV Chargers?

Once you have agreed on an EV charger package, you will get access to monitoring software that will give you the tools you need to keep an eye on your chargers and see how well they are being used. You can also use it to download analytics that can be used to show the value of your purchase to other stakeholders.

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