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EV Meter Business Charger Costs, Prices and Reviews

EV Meter is an EV charging company that is focused on offering accessible chargers to both business and domestic customers in the UK.

They were established in 2015 and have been working to offer green energy solutions to customers as EV charging becomes more important and in demand. The EV Meter business only focuses on EV charging, making them experts in the field so that you can choose their chargers with confidence.

The EV Meter Charger Price Range

EV Meter understands that not every business has the same needs or demand for EV chargers and has designed three different charging systems for you to choose from. Take a look at the chargers on offer below to find out how much they will cost you:

Bee Meter ONYX22kWFrom £895
Bee Meter VPOS Touch22kWEnquire for up to date pricing
Bee Meter Duo22kWEnquire for up to date pricing 

Choosing the Right EV Meter Device

As EV Meter offer three different chargers, it is a good idea to get to know each model so that you know which one will work best for your company. We’ve shared some of the key information below to help you make your choice:

  • Bee Meter ONYX this is a level 2 charger that is universal for all types of vehicles. It weighs just 6kg and can be installed inside or outside for ease of use. It has a contactless payment reader that will accept all contactless cards and comes with a three-year warranty in case of any faults or problems that occur. It can be installed on a pole or on a wall and comes in a sleek black and yellow design.
  • Bee Meter VPOS Touch choose from a Type 1 or Type 2 solution for your business and look forward to a charging speed of up to 22kW (12kW on the Type 1 model). It can accept most types of payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets and more. It is weather resistant and can be installed inside or outside. It comes with a three-year warranty, is universal and has a black and yellow design.
  • Bee Meter Duo if you want to increase the number of EV charging slots in the best way, then this two-car charging unit is a great choice. It comes with an in-built payment port, and you can choose from a Level 1 (12kW) or Level 2 (22kW) design. It is covered by a three-year warranty and is yellow and black, helping it to stand out in the car park.

Once you have an idea of the model that you want to purchase, you will need to consider whether you want them to come with cables or sockets and work out the tariff that you want to set to cover your costs. All these decisions will be supported by the EV Meter team so that you get the best outcome for your business.

Accessing Financial Support for Your EV Chargers

Funding EV Meter chargers for your business does come with a financial requirement that you may not have considered in full. The good news is that there is a range of funding solutions and grants that you may be able to access to make your new purchase more affordable. The UK Government’s Office for Zero Emission Vehicles has greats for business users, and the EV Meter team will work to help you work out your suitability as well as your application. Take a look at the OZEV’s website to find out more. 

Compare EV Meter Bussiness Charger Prices Now

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Frequently Asked Questions About EV Meter

Before you make your decision to invest in EV Meter charging solutions, take a minute to read through some of the most frequently asked questions to help you decide:

How Can I Manage My EV Meter Solutions?

EV Meter offers Hive as their EV charging management system – a platform that shows you all the information you need at the click of a button. The platform can be customised to show you the information you need, and you can monitor your chargers and check for issues remotely, making it simple to keep the chargers working. You can also use the system to complete all your billing needs, accepting payment for any charging sessions automatically and get access to both the reports and analytics needed to show if the chargers are working for you.

How Will I Know Which Charger to Choose?

Choosing the right charger for your business is not a decision you need to make on your own. In fact, EV Meter will suggest the right solution for your specific needs so that you can buy with confidence. All you need to do is arrange an initial discussion to get all the information and start the process of picking the right options for your business.

Is My Business Right for an EV Charger?

If you are thinking about getting an EV charger for your business but don’t know whether your business would benefit from one, then the EV Meter team will help you decide. They will discuss your business model, the car park space you have available and then share the best options for you to consider. With more people choosing to go electric, installing chargers at your workplace will be a great selling point for clients and your team.

Compare EV Meter Bussiness Charger Prices Now

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