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Pod Point Business EV Chargers

How Popular Are Pod Point?

Pod Point was one of the first EV charging companies to offer charging solutions to consumers across the UK. They have gone from strength to strength and have joined forces with EDF to meet the demand for installations in businesses and domestic residences. With a wide range of Pod Point chargers to choose from, this company may be perfect for your business – find out more now!

How Much Are Pod Point Chargers for Business Clients?

Keen to find out how much a Pod Point will cost you for your business? Look at the table below for average price ranges:

ModelPowerPrice Range
Solo 3 Commercial7kW & 22kWFrom £1200
Solo Commercial7kW & 22kWFrom £1000
Twin Charger7kW & 22kWFrom £3000
Rapid Charger RangeFrom 25kw – 75kWFrom £4000

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Choosing the Best Pod Point for Your Business

Working out which Pod Point is best for your business doesn’t need to be difficult – look at the most important stats to get an idea of what you will be investing in:

Solo 3 Commercial7kW & 22kWSocketNo
Solo Commercial7kW & 22kWSocketNo
Twin Charger7kW & 22kWSocketNo
Delta 25 Rapid25kWTetheredYes
Terra 54 RapidUp to 50kWTetheredYes
VM+ RapidUp to 75kWTetheredYes

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Understanding Your Pod Point Payment Options

The great thing about Pod Point chargers is that you can choose to either lease the unit or purchase it outright when you decide to install them at work. Look at some of the key points to help you make your choice:

  • Leasing a Pod Point gives you the option to access as many chargers as you need without having to find a large sum of money at the start. You can pay monthly and will get access to support both remotely and on-site should you have any problems with your charging units.
  • Buying a Pod Point will cost more to begin with, but you won’t have any monthly costs to cover, making it a good choice when you have a lump sum ready to invest. You can look forward to the same ongoing support and maintenance on offer to lease owners and will have your own dedicated account manager to help resolve any issues as they arise.

Whichever Pod Point option you choose to go with, you can be certain that your purchase will include installation, a 24/7 helpline, a 3-year warranty, software updates as they are released and ongoing support as and when you need it.

Getting Financial Support for Pod Point Installation

Many businesses are deeply committed to the green pledge and want to provide charging solutions for their teams but just can’t afford to bear the cost of the unit and the installation. Rather than conceding defeat, eligible companies can apply for a grant from the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles. Head over to their website to find out more about the grants on offer and the eligibility criteria to see if your business is a match.

Setting the Right Tariff for Your Pod Point Chargers

When it comes to choosing the tariff for your business chargers, you can decide whether to set one price for everyone or have a discounted tariff for employees and clients. You simply work with your Pod Point representative to work out the best pricing structure, and they will ensure that your chargers offer the right price to each person that uses it.

If you do decide to offer a discounted tariff, the people that will get access to this tariff will need to sign up and be approved by your organisation before they can use the Pod Point at the lower price, but the Pod Point team will help you with creating the database of users that can benefit from your lower fee. 

How Does Pod Point Installation Work?

Pod Point offer a full installation service that you can access as part of your package price, and this will cover everything that is required for a standard installation. If you need a more complex installation, such as underground cabling, extended cabling or groundwork, the installation fee will increase. To get the most accurate price for your installation, the Pod Point team will survey your site and agree on a plan of action with you, working hard to give you a clear and accurate picture of pricing without any hidden fees.

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Pod Point Questions and Answers

Are you keen to learn more about what Pod Point has to offer? Check out some of the most asked questions to learn more about what you can look forward to:

What Happens if My Business Pod Point Develops a Fault?

Any Pod Point purchased or leased for a business client will get a three-year warranty that covers the cost of repairs. It also includes remote and on-site support whenever you need it so that you can keep your chargers running without fail.

Will Pod Point Manage My Account for Me?

If you are keen to find a full-service solution that offers the charging you want without having to run billing and maintenance yourself, then Pod Point have the solutions you need. They offer a range of support services designed to support all business clients, allowing you to enjoy EV charging with minimal hassle.

Do I Have to Use EDF if I Choose Pod Point for My Business?

No, you can maintain your current energy contract with any supplier and still get to use the Pod Point chargers at your location. It is sensible to shop around for the best energy contract, but this will depend on your location and usage amount.

Compare Pod Point Business EV Charger Prices Now

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