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Shell Business Recharge Stations Costs, Prices and Reviews

Shell is a household name when it comes to petrol, but they have also pushed forward in the electric vehicle market, offering business, public and domestic charging solutions all over the country.

Shell has been providing support for e-charging for a decade and has 12000 public chargers in service stations, car parks and even in Shell petrol stations. The company’s commitment to EV charging is significant as they promise to have more than 100000 charging stations publicly available by 2030 and many more business and domestic units too.  

How Much You Could Spend On a Shell Recharge Station

Shell offers several great options for business users, all aimed at providing you with the most cost-effective and efficient system that can be scaled to suit your business needs. Look at the table below for an illustrative guide to the cost of your new charging stations:

Business Lite22kWFrom £1549
Business Pro22kWPrice on request

Picking the Right Shell Recharge Station

Shell’s business offer comes in two main packages – Business Lite and Business Pro. The Business Pro charger can connect with up to 40 other chargers and works as the central charging hub at your business premises. It is great for businesses that need a lot of charging stations and want to provide high-quality service from all the chargers at the same time. 

The Business Lite charger is compatible with the Business Pro and is typically used to extend your charging infrastructure as part of the 40 chargers that work with the Business Pro. Each Business Lite charger is 22kW and is designed to offer the best level of cost-efficiency without compromising on power. Shell also offers a load-balancing solution that works to distribute the energy needed across all your business operations without having to pay for additional grid updates each time you buy a new charger. 

Arranging a Shell Recharge Installation At Your Business

If you decide that the Shell Recharge system would work for your business, then you will find that Shell has created an installation plan that is straightforward and easy to follow:

  • Enquiry – the first step is to contact Shell Recharge and organise an appointment in which you can share your needs and information about your site.
  • Survey – once the initial discussion has ended, Shell will arrange a site visit with your to come and complete a survey of your business so that they can then create a bespoke solution to suit your needs and your available space.
  • Quote – after the site survey, you will receive a detailed quote from Shell to consider. If you are happy with it, then you sign it and return it to them.
  • Planning – with your quote agreed upon, Shell will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient date for your installation.
  • Installation – this is the day when your new charging system will be installed. The engineer will complete the installation and then provide you with a demonstration of how to use the new system.
  • Go Live – after installation, you will be able to choose your go live date and will be given access to an online platform that you can use to manage your chargers and the access people have to them. 

Business Grants for Shell Recharge Station Installation

Paying for EV chargers is expensive, and while you will recover the money from your charging tariff, this can take some years to achieve. The Government do offer some grants to businesses for EV charger installation, but you will need to check with the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles to see if your business qualifies and find out how to apply. In some cases, Shell will work with you to apply for the grant, so make sure you query this in your initial enquiry meeting.

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Shell Recharge Stations – Frequently Asked Questions

Keen to find out more about Shell Recharge? Look at our selection of commonly asked questions below:

Do Shell Recharge Offer Business Subscriptions?

Yes, Shell has both Entry and Plus subscription plans for businesses. Each plan offers the insights you need to assess the usage of your chargers, a 24/7 helpline, online charger management, reimbursement tools and much more. You will pay a monthly fee for your subscription that is based on the cost per each charger you have. For the Entry subscription, you will pay £8 per charger, and for the Plus subscription, you will pay £4 per month. Deciding which subscription you need will be based on your charging infrastructure, and Shell will advise you on the right one for your needs.

How Long Will Installation Take?

Most business installations take between 1 and 2 days, depending on the number of chargers you are installing and the site they are being installed on. You will be given a clear estimate of the time it will take once your site survey results come back to you.

How Can I Prove the Worth of My New EV Chargers?

Every business decision needs to be monitored and checked on a regular basis, and installing an EV charger is no different. With Shell Recharge, you will get access to an online account that shows the usage of your chargers and how much C02 your business is saving by having them installed – giving you the information you need to justify your decision to install.

Picking the Right EV Charger for Your Business Needs

Choosing the right EV charger model is not as easy as you may have first thought, especially because there are so many options available to choose from. Rather than diving in without all the information needed, take a look at our EV charging information for business users. We are here to offer you free and impartial advice so that you can be certain that the decision you make is the best for your business, your team and your clients.

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