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Tesla Business Charger Costs, Prices and Reviews

Why Choose Tesla Business Chargers?

Tesla is an international brand that boasts a significant and loyal following, with more people opting to buy a Tesla car. They are based in Texas and ship their cars all over the world after custom building each model to suit their customer’s specifications. As the company grows, so does the number of cars that are available, but the company continue to work hard to offer an affordable charging solution with its Wall Connector.

The Price of Tesla Chargers for Commercial & Business Use

Tesla’s Wall Connector unit is a fast-charging unit that can be installed in a range of locations, the price does not include the cost of installation but to find out the cost of the charger, take a look at the grid below:

Wall Connector22kW£440 – £2000

The Tesla Charger Model

The Tesla Wall Connector is designed to be used in any location, making it easy to purchase and simple to start using. However, you will need to find an electrician that has been approved by Tesla to fit your new charging stations. 

The installation fee will vary on the amount of work that needs to be done to get your charger up and running, the number of chargers you want to be installed and any other Tesla accessories that you want to use with your chargers, such as a docking station. Tesla has a map of all their approved installers so that you can contact the ones closest to you to arrange quotations for the installation.

Scaling Your Installation

Once you have decided to proceed with your Tesla charger purchase, you will need to think about the number of chargers you need and finding the right installer for your requirements. Tesla offers a self-service purchasing service that allows you to buy up to 12 chargers in one purchase, giving you the opportunity to scale the number of chargers you offer as and when it suits you best.

Setting Your Tariff

Once you have arranged the number of chargers you want and the installation fee, you will need to start thinking about the tariff you will be charging each user to use your new Tesla chargers. It’s advisable to charge more than your current electric tariff but not so much that it puts people off from using them. Work out the cost of the chargers, the installation fee, the electricity units and the ongoing cost of maintenance and then decide on a tariff that helps you cover all costs in a reasonable timeframe. 

Remember that you can change your tariff at any point, so if you find that you are not getting much interest, you can drop your prices to encourage people to use your chargers before then increasing it incrementally to see the effect it has on the usage.

Compare Tesla Business Charger Prices Now

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about Tesla chargers before you purchase one for your business, then take a look at our frequently asked questions now:

Will My Tesla Charger Work on Other Electric Cars?

Tesla chargers used to only work for Tesla models, making it a niche market for business owners to install at work. However, the Wall Connector has now been upgraded to include Type 2 EV charging too. If you are unsure whether this type of charger will work for your workplace, it’s well worth asking your team to share the type of charger they need to help your decision-making process.

How Many Tesla Chargers Should I Buy for My Business?

Picking the right number of chargers is a difficult decision until you know how much demand there is for charging. Rather than investing all your money into buying multiple chargers, why not just start with a couple of charging units and scale up as demand grows. Tesla lets you order up to 12 chargers in one purchase, but this will probably be too many to start with unless you are a large company or you want to create your own public charging stop in your car park.

What Else Will I Need to Setup a Workplace Charging Station?

Once you have your Tesla chargers installed, it is a good idea to think about installing signage to help people find the charging stations when they arrive. You can also provide posters with prices and further information about the charging units and dedicate a person to be the EV charging guru in your workplace to help raise awareness of the service you are installing.

Get Your Chargers Added to the Tesla Find Us Map

Once you have decided how many chargers you need and have had them installed, you may want to be listed on the Tesla Charge Map for Tesla owners to be able to use your units. To qualify to appear, you will need to run your chargers at regular hours, have people on-site at all times (even if they are in your office building) and have enough space to accommodate visitors. You will also need to complete a registration form with Tesla for them to consider you.

Become a Tesla Charging Partner

Tesla works hard to ensure that there is enough access to their chargers across the country and runs a charging partners service where consumers can request chargers in a specific area, and Tesla will work to find a solution. If you are happy to use your business premises as a charging partner site, then you will need to get in touch with the Tesla Charging team to find out more.

Find Out More About EV Charging for Businesses

If you are keen to find out more about EV charging for business and commercial use, then we have a range of articles ready to help. From learning more about different brands to understanding the decisions you will need to make, we are your one-stop shop – check out our information now.

Compare Tesla Business Charger Prices Now

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