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Andersen EV Chargers Costs, Prices and Reviews

Andersen EV is a premium EV charging specialist that sells itself on being a company with one foot in the future.

They want their customers to feel that luxury and ethical choices can work in harmony and have recently been acquired by EVOIS Plc. The future of beautiful EV charging docks seems secure for consumers who choose Andersen EV!

The Cost of Andersen EV Chargers

One thing is sure, if you want to install one of the stunning Andersen EV chargers, you will need to be prepared to pay a premium for your new unit. Look at the price range of the Andersen A2 below:

ModelPowerPrice Range
A2 Tethered7kW£1199 – £1999
A2 Fast Tethered22kW£1389 – £2399

The Andersen EV Charger Range

The Andersen A2 comes with a variety of options to help you choose the right charger for your home. Look at some of the most important stats to help your decision:

A2 Tethered7kWTetheredYes – 5.5m or 8.5m
A2 Fast Tethered22kWTetheredYes – 6.5m

In addition, you can choose from 12 different front panel finishes, including wooden options, and eight different body colours, helping you to fit your new EV charger to your individual style needs. Some of the colour options do come with an additional cost, but this is made clear on the website before you buy.

The Andersen Installation Process

Andersen does not require you to choose them for installation, giving you the option to select a qualified electrician instead. However, there is an Andersen installation service that you can go for that will cost you around £300 for a standard installation service. The Standard installation package includes the following:

  • Shipping of your A2 unit
  • Remote survey to check if your location is suitable for installation
  • Three years warranty
  • And more!

The standard installation service only covers 7kW units, meaning that if you opt for a 22kW charger or have any extended installation needs, you will need to pay more.

Getting Financial Support to Install a New EV Charger

Paying for a new EV charger is not cheap, especially when you opt for an Andersen charger. However, there are Government grants available that you may be able to access, helping you to offset the cost of your charger installation. Take a moment to head to the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles website to learn more about the current range of grants on offer and find out if you qualify.

Caring for Your Andersen A2 Charger

Once your new charger has been properly installed, you should make sure to follow all the care advice given to you by the installation engineer. This means:

  • Keeping the unit free of dirt and debris
  • Putting the cable away properly after use
  • Never overstretching the cable when trying to charge
  • Checking the unit for damage and arranging repairs promptly as they arise

The Andersen A2 model is incredibly tough, meaning that you can look forward to using it for many years without issue as long as you follow the care advice shared. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to find out more about the Andersen EV charging solutions, then our FAQ offers useful information for you to access – check them out now:

Should I Choose a 7kW or a 22kW Charger?

Many consumers think that if they buy a 22kW charger, then they will be getting access to speedier charging, but this is only the case if your home has a three-phase electrical system. The majority of UK properties do not have a three-phase system, so check what you have before you place your order.

Can Others Plug into My Andersen A2 When I’m Not At Home?

Yes, but only if you want them to! If you have multiple electric vehicles at home, then sharing your charge point is easy to do. However, if you are worried about leaving your electrical connection free to use when you are away, you can disable the unit from the app so that no charge is delivered to anyone who tries to plug it into your system.

How Can I Safely Store My Attached Cable?

Once you have charged your car, you may be worried that your cable will just be left laying on the floor, but this is not the case. Each A@ charger comes with a cable storage slot that safely secures your cable and keeps it out of sight for a sleek finish. You can even pop the plug into a hidden top compartment, making the EV charger almost invisible from the road.

Keep Up to Speed on Your Charging with the Konnect+ App

The Andersen Konnect+ app has been designed to work alongside the Andersen chargers, providing you with access to charging information at the touch of a button. The app provides the cost of your charges and compares it to previous charges to get a clear idea of your charging behaviour. There are also several analytics you can use to understand your usage in more depth. The app is suitable for iOS version 14 and above users and Android version 11 and above users. 

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