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EV Meter Charger Costs, Prices and Reviews

EV Meter was established in 2015 and positions itself as a company that is passionate about offering a greener future to the next generation.

They have chargers that are suitable for homes, businesses, and public charging locations, making them a driving force for change in the EV industry.

Getting the Best Priced EV Meter Charger

Before you dive into buying a new EV Charing unit, it is important that you find the best value for money. Look at the average price range for each model on offer by EV Meter:

ModelConnectionPrice Range
Bee Meter BLE (L1)Tethered & Socket£500 – £850
Bee Meter BLE (L2)Tethered & Socket£500 – £850
Bee Meter AMIT (L1)Tethered & Socket£500 – £850
Bee Meter AMIT (L2)Tethered & Socket£500 – £850

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Is Home Charging a Wise Decision?

If you want an electric vehicle, then the question of whether to install a home EV charger will be lingering in your mind! There is no simple answer, as every location is different, and you may have access to a public charger nearby. However, home chargers offer charging whenever it suits you, save you from having to drive around to find a vacant charger and cost less than public chargers do to power up your car.

It is important to note that if you do decide to go ahead with a home charger, you will need a WiFi connection, a designated driveway or parking space and permission from the homeowner to proceed if you rent. If you are unsure whether your parking area is suitable for an EV charger, you can seek advice from EV Meter or any other EV charger company. 

EV Meter’s Range of EV Chargers for Home Usage

When you are ready to proceed with purchasing an EV Meter charger, you will need to work out which model will work best for your vehicle needs. The current chargers that EV Meter sell include:

ModelConnectionMax PowerCable Included
Bee Meter BLE (L1)Tethered & Socket12kWNo
Bee Meter BLE (L2)Tethered & Socket22kWNo
Bee Meter AMIT (L1)Tethered & Socket12kWNo
Bee Meter AMIT (L2)Tethered & Socket22kWNo

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Are EV Meter Chargers Easy to Use?

One of the biggest selling points for consumers is how easy an EV charger is to use, and EV Meter have worked hard to design a system that meets this demand. Like most chargers, EV Meter pods come in tethered and untethered versions, allowing you to plug in and charge the way you need. The display uses LED lights to make it easy to know if the charging session is proceeding, and there is a useful app that will give you detailed information on each charging session as it takes place.

How Much Do EV Meter Chargers and Installation Cost?

If you decide that an EV Meter is the best solution for your charging needs, then you need to request a quote for the charger and installation direct from the company. As each property is different, your quote will price the job as per your needs. There are some grants available that you may be able to access to support your purchase – check the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles website for the most up-to-date information on the funding that is currently available.

EV Meter Charger Maintenance Needs

The great thing about EV Meter chargers is that they are incredibly robust units that will work hard all year round, regardless of the weather conditions that you may experience. However, there are some simple steps that you can take to ensure that your charger is kept in near-perfect condition for as long as you need it. These steps include:

  • Performing regular visual checks to ensure there is no damage to the unit.
  • Keeping cables tidy and safely secured so that they do not get damaged.
  • Arranging repairs as soon as you notice a problem so that it is not left to get worse.
  • Not trying to do any repair work yourself, as the units need to be maintained by properly trained EV charger technicians.

Questions About EV Meter Chargers

Interested in EV Meter chargers but want to know more? Take a moment to read through some of the most asked questions to find the answers you need.

Are EV Meter Chargers Weatherproof?

Yes, EV chargers are typically installed outside and need to be weatherproof for all weather types. The EV Meter chargers all come with an IP55 water resistance rating and are made from durable materials so that you can enjoy long-lasting charging without any issues.

What is a Level 2 Charger?

Typically a Level 2 charger is used for commercial charging as it charges faster than Level 1 chargers. However, more charging companies are working towards offering domestic Level 2 chargers, and EV Meter already does – giving you greater levels of choice when deciding how to charge your car.

How Do I Know if My Car is Compatible with EV Meter Domestic Chargers?

Any type of plug-in EV car can use an EV Meter device as they are universal charging stations. If you are worried that your car will not work with an EV Meter device, then you can contact the company for clarification before moving ahead with your purchase.  

Accessing the EV Meter Network

Whether you are installing an EV Meter device or looking for somewhere to charge your car, the EV Meter app is there to help. Download it to your device to see updates on your charging session, share your charger with others and locate a charger to use when you are out and about. It’s a clear and simple app that is focused on supporting your needs.

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