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Myenergi EV Charger Costs, Prices and Reviews

Myenergi is a green tech company who are committed to creating EV chargers that can use solar and wind energy to charge your car.

The company was founded in 2016 in response to the growing trend of electric vehicles. Since starting, the Myenergi company has sold more than 300,000 chargers to users across the world and has a range of EV charging solutions to suit homes, businesses and public charging spaces. 

How Much Do Myenergi Chargers Cost?

If you are keen to invest in a Myenergi charger, there are a few options available for you to choose from. Look at the price ranges for each model below:

Zappi Wall 1 Phase7kW£779 – £949
Zappi Wall 3 Phase22kW£779 – £949
Zappi Pedestal 1 Phase7kW£779 – £1249
Zappi Pedestal 3 Phase22kW£779 – £1249

Understanding the Myenergi Charger Range

Once you have decided that you are ready to invest in a Myenergi charger, you will need to decide which unit works for your needs the best. Take a moment to check out the important details for each unit, helping you to make the most logical decision:

Zappi Wall 1 Phase7kW – tethered & socketTethered 6.5m/ Socket No
Zappi Wall 3 Phase22kW– tethered & socketTethered 6.5m/ Socket No
Zappi Pedestal 1 Phase7kW– tethered & socketTethered 6.5m/ Socket No
Zappi Pedestal 3 Phase22kW– tethered & socketTethered 6.5m/ Socket No

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The Installation Process for Myenergi Chargers

The Myenergi company offers a full installation quotation service using Myenergi-certified engineers. When you place your order, you can request an installation quote before you spend your money, or you can contact your local Zappi installer in your own time. The only requirement that Myenergi insists upon is that your installation must be done by their network of installers to ensure that your warranty is valid.

Covering the Cost of the Myenergi Zappi

Finding the upfront cost for a Myenergi charger is not always easy, especially if you need to get hold of the more expensive options. However, there is some funding available for EV car owners that will help to cover some of the money you need to find. For up to date information on grants and help to find out if you are able to apply, check out the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles website now. 

Caring for Your Myenergi Charger

Once your charger has been installed, you will need to keep on top of charger maintenance to ensure that your unit is kept in great condition. Don’t be nervous about maintaining your Zappi unit, as they are robust and long-lasting, even when installed outside. Simply check that there are no loose wires, that the connection works and that the charging box is clean and clear of debris. If you do have any issues with your charging unit, simply contact the Myenergi customer services team, and they will support you to understand if your Zappi issue is covered under warranty and arrange a repair at a time that works for you.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Myenergi Chargers

Choosing Myenergi may seem to be the best choice for your needs, but before you spend your cash, take a moment to read some of the most commonly asked questions to get total peace of mind. 

Can I Get An Electrician to Install My Zappi?

Myenergi has a network of approved installers for their Zappi devices, and you will need to locate one of them to get your new charger installed. Failing to use a Zappi installer will invalidate your warranty and, in some cases, result in a charger that does not work. You can request an installation quote direct from Myenergi or call them to find out more about covering the cost of installation.

If I Move House, Can I Take my Zappi with Me?

Yes, when you buy a Zappi from Myenergi, the charger belongs to you and not the property. However, you will need to arrange for the charger to be removed and reinstalled at your new property by an approved installer if you want your warranty to remain valid. You can find your local installers on the Myenergi website.

Can I Get a Myenergi Charger Outside of the UK Mainland?

If you don’t live on the UK mainland, you can still purchase a Zappi charger from Myenergi, but you may need to pay more for delivery, installation and upkeep. The best way to go about this is to contact Myenergi and ask them to put a quote together for you to consider.

Install the Myenergi App to Keep On Top of Your Charging

Myenergi has developed an app that you can use with your EV charger, helping you to understand how much electricity you have used and how much you have spent. The app is also used to integrate all the other Myenergi products that you can purchase, helping your home to harness the power of green energy with ease. It works with Android and Apple devices, ensuring access for all – download it today.

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