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Ohme Home Charger Costs, Prices and Reviews

Ohme was founded by David Watson after he decided to invest his time and money into sourcing clean energy solutions.

Over time, the Ohme brand has grown into one of the largest EV charger providers across the globe, serving business and domestic clients to achieve their EV charging needs.

The Average Price Range for Ohme EV Charging Units

When it comes to deciding which EV charger you want to invest in, the pricing of each unit needs to be carefully considered. We’ve shared the average price range for each Ohme charger to help you make the best decision:

ModelPowerAverage Price Range
Home Pro7kW£999 – £1250
Home7kW£899 – £1200

Checking the EV Charger Suitability for Your Home

If you are keen to get an EV charger installed, then you will first need to check that the following statements are all true:

  • You have a dedicated driveway or off-road parking that is solely designated for your property
  • You have a WiFi connection that your new charger can connect to
  • You have the permission of the property owner (if not you) to install an EV charger

Once you have confirmed that the above statements are all accurate, you will then need to check that the charger can be installed in your chosen location before you move forward with your purchase.

What Ohme Charger Models Can I Buy?

If you are interested in the Ohme brand, take a look at the charger units they currently offer to see if they fit your requirements:

ModelConnectionMax PowerCable Included
Home ProTethered7kWYes 5m
HomeTethered7kWYes – 5m or 8m
GoPortable7kWYes – 5m

The great thing about Ohme is that they offer a portable charging unit called the Ohme Go, making it possible to get the same level of charging that a home unit offers without having to install a fixed unit. This is great when you are considering moving in the future or when a fixed unit is not suitable for your current property – plus, you can take it with your on your travels, saving you from having to find a public charger at your destination.

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How Much Do the Ohme EV Chargers Cost?

Cost is often an important factor when you are deciding which EV charger to purchase, especially when you are on a budget – take a look at the current pricing structure for Ohme devices to give you a clear idea of what you can expect to pay:

  • Ohme Go – £449 And comes with no installation costs as it is a handy, portable charging device.
  • Ohme Home – starts at £899 with installation included in the price. This price can increase if you need a complex installation service.
  • Ohme Home Pro – starts at £949 and includes a standard installation. You will pay for more installation if the standard service doesn’t cover everything needed at your property.

Some EV car owners are able to access a Government grant to help cover some of the costs of their installation – for up-to-date information on current grants, check the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles information here.

Commonly Asked Questions About Ohme Charging Units

If you want to learn more about Ohme and their EV chargers, then our FAQs are a great place to start – take a look at them now to find out more about Ohme and what is involved in getting an Ohme charging unit.

Are All Ohme Chargers Type 1 Compatible?

No, the Home Pro is not suitable for Type 1 vehicles. However, the Home and the Go models are both suited to Type 1 and Type 2 models, ensuring that you can meet your charging needs when you choose the right Ohme charging device.

Does Ohme have a Business Charging Solution?

Yes, Ohme makes EV chargers for both home and business customers, making it easier for you to use Ohme at work and play. If you are responsible for arranging EV charger installations at work, then take a look at the business pages on the Ohme website to find out which chargers will work best for your needs. 

How Long Does an Ohme Installation Visit Take?

Installation times vary from customer to customer as they are dependent on your location, where the charger is going to be installed and if there is any additional work required to prepare your property for installation. If you are able to proceed with a standard installation, then this should be completed in a couple of hours at the most, but your engineer will be able to give you a clear idea of the length of time when they attend your property.

Accessing the Ohme EV Charging App

Ohme offers a robust app to support you in understanding your usage. Simply link the tariff details from your home meter to the app to get a better understanding of how much you spend each time you plug in. You can also schedule your charging to make sure that you don’t forget when to plug in and get information about when electricity is in the lowest demand so that you are making eco-friendly choices. You can also link your EV car app to your Ohme app to make it easier to navigate all your car needs from one location. The app comes in Android and iOS versions, making it accessible to most smart device owners.

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