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Shell Recharge EV Charger Costs, Prices and Reviews

The Tesla brand is run from its HQ in Texas and is the world’s most well-known EV car company, with a range of car options for consumers to choose from.

Tesla markets itself as the top choice for electric vehicles and offers several automated features that are designed to make driving easier. The Tesla Wall Connector is the charging device offered by the brand, and we’ve taken a closer look at it so that you know what to expect when you invest in one

Everything You Need to Know About Shell Recharge

Shell is a household name in the UK, being one of the leading oil and petrol companies for many years. However, Shell Recharge is a branch of the Shell Corporation that is focused purely on offering easy-to-access electrical charging ports for home, public and business use. With a huge network of chargers currently available, you will be buying into a large and trusted network to support your EV usage.

The Price of Shell Recharge EV Chargers

To market themselves as the best charging point suppliers, Shell Recharge have several pricing components that make up the amount you will need to spend. From the type of unit, you want to a range of colour choices, you can check out their average prices here:

ModelPowerAverage Price Range
Advanced7.4kW£999 – £1600
Connect22kWCurrently Unavailable

EV Chargers On Offer From Shell Recharge

ModelConnectionMax PowerCable Included
AdvancedTethered & Socket7.4kWOptional
ConnectTethered & Socket22kWOptional

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The great thing about the Shell Recharge Advanced is that it comes in several different colours so that you can pick the option that best suits your home. Currently, the colours on offer include:

  • Pure White
  • Anthracite grey
  • Jet Black
  • Bottle Green
  • Traffic Red
  • Traffic Yellow
  • Bright Red Orange
  • Light Pink
  • Traffic Purple
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Sky Blue
  • Pastel Blue
  • Black Green
  • Yellow Green
  • Mint Green
  • Mint Turquoise
  • Pastel Turquoise
  • Silver Grey
  • Stone Grey
  • Traffic White

You should be aware that each colour choice comes with an additional cost depending on the option you choose. You can also choose to add a fixed cable of either 5m or 7.5m for an extra charge and pick between a pole and wall-mounted option – the pole option will cost more.

There’s no denying that Shell Recharge offer the widest range of custom options, but as each option comes with an additional cost, you will need to be prepared to pay more than other EV charger companies are charging to get the device you want.

How to Charge Your Car with a Shell Recharge Charger

Once your Shell Recharge device has been installed, you are ready to use it. Simply plug it in to get your charging started and watch in the app to see when it’s ready to be unplugged. You can also get estimated costs in the app when you set up your tariff details, helping you to budget your energy use at the most cost-efficient time of the day.

Are Shell Recharge Chargers and Installation Affordable?

Shell Recharge chargers start at £999 to purchase, which is a significant investment. However, the units that are on offer are made from durable, premium materials and offer a weatherproof finish that will help them last for years to come. Shell Recharge also include installation services as part of their package, giving you the choice to install a 7kW or 22kW option depending on your needs. There may be additional costs to cover with the installation depending on the location of your charger and the type of charger you choose, but this will be made clear before you proceed with your purchase.

You may be able to get a grant to cover some of the costs incurred for installation, but this depends on where you live and your current situation. Take a moment to browse the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles website to find out if there is a grant for you to apply for.

Taking Care of Your Shell Recharge Charger

Once your charger has been properly installed, you will need to take care of it so that it lasts as long as possible. The great thing about EV chargers is that they have low maintenance needs and should just be kept free of dirt and debris. You should also make sure that your cables are also kept in good condition, replacing them if they suffer any damage at all. By keeping on top of this maintenance, you should only ever need support if your unit malfunctions and this will be covered under warranty for the first few years after installation.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Shell Recharge Devices

If you like the idea of installing a Shell Recharge charging station at your home, then take a look through some of the most asked questions about the brand and its products to get a good idea of what you will be investing in.

Do Shell Recharge Offer Public Charge Points?

Yes, the Shell Recharge network offers domestic chargers, public chargers and business chargers to suit all needs. The great thing about buying your own Shell Recharge charger is that you can use it seamlessly with other Shell Recharge chargers when you are away from home, all from within the app.

Aren’t Shell a Petrol Company?

Yes, one branch of Shell’s work focuses on providing petrol to customers across the world, but they have also committed themselves to support a greener future with their electric solutions.

Are EV Chargers Better Than Standard Wall Plugs?

While you can use a three-point plug to charge your car, you will find that it is significantly slower than a dedicated EV charger and less safe due to trailing cables. If you can install an EV charger at your home location, then it is a sensible decision to take.

Get the Shell Recharge App for Easy Charging

Another important part of being a Shell Recharge owner is accessing the app to get information on each charging session you start. You can start a charging session from within the app, locate the network of chargers across the country and even work out the approximate cost for your charging session so that there are no nasty surprises. It is available in Android and iOS versions, making it suitable for all smartphone owners.

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