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Tesla EV Charging Point Costs, Prices and Reviews

The Tesla brand is run from its HQ in Texas and is the world’s most well-known EV car company, with a range of car options for consumers to choose from.

Tesla markets itself as the top choice for electric vehicles and offers several automated features that are designed to make driving easier. The Tesla Wall Connector is the charging device offered by the brand, and we’ve taken a closer look at it so that you know what to expect when you invest in one

The Cost to Buy and Install a Tesla Charger

Tesla make it clear that they will sell their Wall Connector to any consumer that wants one, but it has to be installed by a certified electrician, meaning the final costs can vary significantly. Check out the average price range below:

ModelPowerAverage Price Range
Wall Connector22kW£425 – £1200

The Tesla Charging Solutions

The Tesla Wall Connector is the device you will need if you want to install a charging station at your home location. It costs just £425 to buy, but you will then need to pay for a certified Tesla electrician to complete the installation for you. Installation fees vary depending on where you are located and the availability of electricians in your area.

The Wall Connector is compatible with all Tesla cars and offers the following features:

  • WiFi connected to keep the system up to date
  • Up to 22kW of charge
  • Charging cable included with purchase
  • Simple installation through a qualified electrician
  • 44 miles of range per hour of charge
  • Can be installed inside or outside

Can You Use a Tesla Charger for All Electric Vehicles?

The original chargers were not compatible with other electric vehicles, but the latest Tesla Wall Connector has made progress in this area. It can now charge any Type 2 electric vehicle, making it easier for you to swap your car without having to install another charger in the future.

The Tesla Charger Installation Process

Once you have decided to purchase a Tesla, the company recommend that you first get your charger installed so that you can charge your new car from the first day it arrives. It is easy to find an installation electrician, but as Tesla vehicles are in high demand, getting an appointment can take a few weeks to arrange, making it important to book yours well in advance of your car delivery.

Tesla shares a list of approved electricians on its home installation page to make it easier to locate the nearest electrician in your area. Once you’ve found the nearest ones to you, it is time to request quotes for the installation. Most electricians will ask you a few questions about where you want the charger installed and may also ask for photos to check the location before giving you a quote. The quote will only cover the cost of installation, and you will need to have ordered and taken delivery of your Wall Connector before the installation date comes around.

On the day of the installation, the electrician will mount your Wall Connector to your chosen area and then connect it to your mains electricity supply. They will also agree on the power rate you want your charger set to so that you can charge your car at a timeframe that suits your needs. The price of your installation will cover a standard installation and the warranty to cover the work, but you will need to pay extra for any additional items that are required – your electrician will be able to advise you before you proceed.

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Tesla Charger Frequently Asked Questions

If you are still contemplating whether a Tesla charger is the right purchasing decision for you, then our frequently asked questions should provide some of the answers you are looking for – check them out now.

Why Can’t I Get a Grant to Help Fund My Tesla Charger?

As Tesla chargers can only be used for Tesla and Type 2 electric cars, there are no government grants available to support your purchase. Other EV chargers offer universal charging, making them more accessible instead. If you would prefer a universal charger, you will need to rethink your purchase of a Tesla.

What is the Best Way to Charge My Tesla?

Tesla recommends that their cars are charged overnight to ensure a full battery. The battery can be plugged into charge at any time, no matter how full or empty it is, as it is run off a Lithium-ion battery which does have a memory range that you should work at keeping full.

How Long Does a Full Charge Take with a Tesla Charger?

The time it takes to charge your Tesla will depend on the power source you are using and the car you are driving. Once you have plugged it in at home on empty and left it to fully charge, you will get a good idea of the total time you will need to allow every time it needs to be topped up.

The Robust Tesla App

As with all EV charger companies, Tesla offers an app for users to check the progress of their charging sessions and offers the capability to start and stop charging sessions direct from you’re their device. The Tesla app also offers a wide range of other tools that you can use to communicate with your vehicle so that it is ready to go whenever you are.

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