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VoltShare EV Charger Costs, Prices and Reviews

VoltShare is a relatively new EV charging company, having been founded in 2019.

They say their mission is to help grow the EV charging network so that consumers feel less worried about finding chargers when they need them and more inclined to invest in an electric vehicle. The company provide at home chargers as well as business and public chargers, keeping you on the road and curating a community of EV users

How Much Does a VoltShare EV Charger Cost?

As more EV charging companies appear on the market, the price of each unit becomes more affordable for consumers. Take a look at the cost of buying a VoltShare EV charger for your home:

ModelPowerPrice Range
HH1 7kW£650 – £1000
HH1 with Stand7kW £720 – £1000

The VoltShare Charger Range

Choosing the right charger for your needs depends on where you want to have it installed and who will be using it. VoltShare only offers one model – the HH1 – but provides a wall and ground-mounted solution to suit your needs. The HH1 is a 7kW fast charging model and comes with 3m of cabling to help reach your car’s charging port. It works with both Type 1 & Type 2 vehicles and requires an RFID card to start each charging session, helping you to keep the charger secure.

Having Your New HH1 VoltShare Charger Installed

VoltShare arrange your installation as part of your package price and will send an engineer to your property on an agreed date to get it up and running. However, if your driveway needs more than a standard installation, the VoltShare team will review your order and add any extra charges to your account before they will continue with the installation service. If you are concerned that you will need more work completed, you can let the VoltShare team know, and they will arrange a site visit to clarify. The installation will take around three hours to complete, and once connected, your charger will be good to go.

Affording a VoltShare Charger

If you are new to electric vehicles and need to arrange your first EV charging station at home, you may find yourself shocked at the cost of some of the chargers on offer. The good news is that the Office of Zero Emission Vehicles do offer a grant to cover some of the costs that you will incur, helping to make it more affordable. Take a look at their website to learn more about the grants and find out if you are eligible.

Reducing Costs with Public Charging

Another great thing about VoltShare chargers is that you can make them accessible for public use too. Simply let the VoltShare team know that you want your charger to be added to the map of public chargers so that other VoltShare users will be able to find yours when they need it. Like you, other VoltShare users will have their own RFID card to start their charging session, and the money they spend will come to you to help offset your electricity usage. If you live in an area where EV cars are popular, VoltShare says that you can expect to make up to £2000 a year in charging sessions.

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Frequently Asked Questions About VoltShare

If you are keen to learn more about the VoltShare chargers, then check out the questions and answers below to get started:

Where Are VoltShare Chargers Located?

All VoltShare chargers are located all over the UK, with some on private driveways, hotels, pubs and more. Both the website and app have a map that uses different icons to make it easier to see where the charger is located so that you can pick the location that best suits your requirements.

How Does an RFID Charging Card Work?

When you sign up for the VoltShare charging service or have a VoltShare charger installed at your home, you will be issued an RFID charger that you need to use to get your charging session started. To use it, head to your charger, plug it into your car and then tap the RFID card to the contactless sign on the charger unit. It will register your card as being present and then start your charging session. If you are using a VoltShare charger that is not yours, the RFID card will then charge your account for the amount you spend.

Why Are VoltShare Rates Different at Each Charger?

As all the VoltShare chargers are owned individually, each owner will set their own rates for charging. If you are keen to find the lowest charging price, you will need to check out all the VoltShare chargers on the map to help you to find the most affordable solution.

Download the VoltShare App

If you want to track your charging sessions or locate chargers that are near to you, then the VoltShare app is an essential download. Compatible with iOS and Android devices, the VoltShare app is simple to use and provides you with peace of mind that you can find a charger that is kept on a private driveway rather than having to head to a service station or remote location to get the power you need.

Let Us Help You with Up to Date Information

If you are keen to learn more about EV chargers and want access to information that you can trust, we are here to help. From guides about specific charger brands to support with learning more about the installation process, we have it all. Take a look through our EV charging section to find the information you need today.

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