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Ferroli Boiler Controls

If you have a Ferroli boiler and you want to take control of your heating system, then you should consider investing in an optional Ferroli boiler control. Not only can Ferroli’s boiler controls help to ensure you always have a cosy home but they will also prevent your system from using more fuel than is necessary and play their part in cutting the cost of your yearly bills. What’s more, all of the optional controls that have been manufactured by Ferroli to complement the brand’s range of boilers are easy to use and install. 

In this guide, we take a look at the various types of Ferroli boiler controls to help you decide which one is best for you. 

Ferroli Radio Thermostat Clock

The battery-powered Radio Thermostat Clock by Ferroli is a 7-day radio frequency (RF) wireless thermostat that can be sited almost anywhere in your home. This is a wireless device that controls the central heating via radio to provide comfortable room temperatures. 

It has the ability to communicate with a special receiver which is designed to replace the universal digital timer that’s fitted to the majority of Ferroli combi boilers. The Ferroli Radio Thermostat Clock has a holiday operation mode to allow a nominal temperature to be set for a certain number of days, as well as a party function that lets you set the required temperature for a specified number of hours before switching back to the normal program. 

Ferroli Digital Programmable Room Thermostat

Ferroli’s Digital Programmable Room Thermostat functions remotely and gives you complete control over your boiler, allowing you to set the desired hot water and central heating times and temperatures. It offers weekly programming for both the heating and hot water and lets you set up to 6 different periods each day. As it’s a modulating control, this room thermostat will modulate the flow temperature as the room temperature reaches the set temperature, which means you’ll always feel cosy in your home. 

It features a holiday mode and a pre-heating function, as well as a digital display and a selection of buttons to make it easy for you to set and adjust both times and temperatures. The Ferroli Digital Programmable Room Thermostat can also use weather compensation technology to enable the boiler to increase or decrease the heating temperature when the temperature changes outside, but this is only possible when the thermostat is installed with an optional outdoor probe. 

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