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Ferroli Energy Top Condensing Boilers

The Ferroli Energy Top Condensing Boilers prices are no more than £3359 (including VAT and excluding installation)

The Ferroli Energy Top wall mounted condensing boiler range includes the W60, W80 and W125, all recommended for large domestic dwellings and small commercial premises in need of central heating and hot water outputs of 29kW to 125kW. These models are suitable for heating systems only and come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. The most you’ll have to pay for one of these high-efficiency models is around £3359.

Each model in the Energy Top boiler range boasts a 4-star rating for efficiency and a 5-star rating for NOx emissions. They’re configured for operation on natural gas but can be converted to LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) with a smart conversion kit. The range also features four sizes including two with a single burner and two with double burners.

All Energy Top boilers are available in cascade operation when combined with different flue gas and water circuit accessories. They can be used on pressurised or open vented systems with a minimum of 1 bar availability and the boiler manifold can be bolted together to minimise installation time and the use of space.

The entire Ferroli Energy Top boiler range is built with easy to operate controls and the W80 and W125 units come with a painted steel insulated cabinet with a reversible door. Not forgetting the air/gas premix metal fibre burner complete with variable speed fan, which is key to keeping emissions low.

Ferroli Energy Top Range Overview

Suitable for large domestic or small commercial properties, the Ferroli Econcept 51A System Boilers is a modulating high-efficiency premix condensing boiler for heating only installations. It features an output range of 11kW to 53kW, as well as very low NOx and premix burner technology. This boiler comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and is priced at around £1900.

The Econcept 51A can be used on pressurised or open vented systems with a minimum of 1 bar availability. It’s also been manufactured ready for side-by-side modular applications without the need of electronic controllers and the heat output can be optimised according to the systems heating load.

This 4-star efficiency rated boiler from Ferroli also comes with a premix ceramic reverse micro flame burner capable of delivering low emissions and eliminating the effects of thermal expansion. A low water pressure protection switch and independent internal 6 bar safety valve are included as well.

Ferroli’s Econcept 51A is fitted with a friendly multi-function display panel and the appliance allows you to switch the controls externally to further enhance efficiency. There’s also a hot surface ignition with an independent flame detection probe, as well as an inbuilt pump and provision for an optional DHWS pump.

Ferroli Energy Top Range Overview

Key Features and Benefits
SEDBUK Band ALower Gas Bills
air/gas premix metal fibre burnerLow Emissions
Friendly multi-function Display PanelEase of Use
Warranty2 Years

What We Think of the Ferroli Energy Top Range

Ferroli’s Energy Top boiler range is cost-effective and boasts all the feature you would expect from a modern wall mounted condensing boiler. The W60, W80 and W125 are also dependable sources of heat and hot water that should not be overlooked, especially as they are renowned for their very low polluting emissions and high levels of energy efficiency.

Another plus point of the Energy Top range is the feature premix burner technology that helps to optimise performance and reduce the infiltration of excess air, which in turn, helps to reduce your energy consumption. Then there’s the heat exchanger with 31mm waterways which is highly effective in eliminating debris-related corrosion and hot spots.

There are lots of features that come with the Energy Top units from Ferroli that we like, and we found it really difficult to pinpoint any negatives. We’re actually quite impressed by them and recommend these boilers for medium to large homes, as well as small business properties.

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