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Ferroli i25 and i29 Combination Boilers

You can expect to pay between £600 and £650 (including VAT and excluding installation) for Ferroli i25 and i29 Combination Boilers.

Ferroli i25 and i29 Combination Boilers are affordable boiler options for combination domestic hot water and heating installations in small and medium size houses. They’re reliable and energy efficient appliances that have been created to suit all budgets. Prices range from around £600 to £650 and both units come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, covering your Ferroli i25 or i29 for parts and labour.

Both of these combination boilers are compact for easy installation and to enable you to fit your i25 or i29 in a small cupboard. They feature a user-friendly backlit control display with the option of a mechanical or digital timer to suit your household. There is also the choice of an optional wireless remote thermostat to allow you to easily adjust central heating and hot water temperature.

A microprocessor-based PCB is also built in to the boilers to prevent the pump from seizing after 24 hours of inactivity. Then there’s the full diagnostic software for optimum reliability, along with a preheat hot water facility for rapid delivery to tap outlet.

The Ferroli i25 and i29 boiler models come with a high-efficiency pump that is ErP compliant. There’s also a primary heat exchanger in pure copper which is protected by an atoxic aluminium treatment. Other excellent features include a stainless steel copper brazed DWH heat exchanger and a condensate trap for air pressure switch protection against external air humidity.

Ferroli i25 and i29 Combination Boilers Overview

Key Features and Benefits
SEDBUK Band ALower Gas Bills
air/gas premix metal fibre burnerLow Emissions
Friendly multi-function Display PanelEase of Use
Warranty2 Years

What We Think of the Ferroli i25 and i29 Combination Boilers

It’s clear that the Ferroli i25 and i25 have many key benefits, such as frost protection, a preheat hot water facility, anti-seize operation and full diagnostic software. Plus, both models are suitable for LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) system conversion and can offer you huge savings on your power bills thanks to their low energy consumption capabilities.

The i25 and i29 are easy to fit, known for their reliability and two of the most affordable options on the market for small to medium sized properties. We also like their compact dimensions because it makes them incredibly versatile when it comes to placement within your home.

Ferroli’s i25 and i29 boilers have achieved an A rated high-efficiency standard, making them energy savers and friendly to the environment.

However, some customers have commented that Ferroli’s customer service is below average and certain boiler models are unreliable. If you’re thinking of investing in a Ferroli i25 or i29, we strongly advise you to do some more research and check out the latest online customer reviews.

Getting a Competitive Boiler Quote

We always recommend that you get quotes from reputable national and local installation providers who can offer you a fixed price on a new boiler and the fitting work involved. This way, you won’t be faced with paying any hidden costs once your appliance is installed. You must also always make sure your boiler engineer is Gas Safe Registered, which is something you can check by asking to see their identity card.

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