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Ferroli Modena HE Combi Boilers

The typical cost of a Ferroli Modena HE Combi Boiler ranges from £762 to £942 (including VAT and excluding installation)

The Ferroli Modena HE Combi boiler comes with a 5, 7 or 10-year parts and labour warranty and is available in outputs 27kW, 32kW and 38kW. It is suitable for small to medium size houses, as well as homeowners looking to enhance energy efficiency. Prices start at around £762 and go up to £942, depending on which size model you choose.

Considered unbeatable in its class, the Modena HE Combi is so compact that it can be installed practically anywhere in the home. It’s an extremely lightweight boiler, making installation easy and straightforward for a professional installer. You’ll also be pleased to learn that this appliance is barely audible because the level of operating noise is exceptionally low.

Ferroli’s Modena HE Combi has 4 moving parts including a pump, fan, gas valve and DHW water flow meter. With such few moving parts, this system can deliver on reliability and excellent performance. This also helps to make maintenance and servicing easy, which in turn, should keep maintenance bills inexpensive.

This highly efficient appliance doesn’t require a pump for DHW production and has only one O-ring because it uses compression fittings throughout. It comes with an exceptionally hard-wearing graphite seal and unique stainless steel pipe-in-pipe bi-thermal heat exchanger that can be chemically cleaned and flushed in situ on both DHW and central heating.

Other noteworthy features include the microprocessor control and adjustment system, easy to use display, and robust stainless steel burner. The Modena HE Combi can also be used with a choice of accessories, such as digital timers and radio-controlled room thermostats to enhance usability and performance.

Ferroli Modena HE Combi Boiler Overview

Key Features and Benefits
SEDBUK Band ALower Gas Bills
Few Parts to the boilerEasy to Service
Friendly multi-function Display PanelEase of Use
Warranty5,7 or 10 years
Level of operating noiseHome Comfort

What We Think of the Ferroli Modena HE Combi Boiler

The Modena HE Combi boiler is compact and incredibly versatile in terms of placement, which is useful if you’re tight on space. It’s also adaptable to both natural gas and LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) systems. We also like the fact that this boiler is exceptionally easy to maintain and repair thanks to it only having 4 moving parts.

When it comes to energy savings, the Modena HE can help to cut fuel costs and reduce your carbon footprint while meeting your constant heat and hot water needs. It’s also an Energy Saving Trust endorsed appliance and has a NOx 5-star rating for extremely low emissions.

While we think the Modena HE Combi is a neat energy efficient solution for small and medium size homes, we do have some concerns over Ferroli’s aftercare service. This is mainly down to the customers and engineers who have reported that Ferroli was less than helpful when they required assistance following the installation of faulty units.

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