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Glow-worm Boiler Controls

Thermostats and sensors are an essential part of any heating system because they not only give you complete control over your boiler and the temperature in your home but they also enable you to dramatically reduce your energy bills. If you own a Glow-worm boiler, you’ll be pleased to know that Glow-worm offers an impressive collection of optional boiler controls, including room thermostats, wireless outdoor sensors and intelligent heating assistants, all designed to make it easier for you to utilise your boiler. 

As each Glow-worm boiler control has its own unique features and benefits, we’ve put together this guide to help you determine which controls will suit your needs.

Glow-worm 230V Room Thermostat

The Glow-worm 230V Room Thermostat is the perfect control if you’re looking for a simple heating control system that lets you manage the temperature of your rooms. It’s a basic thermostat that offers simple analogue control of room temperatures, which helps you to maintain a desirable and constant temperature in your home. This easy to use control by Glow-worm is compatible with all Glow-worm boilers except for the Ultracom2   35 Store boiler. 

Glow-worm Climastat Room Thermostat

This optional boiler control is another great option if you want a basic room thermostat that lets you personalise your heating comfort whilst enhancing the efficiency of your system. The Glow-worm Climastat Room Thermostat can adjust the temperature of your radiators using built-in modulating regulation and by communicating directly with your boiler to achieve the desired room temperature. It features a traditional interface to make it easy for you to set heating programmes and to allow you to manage your heating in the most efficient way possible. Boasting a simple and discreet 2-wire connection, this control can be wall mounted in a room of your choice to allow you easy access at all times. 

Glow-worm Climapro2 RF Control

The Climapro2 RF Control is Glow-worm’s most innovative wireless programmable room thermostat that lets you program your preferred central heating and hot water times for every day of the week. It’s a simple to use handheld control that gives you complete control of your heating and hot water no matter where you are in the home, be it in the kitchen, the bedroom or even sitting on the couch. This handheld room thermostat features a backlit display for advanced user control and functionality, as well as straightforward menus to make setting heating and hot water programmes super easy. Glow-worm’s Climapro2 RF Control also comes with a wall bracket for secure storage and is capable of weather compensation when installed with a wireless outdoor sensor. 

Glow-worm Wireless Outdoor Sensor

Designed to work alongside Glow-worm’s Climapro Controls, this Wireless Outdoor Sensor monitors the outside temperature and intelligently communicates this temperature to your system to enable weather compensation for maximum efficiency. It’s a small sensor that doesn’t require any wiring between the sensor and the boiler, which means it’s quick and easy to install. No batteries are required either because it works on indirect sunlight which recharges the small PV cells. By making your boiler operate as efficiently as possible, the Glow-worm Wireless Outdoor Sensor should help to save you more money on your bills. 

Glow-worm MiGo Personal Heating Assistant

Consisting of a control and an app, the MiGo Personal Heating Assistant lets you control your heating and hot water from your mobile phone. This means you can manage your system whenever you like and wherever you happen to be, even if you’re not at home. MiGo uses eBUS technology so that it can communicate with your boiler and make sure you only ever use the required amount of energy, ensuring you save more energy and money than you would with other Wi-Fi enabled thermostats. As it has internet weather compensation, MiGo doesn’t need to be installed with an outdoor temperature sensor to determine when you need to use energy. And as access to MiGo can be shared on several smartphones, every member of your household can control the heating system.

Glow-worm Smart Wiring Centre2

This smart wiring centre allows Glow-worm intelligent controls and weather compensation to be used with the Ultracom and Flexicom system and heat only boilers. It’s a simple to fit wiring centre that can control one domestic hot water zone and up to two heating zones but the Smart Wiring Centre must be used with a Climapro Control on the second heating zone. The Glow-worm Smart Wiring Centre comes with push-fit colour-coded connectors for one hot water zone and one heating zone to make wiring and installation easy and straightforward. 

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