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Glow Worm Boiler Cover – Keeping Your Boiler Running in 2022

Having a boiler is big responsibility, especially when it is providing heat and hot water for the people you love the most. Glow Worm boilers are well respected, but keeping them working to their optimum requires regular input from a Glow Worm registered engineer. Let us share the options available to you so that you can enjoy your Glow Worm boiler for as long as possible.

The Glow Worm History

Glow Worm initially began making boilers in 1934, providing a number of options to consumers all over the UK. They were based in Derbyshire and worked towards offering the best boilers for the best prices. In 2001, Glow Worm was bought out by Vaillant, helping to take this British-based company to new heights. 

These days, the Glow Worm brand is managed and overseen by Vaillant, and enjoys being part of the second largest heating company in Europe. If you are keen to get your Glow Worm boiler working as well as the day you bought it then let us share the options that available to you!

Getting Your Boiler Covered

Glow Worm offer a couple of simple and no-nonsense solutions that will allow you to get your boiler serviced or repaired when you need it. Take a look at the three options below.

Fixed Price Repairs

If you want to resolve issues with your boiler as and when they arise then you may want to opt for the fixed price repair service. This service provides you with an engineer who will assess your boiler issue and then, where possible, fix it on the same visit. 

The price of the fixed repair includes parts and labour, but if the engineer cannot resolve the issue or the problem is the expansion vessel or heat exchanger then you will just need to pay for the cost of the call out which is £99. To arrange a fixed price repair is simple, you just call the Glow Worm customer support line and they will book it in for you.

Boiler Service and Repair Plans

If you prefer the idea of paying monthly or annually to have your boiler covered then Glow Worm can offer this too. Their care and repair plans are completed in association with Domestic and General and provide you with an annual service as well as a repair call out whenever you need it.

Depending on your system, you can choose between the Gold and Platinum plans:

  • The Gold plan covers your boiler and boiler controls and gives you an annual service and maintenance check as well as up to £1500 for repairs and up to £750 for a replacement boiler if yours is broken or irreparable.
  • The Platinum plan covers your boiler, boiler controls and heating, providing you with an annual service plan, £1500 of repairs and up to £750 to cover the cost of a new boiler when yours can’t be fixed.

Pricing Structure

Understanding the cost of the fixed and annual cover options is a great way to work out what you can afford to do:

  • To get a fixed price repair you will need to pay £285 for everything. If your boiler can’t be fixed then this cost is reduced to £99 to cover the cost of the call out.
  • The Gold cover plan costs just over £26 a month or just over £312 a year.
  • The Platinum cover plan costs just under £28 a month of just under £332 a year.

Many consumers avoid annual plans as they do not want to dent their household budget but finding the cost of a fixed price repair can be much harder, especially in an emergency. If you aren’t sure which one is best for your boiler then speak to a Glow Worm advisor and ask their advice. Remember that if your boiler is under a year old then it will be covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee!

What’s Not Included?

As with all types of cover, you will find that there are some exclusions that you need to consider. With Glow Worm, you can find their full list of exclusions in their T&Cs or speak to an advisor to get them. The main exclusions that you need to be aware of include

  • Damage that is caused on purpose
  • Damage that occurs as the result of using non-Glow Worm approved parts
  • Damage caused by limescale or other water deposit issues.

The Pros and Cons of Choosing Glow Worm Care

Before you decide to take out a service package take a look at the pros and cons we’ve listed below to help you decide.


  • Glow Worm service packages are suitable for boilers that are up to 15 years old
  • You can contact Glow Worm for an engineer visit without paying call out fees
  • You can pay for your cover annually or monthly
  • You will get up to £750 of credit for a new boiler if your cannot be fixed
  • You are covered for repairs up to the value of £1500


  • The care and service plans are only available to Glow Worm, Heatline and Vaillant boiler owners
  • You cannot add on a home care plan for other appliances.

Keeping your boiler in good working order will not only make it last longer but will also keep it working more efficiently and reduce your energy bills. If you are ready to cover your boiler then taking out Glow Worm boiler cover is a great decision!